New family, new friends, new life

Lexy gets adopted to what seems like a normal family but as she gets older that normal family becomes an extraordinary family which changes her whole world.


16. The preperations

Liam: Ready to go babe?

Me: Yeah let me just get my bag... shit I forgot my phone up stairs be right back.

I kissed Liam and headed up stairs getting my phone when I notice my shoes are still here. I really can't forget those since Liam and I are leaving for Holmes Chapel for the final preparations for our wedding on Saturday. I can't believe it's already here it feels like it was just yesterday that I was standing on top of the Eiffel Tower with Liam right after he proposed to me. Well I guess with all the promotion and rehearsing for the tour that had gotten pushed back till mid-may which is in a few weeks because of my accident and everything. In the last few months though a lot of great things have happened like Lila moving in with Harry, Meagan moving in with Niall, Sky moving in with Zayn and Sky, Lila and I have gotten nominated for a MMVA (much music video awards) for "Your fave video" for the video we shot last summer, it was great just to be nominated since we haven't even been a known group for a year yet or have gone on tour. The bad part was that we were against a lot of great artist but mainly against one direction so Lila and Sky were against their boyfriends, I was against my soon to be husband and my brother.

Liam: Ready to go Lex?

Liam asked me yelling from downstairs so I grabbed my shoes, phone and went downstairs. Before I went into the car I took one last look at our flat since this would be the last time I would be here as Lexy Styles. I walked out, locked the door and headed out side to Liam's car.

(A few hours later)

Liam: Babe wake up were here.

I heard Liam say as he was gently shaking me awake right after he pulled into Anne's house. I slowly woke up while we got out of the car and got our stuff Anne came running out.

Anne: You're late so please get your stuff inside then let's go because we were supposed to meet the priest ten minutes ago oh and Liam your parents are already there.

We did as she said; we put our stuff in my old room then went out to her car and drove to the church. We headed in and went to meet the priest.

Anne: Hello father King were so sorry were late.

Me: I'm really sorry father the traffic coming from London was really bad.

Father King: It's okay it gave me the chance to get to know Karen and Geoff here. Now let's get started and Lexy it's great to see you again I haven't seen you since you moved to London.

During my entire childhood since I moved in with Anne, Harry and Gemma we went to this church every Sunday and it's always been father King. We sat down on one of the pews in the front row with Harry, Gemma, Des, Karen, Geoff, Ruth, Nicola, Anne and father King. I grabbed Liam's hand and intertwined it with mine while we started going over the ceremony.

Father King: So Lexy who exactly are going to be your bridesmaids?

Me: Lila, Sky, Meagan, Eleanor and Gemma

Father King: And how about you Liam who are your groomsmen?

Liam: Harry, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Andy Samuels.

Father King: And are they all already in town since I don't think other than Harry they don’t live here.

Liam: There all here except Andy he's arriving shortly.

We spent the rest of the afternoon talking about all the details so that everything was ready for Saturday but finally hours later we all headed back to my old house to for supper.

Anne: Now I'd like to talk a bit about the plan for this week so that everything is ready for Saturday. So tomorrow morning the two of you have to go the bakery to decide what flavour you want since Lexy you wanted it from W Mandeville, after that you have to go and check on the centre pieces for the reception. Wednesday Lexy you have to go for your final fitting for your wedding dress then you have to go and meet with the hair dresser to tell them exactly what you want for your hair and the girls will be going with you.

She went over the entire list of things that had to get done so basically everything Liam and I had to do.

Anne: So Thursday night after the rehearsal dinner Lexy you'll be heading to Lila's, Gemma will drop off your stuff and you'll be staying there till Saturday.

Me: I still don't get why we have to do this?

Anne: You know it's a family tradition Lexy and it's only a few nights, so everything’s set and don't forget what you have to do the two of you.

We nodded, finished eating then headed up stairs since it was going to be a long few days.

Liam: I'm going to bed night babe.

He kissed me the stripped to his boxers and climbed into my bed. I decided it was time since I wouldn't be getting much sleep this week with everything Anne needed us to do so I changed into p.j's and crawled into bed and snuggled up to him.

(Thursday morning)

I woke up and felt a lot of pain and my head was throbbing. I looked around and didn't recognize where I was.

xxx: Do you want something for the pain I'm sure you have a hangover you were pretty drunk last night.

I turned around and saw a guy that I didn't recognize and as I did that I noticed that I was naked. Okay what happened last night? I remember going to a club with the girls for my bachelorette party, getting a few drinks at the bar, a bunch of guys hitting on me and that's it. Please don't tell me I slept with this guy last night, oh god I hope I didn't.

xxx: So you're probably wondering what happened last night oh and by the way in case you don't remember I'm Tony.

Me: Yeah I'm kinda trying to figure that out and did we sleep together?

Tony: No but would I be that bad to sleep with?

Me: It's not that I'm engaged getting married this weekend actually.

(Toby's P.O.V)

Tony: Ya you mentioned that a lot last night you seem to really love you fiancé but like I said we didn't sleep together last night.


I walked up to my mate Eddy at a bar he dragged me to when I saw him talking to some girl who seemed too drunk to be talking to a guy like Eddy so I figured I'd stop him and good thing I decided cause when I got closer I saw an engagement ring on her finger.

Me: Hey man I think we should go

Eddy: Sure but I'll find my own ride to my place... oh she looks promising.

He walked up to some random girl and started hitting on her yeah he was an ass.

Me: Hey I'm Toby, you here alone?

The girl: I'm Lex and no but I kinda lost my friends oh and I'm engaged

She started giggling like crazy yup she's drunk.

Me: Here let me drive you home then where do you live?

Lex: No way am I giving you were I live you could stalk me and anyways it's really far I live in a diffrent city

Me: SO where are you staying tonight

Lex: Somewhere

She started giggling again oh god she's drunk.

Me: Why don't I bring you somewhere quiet so you can call for a ride home then.

Lex: Okay bye mister.

I brought her to my car and drove her to my place so she would be safe while she waited for a ride.

Me: Let me get you something to drink.

I went to the kitchen of my flat to get her a glass of water and when I got back she wasn't there. I looked around and found her in my room and as I walked in she started puking and puked all over her close.

Me: Here drink this and take those off I'll put them in the wash.

Lex: I have an amazing fiancé that I love

Me: I know but I don't want you to stay in dirty close.

She took off her close and I went into the laundry room to wash them. When I got back I saw her underwear on the floor and that she was passed out under the blankets. I guess she's sleeping here I grabbed my pillow and a few spare blankets then headed to the living room to sleep on the couch so I could sleep there to not disturb her.

(End of flashback)

Me: Starting to remember anything.

Lex: actually kinda ya I remember being an idiot and you bringing me here, me puking then passing out. Well thank you, can I ask you a question why didn't you try anything with me?

Me: I'm engaged too she's out of town for work.

Lex: Oh okay well thanks but I better get going if I could just have my stuff and I call for a ride home.

I grabbed her stuff from the pile I had put it in this morning and handed it to her.

Me: Here you go and I already called your fiancé, he's on his way right now.

I left the room so she could get ready or at least dressed.

(Lexy's P.O.V)

Thank god I didn't sleep with him but I really need to stop getting drunk I'm a dumb drunk but I guess it was a good thing it was Toby who found me and not some guy who would try and get me to sleep with him. I got dressed in last night's close then went to get my phone and saw a few missed calls all from Liam, I was gonna call him back but since Toby said he called him Liam must be almost here. I also saw a message I looked at who it was from Toby S his last name must start with S I looked at the message.

Hope you don't mind I got your number and added mine to your phone but there are a lot of idiots out there so if you're ever drunk and you have run out of options call me and I'll come and get you for some reason even though we just met yesterday I feel like we could have a good friendship like you're the sister I never had -Toby Swenville

He was right he kinda felt like an old friend.

(Liam's P.O.V. earlier this morning)

I woke up to the light shining in my room and a really bad headache since even though I didn't drink much last night I drank more than normal so I have a huge headache. I rolled around to get something for the pain when I noticed Lexy still wasn't home. I decided to call her since we had a bunch of stuff to do today.

Me: Shit voicemail... hey babe you coming soon call me back love you.

I decided to call Lila since she probably stayed there if she got drunk.

Me: Hey Lila is Lex there?

Lila: No she kinda disappeared last night she said she was going home but she must be at one of the girls' place.

Me: Yeah I figured thanks Lila.

I hung up then tried Sky, Meagan, Eleanor and Gemma but they all said something similar to what Lila said. Something’s going on oh god what if she cheated on me... no she would never but what if she's hurt or dead or something really bad happened last night. Oh god please let her be okay if something happend to her I don't know what I would do, this is all my fault, I hope she's o-

My thoughts were interrupted with my phone going off. I looked at the caller ID Lex:).

Me: Hey Lex

xxx: Sorry I'm not Lex my name's Toby but Lexy is here would you mind coming to pick her up at mine she should be waking up soon and before you say anything no we didn't sleep together or anything I found her alone in a bar last night and she was really drunk, since she wouldn't give me her address so I could drive her home I brought her to mine while I slept on the couch.

Me: Okay well thanks for that mate and yeah I'll be right over.

Toby: No problem I'll text you my address

I hung up, got dressed and headed to my car so I could go pick her up.

(Lexy's P.O.V)

Liam shortly showed up at Toby's and picked me up to head home so I could change but he didn't seem mad.

Liam: I'm not mad Lex I'm glad a guy like that was there instead of some perv and that he took care of you and made sure you were safe because Lex I don't know what I would do if you weren't here.

We drove the rest of the way to Anne's, I got changed then we went to do the stuff that was planned for us today. Later that night we finally got to the rehearsal dinner and went in. We had a great time with everybody that was there. Niall kept asking why we had to rehearse dinner then kept asking if we could make this a normal think and rehearse dinner every day around like 3, rehearse lunch in the morning and rehearse breakfast the night before. That boy loved food too much but he was one funny lad. After that was done hours later I went with Lila and headed to her parents' place when we got three we had a movie night like we used to when we were teenagers. I missed these times with my best friend.

Friday since everything was done we had a movie day with the girls which was just hilarious and reminded me of the old days before my brother was famous all over the world, before I was dating a international famous singer, before Sky, Lila and I were known in placed other than Holmes Chapel and before our world had changed though it had changed for the better we shared laughter, tears, drama, success, failure, happiness, sadness our entire life but all of that had multiplied by like 730 when we met the boys, when Harry went on the X-factor, when we all moved to London. Even if it was hard at times and sometimes wished our life went back to normal I would never trade what has happened to us... to me... to my new family, my new friends and my new life for anything in the world.

I went to bed that night with a smile on my face like then night Liam had first asked me out and hopped that tomorrow would be perfect what am I saying of course it will I'm marrying Liam... my Liam.



First let me say sorry this chapter sucked I have and have for a while had writer’s block

Second sorry it took so long to update I was busy then like I said had writers block

Third there will only be one more chapter and it will be up very soon but good news there will be a sequel. I don't know the name of it yet but I will tell you guys the name at the end of the next and final chapter.




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