New family, new friends, new life

Lexy gets adopted to what seems like a normal family but as she gets older that normal family becomes an extraordinary family which changes her whole world.


3. The first date

I woke up that morning and chose and outfit for my date with Liam. After I had chosen my outfit I went to go get ready. As I was brushing my hair before leaving Harry came into my room.

Harry: Lexy can I talk to you for a minute.

Me: Sure but make it quick.

I tried to make it sound obvious that I was still mad at him for last night. We did fight growing up like all siblings but it was never longer than an hour or two.

Harry: Listen Lex I'm sorry about last night I was a little over protective and I was when we were younger too but it's just because you've been through so much I just wanted to protect you. For all of that I'm sorry but can you please make me a promise if anything bad happens between you and Liam or if he hurts you tell me. I'm not saying I think he will and honestly I don't think he will but if he does please tell me.

Me: I will and I'm sorry too I shouldn't have yelled at you like that.

I hugged him then left for work. It was a quiet day today which was good since it was just me and the owner of the bakery Simon Wakefield. About half way through my shift a girl about my age came running into the bakery.

The girl: Hey my name is Sam and can I please hang out here today since I heard Harry Styles is in town and he comes in here often and I'm his biggest fan.

Simon: No I'm sorry but this isn't some hang out for kids. I really hope that this doesn't always happen since the season started airing.

Me: I don't think it will, I mean Harry's a great singer but I don't think people will come all the way here and spend all day here just to see Harry.

At four I got ready to leave and as I was about to Leave Simon gave me a box.

Simon: Here give these to Harry there his favorite, on the house of course.

Me: I will thanks.

I grabbed the box and left to go home. When I got home I took a quick shower then went to get ready. I put on the outfit I had chosen this morning; a dark grey skirt and a light plurple short sleeve top, for my makeup I didn't put much to leave a naturel look and left my hair down and wavy. At five to five I looked in the mirror one last time and saw that the light purple looked great with my tanned skin. At five I went downstairs and saw Liam waiting for me in the entrance. He was wearing black pants and a white shirt with blue vertical strips, he looked great like he always does.

Liam: Ready to go and I was thinking it's not far why don't we walk there?

Me: Sure let's go.

We walked for a little while and talked the entire time. Liam stopped walking waking in front of a park that was completely lit up in lits. He walked me over to a little picnick.

Liam: I thought it would be funner to have a picnic since it's such a beautiful night instead of being in a small little restaurant.

Me: It's perfect Liam thank you.

We sat down and started eating.

Liam: So Lex do you mind if I ask when Anne and Des got a divorce was it hard?

Me: No it wasn't really since I was really just here a month or so before it

Liam: What do you mean?

Me: Well when I was 6 I was taken away from my family and about a year later Anne and Des adopted me and I moved here.

Liam: Oh I didn't know

Me: There was no way you could have I don't tell many people cause to me Anne, Des, Gemma, Harry, etc there my family not the people back in Italy.

I told Liam the story of what happen and how I felt the entire time and how I was scared about all of it when it was happening.

Liam: Now I understand why Harry didn't want me to ask you out but I don't regret it I'm having a great time tonight.

Me: Me too

After we finished eating Liam picked up everything.

Liam: C'mon I want to show you something.

We went to a beach near the park. We took a walk and after a while LIam turned to the water.

Liam: Look over there

I looked where he was pointing and saw the the water meet up with the sun set at the horizon turning the water a beautiful orange with a touch of pink.

Me: Wow it's beautiful I've never really paid attention to what it looks like before.

Liam: Most people don't did you know that if there's pink around the sun like right now during the sun set it'll be a beautiful day tomorrow.

Me: I didn't know that is that actually true?

Liam: Don't you trust me?

Me: Ya but I've never heard of that so I had no idea.

Liam: Well it's not scientifically proven it's kind of an old wives tale but it's often right and when there's pink in the morning a storms coming.

Me: That's awesome I really didn't know that. What kind of storm?

Liam: Again most people don't know that and it depends on where you live and the time of the year it could be a regular one, a snow storm, it depends.

We looked at the sun once more and Liam leaned in and kissed me, I kissed back. We walked hand in hand for a little while or a least what I thought was a little while because when I looked at my watch it was past midnight.

Me: Liam it's getting kinda late maybe we should head back to the house.

Liam: Sure let's go

We walked back to the house hand in hand with my head resting on his shoulder. When we got back the boys and the girls were outside by a fire again. We joined them and the girls gave me a look saying "give us all the details". I looked back giving them a "stay the night and I'll give you all the details tonight". A little while later the girls and I went inside and up to my room.

Me: So he took me to the park where he had set up a beautiful picnic and I told him about the adoption and everything. After we ate we went to the beach and we watched the sunset for a bit and he kissed me after that we went for a walk and came back here. It may seem like a normal date but it was perfect.

After I finished my story in detail we got changed and went to bed all night I dreamt of Liam and for a second night in a row I slept with a smile that didn’t fade all night.

 (A few weeks later)

The boys stayed here for a few more weeks and me and Liam spent almost every waking moment together it was the best summer of my life. By the time the boys had to leave Liam had told me he loved me and I told him I loved him. We went back to that park every week and went to the beach so often it was the best few weeks of my life but now their packing their bags and in a few hours well be driving them to the train station.

Liam: Babe what's wrong?

Me: Nothing I'm just gonna miss you a lot

Liam: I know I will too but remember babe I love you.

Me: I love you too.

He kissed me as we left my room and headed to the car to meet everybody else. We were taking two cars since the girls were coming too since Eleanor and Louis started dating during the summer so were Sky and Zayn, Meagan and Niall too. We said by to the boys and told them that we would go up to London soon to see them preform. We didn't know what date but we were planning in a few weeks and I was going to count the days till we got to see them again because not only was Harry my brother or Liam my boyfriend but Niall, Louis and Zayn had become some of my best friends over the few weeks that they were here and I knew whatever happened between me and Liam or with the show or between them and Harry the ten of us would always be in touch and stay friends.


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