New family, new friends, new life

Lexy gets adopted to what seems like a normal family but as she gets older that normal family becomes an extraordinary family which changes her whole world.


12. The call

I looked at my phone it was an unknown number. I took the chance and answered it.

Me: Hello?

xxx: Hello is this...uhh... Lexy... Styles?

Me: Yes who is this?

xxx: It's Marilena.

I thought for a second why does that name sound familiar. Oh god it's my best friend or at least she was my best friend before I was taken away she's the one who told child services about what happen.

Me: Marilena hi what's up?

Marilena: Well it's about Cathrine she left instructions that when the thing I'm about to tell you happens I would be the one to call you and explain she also gave me the number and told me to call you Lexy Styles.

Me: I'm confused.

Marilena: Well last night Cathrine died. She's had heart problems for years now, well they were discovered a few years ago but I think they started that night. Anyways she knew she only had a few weeks left that's why she came to find you and try to apologize, that's also why she gave you her kidney because it was no use for her anymore she was dying she also tried to give you both but the doctors would not let her even if she was dying. But she told me in her will she changed it as soon as she got in to Italy that her other kidney goes to you if they’ll allow that. She would of also loved if you would go to her funeral and I would love it if you were there because I have other stuff she told me to tell you like why she stopped running but I can't do that over the phone so please come.

Me: When is it?

Marilena: Tomorrow.

Me: The thing is I'm kind of busy with my album realising soon and everything I can't go and anyways even if I did go no one would want me there that family hated me.

Marilena: Then go for closure for you, and can I ask is Styles your real last name now I mean are you related to him.

Me: Yeah his parents adopted me.

I looked away from the phone as a tear went down my cheek. As I looked away I saw someone running towards me, it was Liam that's who I needed right now. Even through all this I still love Cathrine and the fact that she was gone and did all that for me and I was a bitch to her.

Liam: Are you okay?

Me: No Cathrine's dead, she's had a heart problem that’s why she came here to try to fix things before she died.

Liam: It's okay babe.

I took my phone again.

Me: I'll go.

Cathrine: Okay I'll see you there.

I hung up and put my phone away.

Liam: Go where?

Me: To her funeral in Italy tomorrow. Come with me please I can't do it alone.

Liam: Of course now let's go home I don't think you can handle this right now.

Me: No, but why were you here.

Liam: I was passing by to see how you were doing and I saw that something was wrong.

We walked until we saw the first person that was working on the video it was James.

Me: James I know were almost done but I can't continue.

James: Is something wrong?

Me: Yeah my sis- sister Cathr- Cathrine died last ni- night and I ju- just found out.

James: Of course take all the time you need.

Me: Thanks it'll be a few days that's it but I don't want the girls to stop with the promotional stuff we were supposed to leave tomorrow so I'll join you were ever you guys are when I'm ready is that okay?

James: Yeah that's fine and don't worry about the video were done it.

I left with Liam and headed to his car since I came here with Lila this morning. We went to our flat so I could pack while Liam made a few calls and got us a flight. I couldn't I was actually doing this never in my life I thought I would have cried over the fact that Cathrine was dead or I would be leaving what I loved doing to go to her funeral. It just wasn't things that I would for the girl that let me die but did she, it's something I was wondering for a while. How did I live threw that someone must have stopped the fire it wasn't Marilena she was with her family, nobody in my family would do that, it wasn't my dad I could see it in his face that he wanted me to die. Did Cathrine Actually save me and I concocted this story so that I could let of everything that tied me to that life or did a miracle happen that day and the wind blew out the fire that's what I always told myself but which story was true I needed to know and I knew I was going to know when I got there because like my questions about why she left the hospital Cathrine had the answer. She would tell me like she told me Cathrine left right away so she could get here early enough to change her will before she died because of she waited until the discharged her she wouldn't of been able to do it all. I let that thought rest my mind while we got in a taxi.

Liam: Airport please.

While on the way I texted the girls.

To: Lila, Sky: I'm headed back to Italy, Cathrine's funeral have to go for answers, talked to James will meet you girls were you are when I'm ready to go back, I'll be fine I have Liam as back up see you soon xox

To: Eleanor, Meagan: I'm headed back to Italy, Cathtine's funeral have to go for answers, I'll be fine I have Liam as back up, will be meeting Lila and Sky after see you girls when we get back form promoting the album xox

I put my phone away and rested my head on Liam's shoulder for the rest of the ride to the airport since I now had a headache from crying. When we got there we went through security then went to board the plane since we arrived a little late. We got on the plane and waited for it to take off. It took off and I fell asleep on Liam's shoulder for the 2 hour flight. When we got there we got our stuff then waited outside the airport because I had no idea where to go first so we decided to find a hotel and check in. While we were in the hotel room I started thinking that this might not have been the right thing to do after all. I didn't know if coming here was the right thing to do but it was the thing I had to do because all my life I was running or hiding from all these questions and things that didn't add up because I was scared of the answer. I told myself that it was all fine or it was impossible to find the answer but I was lying to myself because it was important it was my life and I knew where all the answers were. There were all here in this city with the people I was going to face tomorrow. I just hoped I could find the right people to talk to ,to find the answers as fast as I could and talking to the least amount of people because I knew these people didn't want me here as much as I didn't want to see them. The answers I needed because if I didn't get them myself well someone else might and use that to ruin my career or ruin Spotlight and I couldn't let that happen the three of us worked too hard to let my past ruin it. So I was here for the answers all the answers were here but were they the answers I wanted to get, the answers I already knew but told myself I was wrong or were they the answers that would make me regret all of this and wish I never left London either way tomorrow I would get them. Tomorrow was the day my life changed forever how I didn't know yet but I knew nothing would ever be the same after.

Liam: Babe you okay?

Me: Yeah just thinking I'm going to get some sleep big day for me tomorrow night.

Liam: I'll be there soon, night love you.

Me: Love you too and thanks.

Liam: For what?

Me: For being here for me know and threw everything I know when you asked me out you didn't expect this and thanks for not giving up on me I may be hard to deal with sometimes and a handful I know. Basically thanks for everything I wouldn't be here without you and I wouldn't have been able to do a lot of the things I've done without you.

Liam: Well then no problem.

I kissed him then went on the bed and fell asleep almost the second my head hit the pillow.


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