New family, new friends, new life

Lexy gets adopted to what seems like a normal family but as she gets older that normal family becomes an extraordinary family which changes her whole world.


18. The big day 2

I looked up and my eyes met Liam's at this moment it was like nobody else was here just me and him, all my nerves vanished as our eyes locked and I knew this was right and today was going to be perfect. I looked around the room and memories came flooding back from all the Sunday mornings I spent in this church, all the days I hung out with my friends in this little town, the guys I dated and the heartbreaks, the summers in the heat and the winters in the cold, the joint birthday parties with Harry, the family celebrations, the nights I cried myself to sleep because I blamed myself for what happened when I was younger. I look around and see everything the good and the bad that lead me to this moment, that lead me to meeting Liam, that lead me to fall in love with the love of my life because everything happens for a reason and everything I've had to face good or bad made me who I am and has brought me to this day...the best day of my life. I looked around and saw Anne crying as well as other members of the family, I saw the kids I grew up with and I saw my childhood, my entire life here with everybody that was important to me here in one room. As I looked around my eyes locked on Liam's again and I knew that threw everything I've been through I'll all be okay because I now have my prince. Before I knew it we had already arrived at the altar, I let go of Des' hands and grabbed Liam's. Des placed a kiss on my cheek and whispered in my ear.

Des: I love you Lexy you'll always be my little girl and if he hurts you I'll cover for you i you kill him.

I let out a little laugh while he went to find his seat while I turned my attention back to Liam. The priest started speaking when suddenly it was time for our vows.

Liam: Lexy before I met you I had just started on my journey on the X-factor which gave me my career and wanted to focus on that. I hadn't planned on going out with anyone until after the show and if anything became of it then after I got used to that new life whatever it would have been but you changed that. I knew Harry had two sisters and I told myself whatever happened I wouldn't ask her out but again you changed that. My whole life I had planned on waiting at least till I was 18 to fall in love as hard and fast as I did with you and wait till I was at least 22 before I got married but again you changed that. You changed my whole life Lexy something’s I wonder if they are for the best or not but when I look into your eyes I realize how much I love you and can see how much you love me and wouldn’t change anything or anything you changed from my plan for anything in the world, because I grew up thinking love was one of the most important things. If you have someone to and who loves you then everything will turn out okay for me Lexy you're that person and I know that together we can do anything and as long as I'm with you everything will be okay. I have waited since the first day I met you to be able to make you my wife and three years later I can finally do that. Lexy you're my one and only, my everything and I'm so glad I can now make you my wife.

Me: Liam my whole life I always had problems letting people in and it has always taken me a long time to accept and decide who truly is my family but on our first date I told you more about me then I would have told somebody else in a year, I let you in from that very first day when my brother brought you home, I've known since that first date that I wanted to make you my family one day and within a few weeks I accepted you as family and decided you were truely my family. Now today you are my family not only in my heart but in the eyes of God and in the eyes of the law. I remember every detail of that first day, that first date, our first moment, all of our days together, all of our dates and all of our moments, now I can't wait to have many more days with you, many more dates with you and many more moments with you that I will remember every detail of each of them for the rest of my life. I've talked a lot of our past with every adventure we've taken now I can't wait to look into the future with all the adventures that are waiting for us and with us I know there will be a lot. To quote a wise man "if you have someone to and who loves you then everything will turn out okay for me Liam you're that person and I know that together we can do anything and as long as I'm with you everything will be okay." I'm so glad I am the one you've chosen to spend the rest of your life with because you're the one I have chosen to spend the rest of my life with and if you didn't choose me well that would just be awkward. I love you Liam.

I looked into Liam's eyes and saw nothing but pure love and I'm so glad this is the man I get to spend the rest of my life with. The ceremony continued after that until Liam kissed me and we were finally declared man and wife. Liam kissed me one more time before we turned to face our friends and families and walk back down the aisle. A few hours later Liam and I were in the car headed to the hotel were the wedding reception was being held since after the ceremony we had to go for photos that took forever but finally were on the way to the reception because I was starving.

Me: Li I'm hungry

Liam: I know babe we can eat soon and if you continue you'll start to sound like Niall and I didn't marry nor do I want to marry Niall.

Me: Fine if you get me food... I hear it now I am sounding like Niall bit seriously I'm starving.

Liam: Give me a minute.

He signaled to the driver to stop and he got out of the car only to come back in a few minutes later with food.

Liam: There you go beautiful now go back to being my wife Lexy and not my mate Niall.

I smiled as he said those words "my wife Lexy". I don't know what it was but whenever he said that I would find a smile found its way onto my face and wouldn't go away. A few minutes later we pulled up to the hotel and Liam got out of the car. Before I could get out myself he was on the other side opening the door for me and helping me out.

Me: My husband is such a gentleman.

Again as I said those words a smile found its way back to my face. We walked in and met up with the girls and the boys who had arrived shortly before and were waiting for us. They all line up; Andy and Gemma, Zayn and Sky, Louis and Eleanor, Niall and Meagan and Harry and Lila, they all started heading in two by two and took a seat at the table for the wedding party. After they were all seated I saw the lights go off and a spot light turn on as the DJ started speaking.

DJ: Now let's welcome for the first time Mr. and Mrs. Liam Payne.

The spotlight hit the door while Liam grabbed my hand and we walked in. The light hit us and everybody turned and looked at us but with all the people in the room all I could see was my Liam. We headed to the table and sat down. A few minutes we were able to eat thank god I was so hungry. Okay I'm starting to sound like Niall again. A while later after everybody had finished eating the DJ announced it was time for the speeches so Liam was the first one to go.

Liam: First of all I'd like to thank everyone for coming to celebrate this day that will stay in my heart forever and thank you too everyone who helped make today perfect. They always say when you love someone it's forever, until your last breath, but for me forever or until my last breath isn’t enough time with you Lexy and I'm so glad that I met you when I was a little younger so that I had a little more time with you because no amount of time with you will ever be enough but I will be with you and love you for as long as physically and mentally possible because you are truly my one and only, my everything and I don't want to imagine a life without you. I love you.

He came back and sat beside me before kissing me. After that I went up to wear the microphone was.

Me: Like Liam I'd like to thank everyone for coming and making this special day with my special guy, my Liam even more special and thank you for everyone who's helped with today, Anne, Des, Harry, Gemma, my bridesmaids, the groomsmen, Karen, Geoff, Ruth, Nicola and everyone else. Now Liam I'd also like to thank you for making me the happiest girl in the world, for making me feel special and beautiful but most importantly for loving me as much if not more then I love you since you are the love of my life.

I went back to my seat and kissed Liam again. A few more people went; Anne mostly talking about how I was always looking for that someone special as a child and how happy she is that I found that person, Des mostly about killing and beating Liam up if he hurts me, Gemma about how Liam and I are perfect for each other, Lila about how I never fall for someone fast or hard but how with Liam I did and she was worried it would hurt me but it ended up being the best thing in my life. Harry went saying a story about how he tried to ban Liam from dating me and how he tried to ban me from dating Liam and how he was glad he failed because it would have been the worst mistake of his life if he kept us apart and was the reason we weren’t together. After everyone was done the DJ started talking again.

DJ: I'd like to now invite the newly wed Mr. and Mrs. Payne on the dance floor for their first dance.

We went and started dancing to the music and it was perfect it was like it was only me and Liam in the entire room.

Me: I mean it Liam thank you.

Liam: For what?

Me: Like I said for making me feel special and beautiful and for loving me.

Liam: Well I didn't do much because you are special and beautiful. As for loving you well it's as natural as breathing for me so thanking me for loving you is like thanking me for berating.

Me: I love you so much Liam

Liam: I love you too so much Lex.

We continued dancing until the song ended and quickly another one started as the DJ spoke again.

DJ: The newlywed couple would like to invite everyone to join them on the dance floor now.

Seconds after he put the mic down the floor was crowded but it was still like me and Liam were the only two people on the planet. The rest of the night was absolutely perfect. Liam and i thanked everyone for coming again, we danced, talked to family and friends. I danced with the girls for a bit and finally we were told it was time to cut the cake. We moved to where it was still with our hands intertwined like they have been almost the entire time. We were handed a knife so I held it while Liam went behind me and held my arms while we cut the cake together and I gotta say I love cute, couply stuff like that even if that's not a really word. After that one of the chefs brought the cake into the back to cut it into smaller pieces for all of the guests. We continued the night after that and it was just perfect and a lot of fun. Dancing with the girls, with Harry, with Liam, talking with the girls, with my family, with Liam, having fun with the girls, with my family, with Liam it was absolutely perfect even if I've said that a lot already that's just how amazing it was and I could never imagine a better way to celebrate mine and Liam's love for each other and the promise we made hours earlier to be each others everything until death separated us. A while later that apparently was longer then I thought Sky came and got me so I could go change because it was time for Liam and me to go on our honeymoon. I went up to Lila's room since apparently she had reserved a room for her and Harry, I don't even want to think about that. I went up and changed while the girls touched up my make-up and hair to make it appropriate for the plane ride. I changed into an elegant white dress that shaped my figure nicely and was beautiful even if it was plan. i would have rather wear sweat pants since it was a long flight because we were going to Australia but I was told I had to wear a white dress for this too. I went back down after everything was done and met Liam in the lobby as we headed to the limo that would bring us to the airport. We got in the back a long with Paul who got in the front beside the driver because he was still in One Direction a world famous boy-band. We got to the airport in a good amount of time since it was almost mid-night. We checked our bag then went through security and shortly after we boarded our plane. We found our seats in first class and sat down. I leaned my head on Liam's shoulder with a big smile on my face and when I looked at him I knew he was thinking the same thing as me since he too had a smile on his face. This is it; this is The Beginning of the Rest of Our Life.



This is the last chapter I know I said it would be up yesterday but something came up so here it is. The sequel will be up sometime next week and the name of it is.........................The Beginning of the Rest of Our Life. Thank you for everyone who's read, commented, liked and become a fan of this story it means a lot and your comments make me think I truly am a good writer so thank you.




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