New family, new friends, new life

Lexy gets adopted to what seems like a normal family but as she gets older that normal family becomes an extraordinary family which changes her whole world.


17. The big day 1

I woke up still tired but with Lila shaking me and threatening to poor cold water on me I decided that I would get up. I walked into the shower and stayed in for a long time to walk me up and because today was a big day and on big days I always took long showers. When I finally got out I tried off and went to the living room of Lila's parents’ house where I saw multiple tables all brought in and set up around a chair then the same thing but with less tables around five more chairs and a table with food and drinks at the back of the room. I walked into the room and saw tea on the table so I went to get a cup but as I did Lila came rushing up to me.

Lila: Lex what are you doing?

Me: Getting tea

Lila: No time get in the chair

I decided arguing was pointless with Lila for this kinda stuff so I grabbed my cup of tea and went to the chair with the most tables around it and as I sat down my stomach started growling.

Me: Can somebody get me food?

A girl I never saw before came running up to me a few seconds later with a toasted everything bagel and a bit of cream cheese on it. I ate it as a few other girls I've never seen before started working on my nails and fixing them since I never really cared about them, played a lot of sports and had a bad habit of chewing and playing with them when I got nervous. As the day went on girls I had never seen before came and went from the room doing different things to get me ready. By around 1 Lila had stopped fusing over me so that she could get her hair, make-up and nails done and get dressed with the other girls. Shortly after that somebody came running into the room and I was told that she was Kyla.

Kyla: We kinda have an emergency.

Me: What's the emergency?

Kyla: Your dressed was being kept somewhere so that nothing happened to it and it was on its way but there's an accident and the driver can't get around.

Me: Okay it's fine I know how to deal with this give me five minutes.

I had a good friend named Danny who was a cop here and he owed me a favor so I'm hoping this will work. I took my phone, left the room and dialed his number.

Me: Hey Danny

Danny: Hey Lexy what's up?

Me: I'm cashing in my favor today.

Danny: What do you need?

Me: Well I don't know if you heard or not but I'm getting married today

Danny: Yeah I heard congrats

Me: Thanks well you see my wedding dress was supposed to be brought to where I am but there's an accident so it can't get here so I was wondering if you could maybe give the driver a police escort to get around the traffic? Please?

Danny: I can't really do that but give me a second... Okay so here's what’s going to happen the station wants to send over a few officers for security at the wedding since there will be celebrities so if you could get one of the guests that famous to demand security and can get the dress to the police station then the guest will get in with the dress, I will be the security and get you your dress on time.

Me: I can do that let me just make a few calls and I'll text you if were a go.

I hung up then called Simon guessing he was important enough to get this he agreed to do it. I also called the driver that's bringing me my dress and he's on his way to the station so he will make it on time.

To Danny: It's a go Simon Cowell will be there shortly. Thanks again

From Danny: No problem I owed you a favor

I went back into the room then put my phone down.

Me: It'll be fine the dress will be here on time.

A few minutes later Kyla came back into the room.

Kyla: Lexy there's somebody in the back that want's to speak to you.

Me: Okay I'll be right back

I got up and left the room. I went outside to the back and saw a girl that looked familiar with brown curly hair and a darker skin tone... Danielle.

Me: What do you want?

Danielle: I just wanted to say congratulations and tell you to call off the wedding

Me: Why would I call off the wedding?

Danielle: Because Liam's mine and you have no right to marry him.

Me: First of all Liam actually is mine and second of all I have every right to marry him.

She didn't respond put sent her fist flying to my face. I ducked down to avoid the impact and sent my own fist flying in return. I sent one more fist to her face before she went down to the ground. Yeah that was easy because my entire life since I was very young I boxed and did a lot of different martial arts while I was growing up so people didn't really mess with me but when they tried to I normally got away scratch free like today. I walked back into the house and sat back down in the living room.

Me: Oh and Danielle is outside on the ground somebody should help her.

Sky: What did you do?

Me: Nothing I just kinda punch her twice

Eleanor: LEXY!! Why?

Me: Well she tried to punch me first I avoided it and she said I had to call off the wedding because I had no right marrying Liam. She asked for it so I had no other choice.

Meagan: But to knock her out?

Me: I didn't knock her out I just knocked her to the ground and it's not really my fault I mean it only took two shots so it's kinda her fault that she went down in just two shots.

Gemma: As long as you don't ruin everything these girls have been doing today.

Me: Don't worry I didn't I look fine and by the way who are these girls?

Lila: There the hair and make-up team we hired

Me: Oh that makes sense. I'm really not thinking today.

Everybody shortly got over the fact I had knocked her to the ground and we got back to getting ready. Sadly shortly after that Kyla came back into the room saying that Danielle wasn't leaving until I went back outside. So I went back outside to see her standing a little fathered away from me to avoid being hit again.

Danielle: I'm not leaving until you agree to back off of Liam.

Me: Why do you want me to do this so much?

Danielle: Because I love him and I never got a chance with him because of you but if you were out of the picture he would give me a chance then fall in love with me.

Me: I tired of this Danielle I'm not calling off the wedding and nothing you do will change that got it.

Danielle: I'm not giving up on this and on Liam and I.

I was tired of this so I walked up to her and pushed her slightly making her fall into the pool that she was standing in front of.

Danielle: This isn't over Lexy

Me: Yeah it is I'm going back inside and you're leaving got it.

Danielle: I'm not done with this you'll see... watch your back Styles.

With that she got out of the pool gave me one last look and left. I went back inside deciding to ignore her and focus on today. A little while later I was ready so I was told it was time to get my dress on since it had just gotten here a few minutes ago thanks to Danny. After I got it on and the girls were fixing up my hair and make-up before we left for the church I got a text from Harry.

From Hazza: Almost time (If the link doesn’t work just copy and paste it, it's a picture of what Liam looks like getting ready before the wedding). Oh and I have an exit plan for you just in case go to the back of the church.

To Hazza: Thanks but I don't need an exit plan.

From Hazza: You getting nervous?

To Hazza: A little but it's the good kind of nervous but I got to go see you at the church

Lila: Lexy we have to get going

Me: Coming

I headed out to the limo outside that would bring us to the church.

(Liam's P.O.V)

I spent the after-noon getting ready since I didn't have much hair I didn't have to worry about doing it anymore. At around 2:30 Harry came into the room.

Harry: You ready to go Li?

Me: Yeah can you give me my cell though

Harry: Not till we get to the church.

Me: Really what if something important happened?

Harry: I screen the calls and if it's important I'll give it to you. Now let's go

Me: Fine c'mon

Harry: You're nervous aren't you?

Me: Yeah a little. What if something goes wrong? What if something bad happened?

Harry: Nothing bad is going to happened Li, trust me.

Me: What if this is the wrong thing, the wrong decision? I've been thinking about this for a bit while.

Harry: Listen Li sit down.

We both went over to a few chairs and sat down.

Harry: Listen Li you love Lexy don't you?

I nodded

Harry: And I know Lexy loves you. Trust me this is the right thing to do. I know the first time you asked her out I was against it but I was just being an over protective brother because I didn't want my little sister to grow up bu-

Me: You're the same age and she's a few days older then you

Harry: Fine I didn't want my sister to grow up but the way the two of you looked at each other I knew it was love from that first look. The two of you have never lost that look and when you two look at each other there's still that look of love after all these years and I know you will never lose it. So yeah this is the right thing to do.

Me: Thanks Haz you're right just nerves. C'mon let's go.

We left and headed to the car with the other boys to get to the wedding.

(Lexy's P.O.V)

As I got out of the car I walked up to the church with the girls right behind me. I got to the front doors and grabbed Des' hand since he was truly my father he would be walking me down the aisle. The girls lined up in front of me and Gemma opened the door as we all walked inside. I looked up and saw that everybody had stood up and are now looking at me I really wish they would look somewhere else because I have huge fear of being the center of attention. Luckily I looked up and my eyes met Liam's at this moment it was like nobody else was here just me and him, all my nerves vanished as our eyes locked and I knew this was right and today was going to be perfect.



First of all sorry it took so long to update but tomorrow I will post another chapter that will be the final one until the sequel.

Second I don't mean anything about using Danielle I just wanted to add a bit of drama so I just chose her.

Third the wedding chapter is really long so I put it in two parts this is the first and like I said the second will be up tomorrow as well.

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