New family, new friends, new life

Lexy gets adopted to what seems like a normal family but as she gets older that normal family becomes an extraordinary family which changes her whole world.


5. The album

(Lexy's P.O.V)

As my brain finally woke up and I realized the date August 15th. It was Liam's birthday in two weeks and I wanted to do something special for it this year. I got up and went to get ready when I realized all my stuff was still in the living room. I went to get some clothes then came back showered and changed.

Liam: Everything okay?

Me: What oh yeah just thinking about... nothing really.

Liam: Okay and I was supposed to talk to you about this a few months ago but I never got around to it so can you sit down a minute.

Here it was Liam was going to break up with me. I always knew he was way too good for me and it was always a matter of time until he did.

Liam: Well you know how you, Sky and Lila are going to be our opening act during the tour, well our management thought that it would be a great idea if during the time before the tour you three record or at least start recording an album with the songs you'll sing for all your fans.

Me: That would be awesome Li but we don't have any fans.

Liam: You will as soon as people hear you sing, anyways your supposed to go into the sudio today to straighten everything out and start on a song or two.

He tells me this now the day I'm supposed to start what if I said no, okay I never would have said no this has always been my dream to record my own album even if it's with Starlight my group with Sky and Lila. I went and finished getting ready then went in Liam's car and headed to the studio.

(At the studio)

When we arrived at the studio we headed inside and it looked beautiful inside. Light blue paint on the walls, beautiful paintings and photos hanging on the walls, even though I had been here before with Liam it was like it was the first time I ever came here since I was here for me this time. We walked up and I guess Liam could tell I was nervous because he grabbed my hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze to say "Everything will be okay".

Liam: Hey Angie is Luke ready for Lexy Styles she has a meeting with him but it might be under Starlight.

Angie: Ya here it is Starlight, Lexy Styles, Lila Kingships and Sky Clawbuffise. Styles? Any relation to Harry Styles?

Me: Ya he's my brother.

Angie: Oh okay well go right in Lexy.

Liam: I'll wait out here babe in a meeting like this I wouldn't be allowed in.

I head in and as I pass a waiting room I see Harry which means Lila must already be in there. I wave to him as I pass then head into the office. A few minutes later Sky shows up and the three of us sit in front of the producer that'll be helping with the album Luke Dumas.

Luke: Welcome girls I'm Luke Dumas but you already know that. Now I believe this is your first time recording?

Lila: Yep first for all three of us.

Luke: Well if you have any questions feel free to ask me and yes you can trust me and you can ask the boys I've worked with them often. So today I was thinking we would look over a few songs then hit the recording booth and try them out and maybe record one or two. Sound good?

All three of us nod.

Luke: Great well I understand you write your own songs which is great but for your first album it would be good to have a few songs written by someone known. So here I have a few written by Ed Sheeran, a few written by the boys and a few from other songwriters so why don't you three take a look.

We spent a bit of time looking over all the songs and chose seven of those. Two written by Ed Sheeran, one written by Harry, one written by Liam, one written by Zayn, one written by Louis and one written by Niall. After that with Luke we chose seven of the songs we brought that we had written.

Luke: Now I'm not saying that all these songs will end up on the album but we'll try out different ones then pick the best one for the album so why don't we head into the recording booth and go for it see what happens.

That's what we did for the rest of the morning we chose who would be best for what part and agreed that we would sing the chorus together. By lunch we had found exactly who was perfect for what part and recorded it.

Luke: That was great girls why don't we take lunch then meet back here in 30 and get the boys to listen to it to get there advice on it and go from there sound good?

We nodded. That was the great thing about Luke he guided us but we made the last decision on everything for the album that way it truly was our album and not somebody else's that we just sang on. We headed with the boys to a cafe across the street since by this time Louis and Niall had joined Liam, Harry and Zayn. At the cafe we were supposed to meet up with Eleanor and Meagan which is exactly what we did. We ordered, ate, talked then headed back to the studio and the boys came in to listen to the track.

Louis: That was great girls.

Niall: Lex did you really right that.

Liam: You girls are really amazing but Lexy you were the best.

Lila: Well thanks Li love you too.

Liam: You three were all great but I have to say Lexy was the best she's my girlfriend.

He and the boys laughed while Lila, Sky and I hit him on the arm playfully. The rest of the afternoon went by quickly; we recorded one more song and planned to meet back there with Luke in the morning. Meagan and Eleanor had joined us again and as we were about to leave Eleanor and Louis told us that they were going to move in together so she couldn't join us for our celebration dinner since she had to pack again. I guess I was right it wasn't that long until he asked her to move in with him. The 8 of us went to celebrate at a restaurant then headed home since we were supposed to meet Luke early tomorrow. The next two weeks we went to the studio five times a week and stayed most of the day to finished recording the album. We ended up recording more than the 14 songs we had originally chosen but more like 25. Today I was going into the studio to meet with the girls and Luke again so we could choose what songs would go on the album and by now we also had a manager names James Condel he was going to be in the meeting to.

Angie: Hey Lexy go right in Lila's already in there.

Me: Okay thanks Angie.

I headed into Luke's office where we had our meeting that first day but this time James was there unlike the first time. Once Sky showed up we sat down. We always arrived in that order Lila, me then Sky, not that we plan it, it just happens like that.

James: Welcome girls now today were going to choose the songs then I have put a focus group together to see if the album would reach out target audience and too see if anyone would get the album. If that all goes well Luke will start putting all the tracks together to make the album. Also I have great news if all goes well today I have arrange for you three to start filming your first music video next week.

Lila: Are you serious!?!

James: Yeah so let's get to work.

It took all morning to decide on just 12 songs but we did it. One that was written by Ed Sheeran, one by Niall, one by Liam, one by Louis and one that Zayn and Harry co-wrote the rest Sky, Lila and I wrote. We went to a different room where we saw a group of girls and guys of different ages some teenagers, some a little younger and some a little older.

Luke: So these people will listen to the album then fill out a survey to see if they liked it and what group responded to it best. So you girls will be waiting back here with James while I go in there and start.

He went in and we found out the mirror was a one way so they couldn't see us. The album played then they filled out the survey.

James: Now girls I was thinking after they finish you girls could go in there so we could see what kind of reaction we get. What do you think?

Me: Sure why not.

We headed to the door and were told to wait here for a minute.

Luke: Now we have a very special surprise. In a minute Spotlight will be coming in for those of you who don't know who they are, there the group you have been listening to for the last hour.

We walked in and the younger kids came up and hugged us, the teenage girls screamed, the teenage and older guys said things like "their hot", "their hot and talented", "I can't believe I'm meeting them" and the older girls said things like "Their so talented", "I can't believe I'm meeting them", "Their my inspiration", "their my idols". We talked with everybody for a bit then signed some autographs.

Luke: Well the girls have to leave now but I'd like to thank everyone for coming it's helped a lot.

We left with Luke then headed back to his office where James was.

James: Today was great now I know I said we were done recording but I was looking at what some of the comments were and we had a great idea so tomorrow you'll be recording to more songs but these will be duets, one with Cher Lloyd and one with One Direction. Now do anyone you girls have a duet written since you said you wanted the album to me mostly your songs.

Sky: I've got one

Me: Me too.

James: Great and one last thing tomorrow morning don't come here go to the address I'll text you since you have an interview.

We left the studio then I headed home to find Liam cooking supper.

Liam: How was your day beautiful?

Me: Amazing, we got to meet some fans today and we found out next week we'll be making a music video and tomorrow we have our first interview and we'll be recording two more songs one with Cher I can't believe I going to meet her and one with you this is going to be perfect. The only thing is tomorrow we have to cut one more song at least maybe two since with the duets we'll have 14 songs which is too much.

I went to bed that night and I smiled like I had the first night I met Liam with a big smile on my face that never faded. I was making an album, I had fans, I was going to be doing a music video, have interviews, collaborate with great artist and best of all I had the best boyfriend ever. Right now my life was perfect I thought as I drifted off to sleep. Sadly sleep is when your dreams come true which was what was happening right now but sleep is also the place where nightmares happen.



Sorry it took a long time to update I had the chapter ready last night but something happend when I was putting music on and it deleted so I had to re-write it this morning but here it is.



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