New family, new friends, new life

Lexy gets adopted to what seems like a normal family but as she gets older that normal family becomes an extraordinary family which changes her whole world.


8. The accident

She walked up to me and I was frozen. There was Cathrine standing in front of me.

Cathrine: Alexina there you are I'm so glad to see you.

I stay silent unable to move or say anything. I finally get the ability to turn around and leave but as I do so I feel her hand grab my wrist.

Cathrine: Please stay I need to talk to you.

Me: It's your fault.

Tears start going down my cheek as I see Liam come closer to me laughing with Andy. He sees me and starts running towards me. When he gets to me he takes her hand off of mine.

Liam: Who are you?

Cathrine: Her sister.

Me: You're not my sister, you're the reason I don't go to the beach or always have my arms, back and stomach covered. You're the reason for this.

I take off my jacket to show the scars I have on my arms. The scars I've had since I was a kid.

Cathrine: Alexina I...

I cut her off.

Me: It's not Alexina its Lexy, Lexy Styles.

Cathrine: Listen Lexy then I'm sorry I tried to get to you but I couldn't in time.

Me: Do you expect me to believe that. I went through that alone. Nobody was there for me, not you not anybody. Liam, can we go home.

Liam: Of course let's go.

I put my coat back on and we head out the door and head to his car. He gets in to the driver’s seat and sets the whispers since it's raining really hard. When we get back to the flat I tell Liam to go in I'll be there in a minute I just need to be alone for a minute. He goes inside while I stay in the car and start crying. I look up while drying my tears when I see two lights coming closer and closer to me. The next thing I know I open my eyes in a room I realize it's a hospital room.

(Liam's P.O.V)

Lexy's been in the car for a while so I decide to go out and check on her to make sure she's okay. I head out to the car and see it smashed with another car beside it also ruined. I run over to it and try to see if she was okay. As I get to the car there she is lying in the seat with her eyes close barely breathing. I grab my phone and call for an ambulance. When the ambulance gets here I start worrying that it's too late. They get here out of the car then put her in I go with her. When we get to the hospital they rush her into surgery while I go into the waiting room. I decide to call Harry and figure he would after call his mum and sister since I know I can't go through that conversation more than once.

xxx: Hey Liam what's up?

Me: Oh hey Lila is Harry there I need to talk to him.

Lila: Yeah one sec he's just coming in... here he is.

Me: Thanks Lila. Hey Harry I need to talk to you about something.

Harry: What's up Li?

Me: Well earlier tonight after almost everybody left the party I was talking with Andy when some girl came in and went to talk to Lexy. She grabbed Lexy's wrist when she tried to leave and Lexy started crying a bit so I went over there found out it was Lexy's sister Cathrine. We left and when we got back she said she wanted to be alone for a minute and for me to go up. I went up and was going to go down in a few minutes to check on her. When I went to see if she was okay...

I stopped talking because by now the tears started coming down and I had a lump in my throat.

Harry: Liam what happened?

I cleared my throat.

Me: When I got back to the car to see if she was okay my car was ruined and there was another car in front of it ruined too. I ran over to the car and Lexy was in it with her eyes closes and barely breathing. I called an ambulance and they rushed her into surgery.

Harry: Is she o-ok-okay?

Me: I don't know I haven't been told anything since I got here.

Harry: I'm on my way. Have you told anyone else?

Me: N-No I just got here.

Harry: Okay I'll d-do it.

He hung up and I could tell by the end of the conversation he was crying as much as I was. A nurse comes up to me and gives me stuff to fill out for her since I'm the only one here for her stuff like her full name date of birth, typical stuff and I do it except for a part where a family member has to sign so I figure when Harry gets here I'll give it to him because it'll take a few hours for Anne and Gemma to get here even if Harry's already called them. 15 minutes later he arrived with Lila and shortly after the boys and girls arrived too. Harry came up to me and he had stopped crying but you could tell he had been.

Harry: I called my mum and Gemma there coming right now.

Me: I'm sorry Harry

Harry: It's not your fault Liam

Me: Yeah it is. I shouldn't have left her in the car alone I should have stayed with her then maybe I could have saved her.

Harry: Li these things happen I don't like it either but there was nothing you could have done. Anyways we both know how stubborn she is when she's upset.

Me: Yeah she is.

Harry: She'll be fine she's tough and a fighter.

Me: Yeah she is but what if she doesn't make it?

Harry: Liam please don't talk like that cause if you do then I'll start thinking like that and I'll start crying again.

We go back and join the rest of the boys when a nurse comes out and I'm hoping it's for Lexy and that it's good news.

The nurse: For Lexy Styles

We all walk up to her.

The nurse: Family only

The boys and the girls leave. I'm about to leave to when Harry grabs my shoulder.

Harry: You're family to her Liam, stay.

The nurse: Well there's good news and bad news. For the good news surgery went great she's sleeping now. For the bad news she might not make it. I'm sorry.

Harry: What do you mean she might not make it? You just said the surgery went great.

The nurse: Yes it did we were able to repair a lot but one of her kidneys has stopped working and the other is barely working. Now she's on an emergency transplant list but unless she gets a donor the odds are not in her favour. If you would follow me Dr. Roy will answer any questions you may have.

We followed her to Lexy's room where she was sleeping.

The nurse: Now before I let you alone with her I need to ask your relationship with the patient.

Harry: I'm her brother and he's her boyfriend.

The nurse: Then I'm sorry sir but it's family only.

Harry: She would want him there he's more than a boyfriend please he needs to see her.

The nurse: Alright now I must also ask if her parents will be arriving since she is 18.

Harry: Ya our parents are on the way they should be here in a few hours they have to come down from Holmes Chapel.

The nurse: Okay now Dr. Roy will meet with her parents in the morning as well as you sir if you'd like to be there since nothing can be done to her until she wakes up and no test for donors can be done until morning anyways. As well to answer your question she will be fine to get through the night.

I sat down beside Lexy and grabbed her hand carefully to not disturb any wires. While I did this Harry went to tell everybody else what was going on.

Me: Lexy I'm so sorry please pull through I need you. You can't leave me, please.

I was crying more than I thought a human being could cry. I just needed her here with me I love her more than life itself and if I didn't have her I don't know what I'd do without her. I eventually fell asleep so did Harry after he came back he sat down on the other side. That night I dreamt of everything in my life I had and everything I couldn’t live without like the boys, my sisters, my parents, all my family things like that and most importantly Lexy she was always there. It was like a sign that she’s supposed to make it through this. She’s supposed to come back and be with me. That night I also made a decision of something I was going to do when Lexy got better. I knew how I was going to do it and was going to after I talked to my parents about it see what they thought but I’m sure they would support me one hundred percent since like me they believed that if you loved somebody you should let them know especially if you loved them as much as I loved Lexy. Honestly it didn’t matter what they said my mind was made now all that was left was to go and buy the ring. I really hope I’m right and that dream was a sign that she was supposed to and was going to wake up and get better because that was all that was holding me together and keeping me from falling apart right there and then in the middle of the night in a hospital room. During the night Lexy was also moved to a different room on a different floor since the paparazzi had found out we were here.

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