New family, new friends, new life

Lexy gets adopted to what seems like a normal family but as she gets older that normal family becomes an extraordinary family which changes her whole world.


15. Paris

We went back to the hotel packed all our stuff then headed to the airport for our flight. We would be flying to London where I would get more clothes and stuff then I would be flying to Greece to meet up with Lila and Sky where they were doing promotion on the album.

(Three months later)

Lila: I can't wait to see the boys again when we land.

I was at the airport in Spain with Lila and Sky; we were headed to Paris for a week then back home to London. We've been on the road for three months; we went to Greece, Ireland, Poland and all over Europe. In Paris though we're meeting up with Liam, Louis, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Eleanor and Meagan are coming too. It'll be great since we haven't seen them in well three months. Finally it was time for our flight to board and in a few hours I would get to see Liam again, I mean yeah we talk on the phone, texted and skyped all the time but it's not the same as being in the same room as him or touching him or kissing him or just being with him. Shortly after I felt somebody shaking me I opened my eyes to see Sky.

Sky: Wake up Lex we’re here were in Paris.

I opened my eyes, stood up and stretched. I guess I fell asleep I thought to myself as I grabbed my bag and we walked off the plane. As we got the rest of our luggage we headed out of the airport where we were supposed to meet the car bringing us to our hotel but instead I was stopped because my eye got somebody so hot so I looked at him and it was Liam... I think. I ran straight to him an hugged him, at this point I didn't think what if it's not him because I missed him to much but he returned the hug and pulled me into a kiss that told me it was Liam.

Me: I've missed you so much

Liam: I've missed you too come on Louis, Niall, Eleanor and Meagan our outside by the car.

Me: What about Zayn and Harry?

Liam: Over there.

He pointed to two couples walking hand in hand in our direction.

Which I noticed was Harry, Lila, Zayn and Sky. Wow my brains slow today I guess I either slept too much or not enough but I have serious problems.

Liam: You could never have serious problems.

Me: What do you mean?

Liam: You just said you have serious problems.

Me: No I thought it but never said it. I guess I was speaking outloud.

Liam: Again.

Me: I've done this before and you never told me.

Liam: I thought you knew what you were saying.

He said and stated laughing as we walk to meet everybody else at the car and by the time we got there he was still laughing.

Niall: What's so funny?

Me: Nothing.

I crossed my arms and starting pouting while Liam stopped laughing to kiss me then he started again.

Liam: Apparently sh- hahaha she never kne- hahahahahaha knew that she thought out lou- hahahahahah outloud alot. Hahahahahah.

Me: See nothing Liam just has problems today.

Liam: Like you?

Me: Yup but different problems.

We all piled into the car and headed to the hotel. Once we were there Liam and I headed up to our hotel room so I could drop off my bags and freshen up.

Liam: Hey babe I need to run an errand I'll be back before supper.

He kissed me then headed out the door.

(Meagan's P.O.V)

I was sitting in my room with Niall when Liam came in.

Liam: Hey Meagan I'm going to set things up can you get the girls and make sure Lexy's busy till tonight then make sure she gets to the Eiffel tower.

Me: Yeah I will don't worry everything will go fine here so go set up you just have an hour until we bring her. Oh and the boys will bring you what you're gonna wear when they meet you there.

Liam: Okay thanks Meagan.

He left the room and I texted the girls to meet me at Lexy's room. I grabbed something from my suitacase and headed up to her room. We met there and Eleanor knocked on the door and Lexy answered.

(Lexy's P.O.V)

I opened the door and the girls all came in, Eleanor went to the bathroom brought my curler out and plugged it in, Lila went to get my makeup and set it out a the table with the curler, Sky went to the table and laid out nail polish from her purse while Meagan put a dress she had with her on the bed then took a chair and brought it to the table.

Meagan: Now sit down.

Me: What's going on?

Lila: The boys are taking us out to dinner tonight and no offense but you need the most help since this is a really fancy restaurant.

I sat down because I hated doing my makeup and hair for fancy restaurants so why not let them after all they were really good at it. Eleanor started curling my hair while Sky and Meagan doing my nails and Lila started doing my makeup. Half an hour later the girls all stepped away from me and Meagan gestured to me to put on the dress she brought in. It was a purple dress that would hug my figure and was beautiful, elegant yet without being too fancy the only problem was that it was strapless and we were in the end of November I mean there was a bit of snow on the ground.

Me: Isn’t it a little cold for that?

Meagan: No now put it on and your heels are that the front well meet you in the loby.

The left then I put on the dress, shoes which were black heels that looked great with the dress and make me closer to Liam's height. I grabbed one of my jackets and met the girls outside in the car, I couldn't see what they were wearing because that had coats on too so I guessed they were wearing dresses too. We got in a cab and Lila handed the driver a piece of paper with I'm guessing the address on and we left.

Sky: Shit I just got a text from Zayn he's not feeling well, I'm gonna go back to the hotel after the cab drops you guys off.

She says looking up from her phone while Lila answered hers.

Lila: Hey... oh my god... ya I'll go on when I get back to the hotel so we can talk privately... I can't believe this he was so healthy... ya okay my mum love you too.

She hung up and looked at us sad.

Lila: My grandpa is in the hospital they don't think he's making it past tonight. The whole family is at the hospital and will be tonight, my mum set up so that I can be there via skype. I'll let Harry know that I'm not going tonight.

A few minutes later we all got out of the cab and before Sky and Lila could get back in he left so they went looking for another one while we headed to what was supposed to be the restaurant.

Me: Where are we eating exactly? I mean this is the Eiffel tower.

They didn't answer but put me in the elevator to the top of the Eiffel Tower but they didn't come in. When the doors opened again I saw lights all over and only one person there it was Liam. I walk out and two him he was standing there in a tux looking at me. He grabbed my hand and brought me to the edge and we looked over the city of love, it was beautiful, everything here was beautiful and I was wondering if Liam set all this up, the lights, nobody being here, the rose pedals on the floor. He took my hands in his and looked into my eyes.

Liam: Lexy I love you and I always have since the day I met you in Holmes chapel and I'll remember everything we ever did together. The night I asked you out, our first date, the night we looked at the water, when I told you I loved you, when you told me you loved me for the first time, having to say goodbye to you after those first few weeks, every time I saw you after that, when I showed up to your graduation and the face you made when you saw me, your prom where I had the honor of being your date, moving in together, recording the song with you and every other thing we will do together as long as your mine which will hopefully be forever I'll always remember all of it.

I suddenly heard the strumming of a guitar and people humming one of my favorite songs Marry me by Train but I didn't break eye contact with Liam to see who it was. Those voices shortly after started singing the song.

Liam: Dance with me?

I nodded and he pulled me close to him as we danced to the song he whispered something in my ear.

Liam: I've known I was going to do this eventually after our first date but after you were in the hospital I knew I was going to do it soon because when I thought I lost you it was worst then the worst pain I could ever imagine and I don't want that to ever happen again.

We stopped dancing as the song ended and he took my hands again.

Liam: Lexy Styles I'm will now quote a question from a very good singer even if he didn't invent this so as train said "marry me".

He took out a ring from inside his jacket and got down on one knee.

Liam: Lexy Styles will you marry me?

Me: YES, YES I WILL LIAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

He put the ring on my finger and kissed me. I finally looked around to see who the voices singing where and they were Louis, Zayn, Harry, Niall who was also playing guitar, Sky, Lila and a guy I didn't recognize but soon did it was Patrick Monaham the lead singer from Train. He actually got one of my favorite singer of all time of sing my favorite song of all time which happened to be proposal themed but that's beside the point just so he could propose to me. Everybody came and congratulated us even Eleanor and Meagan that I didn't notice where even here.

Patrick: Hey congratulations.

Liam: Thanks and thanks for doing this my fiancée loves you.

Patrick: Well I think she loves you more and no problem man I actually secretly love doing things like this.

I was still in shock I mean you think I would be okay with meeting celebrities since my fiancée and brother were but I guess not when it's one who I’ve loved forever. He left shortly after we all had a glass of Champaign to celebrate and soon after everybody but Liam and I left.

Liam: I love you so much

Me: I love you too.

I kissed him then leaned on his shoulder and for once everything in my world was perfect I just hope it would stay like that.


Let me just say sorry this chapter sucked I have writters block but I won't be able to update much in the next week because I have exams. Also I was thinking of ending this story either for good or writting a squewel I'm not sure let me know what you think and if you're a writter check out my message on my one direction imagines movellas for a contest to be a co-author for that movellas.


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