New family, new friends, new life

Lexy gets adopted to what seems like a normal family but as she gets older that normal family becomes an extraordinary family which changes her whole world.


11. Out of the hospital and into the dream life

(Lexy's P.O.V)

I was leaving the hospital after being there for over a week. It had been a really boring week, I couldn't do much because my ribs were still injured and my body had to adjust to the new kidney. I was really hoping that I could start doing some of the promotional stuff for the album because I needed to get my mind off stuff. I was still wondering why Cathrine saved me now and not before, I never got an answer when Liam went to talk to her she was gone. The doctors and nurses didn't know where she went or when she left. That was the second thing that was on my mind why did she leave like that, she was going to be discharged today but she couldn't wait a few hours why. All week I tried to ignore it but I couldn't something was off.

Liam: Lexy do you feel up to going to an interview today?

Me: Yes please

I knew that all I would do today if I didn't leave the house would be try to figure this out but I didn't want to because I was afraid of the answer. I went in the car wih Liam and we headed to my interview. I did the interview then went back to the recording studio because the album was done so we were meeting with James and Luke to hear it.

Me: Hey Angie is he ready for us yet?

Angie: Ya go right in Lexy and how are you feeling I heard about the accident.

Me: I'm better now but I was pretty bad when it happened.

I went it to see that James was already there and so was Lila, Sky shouldn't be far behind since we all left the TV station at the same time. When everybody was here we sat down and Luke played the album for us. The whole time he was playing it I couldn't believe we actually have an album, I was on an album it was so shocking but the album was really good.

Luke: What do you think?

James: It's great, amazing debut album.

Me: I like it it's really us.

Sky: I love it.

Lila: It's awesome I can't believe we have an album.

James: Girls I also need to talk to you about something, Luke do you mind if we use this room for like 10 minutes?

Luke: Go ahead I'll be in my office.

James: Now we need to figure out what's going to happen moving on, Lexy are you feeling up to doing that music video or doing a little travelling and if not when are you going to be up to it.

Me: I'm up to doing now, I've been good for a few days but I wasn't able to leave.

James: Okay well I talked to your doctor today and he's says you're okay to do it if you're up to it so I'll set everything up for tomorrow then we'll do some promotion in Europe, sound good?

Me: Yup

Lila: Good for me

Sky: All good.

Luke: Great see you girls tomorrow at 8, same place it was supposed to be, you still have the address?

We all nodded then left.

Lila: You up for Starbucks.

Me: I'm always up for Starbucks.

Sky: Let's go I'll drive.

We went out and had fun something I haven't had since I got into the accident. The next day I got up early and got ready.

Liam: Are you sure you're up to this?

Me: Yeah I am Li, everything will be fine.

Liam: Okay just stay away from dangerous fans, let your bodyguard go first and don't be a hero.

Me: Okay, okay and okay. Li I'll be fine.

I got in my car turned on the radio then I started driving to where the music video was being tapped. As soon as I got there I was sent to hair and makeup for the first scene I had my hair curled and down with light makeup. After that was wardrobe, I was given a white sun dress god I hated wearing dresses. We headed on the set where we were told what to do for this scene. After that we were sent back to hair and makeup then wardrobe again. We did this a few times. We eventually finished for the day then were told to come back in the morning to finish shooting. I spent the next day at the set again shooting and between shots we all joked around it was really fun. It was what my dream was to do this since I was really young; to make an album, to make a music video, to go on tour, all of this I was living the dream. I was living the dream until I got the call, the call that made all of this change and answered all pf my questions and I was right even if I was searching for the answers I didn’t want to know them but when I figured that out it was too late to change it I already knew., for the better or the worse I didn't know yet but it all changed.

(Liam's P.O.V)

I went by today to see Lexy while they were shooting her video. I just had to not because I was worried about her but because I this was her dream I wanted to see her living her dream. When I stopped by I saw her laughing, talking with everyone and just having a great time. She was doing what she loved and if you didn't already know it, you took one look at her and you knew it. It was in her eyes, in the smile that never left her mouth, in the way she dances and sung, in the way she talked and walked, in the way she laughed, in the way she lived every moment of it one moment at a time breathing it all in so she would remember it because she knew it could all go away any minute and she didn't know what minute so she enjoyed every minute of it. Watching her there I could tell she was living the dream and enjoying every moment of it. It was like a dream for her until she got the call that was like a wake up for her. Nobody expected it or how it would affect her, none of us were ready for it.

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