New family, new friends, new life

Lexy gets adopted to what seems like a normal family but as she gets older that normal family becomes an extraordinary family which changes her whole world.


1. My new life

I walk off the plane a little nervous because today I'm moving in with my new family. My social worker Cassy comes up to me.

Cassy: Lexy are you ready to meet your new family?

I nodded even though I was really nervous. She led me to a family with a boy around my age and a girl a little older than me.

xxx: Hi Lexy I'm Anne, this is Des, Harry and this is Gemma

Harry: Hi!!!

Cassy left and we went in a car. When we got to Anne's house that is now mine Des, Gemma and Harry helped me bring in my bags. Anne showed me to my room. I started unpacking.

Anne: Lexy supper will be ready soon and after that I’ll take you shopping since you start school tomorrow.

Me: okay I'll be down in a minute.

The next day I woke up at seven to get ready for school. Once I was ready Anne drove me, Harry and Gemma to school. I went in class and since I didn't really know where to go I just stood there. The teacher Mrs. Goodwin showed me where to put my stuff.

Mrs.Goodwin: Before we start today let's welcome a new student Lexy. Lexy comes all the way from Italy. Now why don't you tell us about yourself, and what your costume is?

I started school on Halloween so everybody including me was dressed up.

Me: Well I like playing sports and dancing. That's really all I don't really have an exciting life. My costume is my favorite animal a cat.

Mrs:Goodwin: Thank you Lexy why don't you take a seat at Harry's table.

I went to sit there. There were four other girls at that table.

Harry: Lexy this is Sky, Eleanor, Meagan and Lila, girls this is Lexy.

Lila: How do you two know each other?

Me: Our families are really close.

I didn't want everybody let alone girls I had just met knowing I was adopted. After a few hours we had recess.

Eleanor: Lexy did you want to go trick-or-treating with us tonight

Me: Sure

Meagan: Great my dad is going with us so where do you want is to pick you up?

Me: Pick me up at Harry's house if you know where that is

Sky: Ya but we can pick you up at your house.

Me: That is my house; I'm Harry's sister... well adopted sister. I didn't want anyone to know cause I thought I would get teased because of it.

I told them the story of why I was taken away from my family and why I got adopted which was that I walked in on my dad beating my sister. I tried to stop him but he ended up beating me and tried to burn me while that was happening my sister just laid there. I told my best friend, she told my mum but she said that it was impossible and that he didn't. My friend ended up telling child services, me and my sister Cathrine ended up getting taken away. My grandmother adopted Catherine but not me so I was put in foster care then Anne and Des adopted me.

That night I went out with the girls and we had lots of fun and we got lots of candy. The five of us shortly became best friends. Harry and the girls were my only friends. Everybody else picked on me and bullied me. Things didn't get better because about a month or two later Anne and Des got a divorce so me, Harry and Gemma moved away with Anne but a few years later we moved back.

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