New family, new friends, new life

Lexy gets adopted to what seems like a normal family but as she gets older that normal family becomes an extraordinary family which changes her whole world.


4. Moving

(Two years later)

I'm in my room packing my things since tomorrow I'm moving to London and moving in with Liam. I'm so excited and in a few months I leave with the boys to go on tour with them as one of the opening acts. I always wanted to be a singer and this winter I got a call asking me to do it since the boys didn't have one. The girls were coming too since Sky, Lila and I are in a group so we'll be singing together, Meagan is coming because she was hired has the bands photographer and Eleanor is coming as well you could call it a babysitter but she will make sure the boys get where they need to when they need to and make sure that everything goes according to plan during the tour. As I put a few more things in I hear Anne shout that Liam's here and he's coming up. They boys just got in town and I'm assuming Harry gone to Lila's to help her back since she's moving to London too and now that there dating Harry spends almost every moment he's here with her.

Liam: Hey babe, need any help

I go over and turn my music down then go over to him and kiss him.

Me: Sure you can put my books in that box.

He obeys and goes over to my book shelf and starts putting them away while I continue sorting my clothes what I'm bringing and what I'm going to donate. Me and Liam spend the rest of the afternoon packing everything that belongs to me. We went down to supper with my parents then went back and finished since I was horrible at packing that I hadn't started until today.

Me: Stay here tonight please Liam.

Liam: You know I'm not allowed your mum's rule

Me: Then pretend you're going to Harry's room then come back here I had a bad week I really need you here.

Liam: Okay I'll be back in a few minutes.

I closed up the last few boxes with tape and put them with the rest. After that I went and got changed into my pj's and went to the washroom to finish getting ready as Liam came in the room quietly shutting the door so that no one heard him.

Liam: Lexy are you still here?

Me: Ya in here

I shouted to him from the washroom. I finish then head back to the room to see Liam there in nothing but his boxers.

Liam: C'mon Lex it's not like you haven’t seen me in less than this.

That was true I had seen him with nothing on when we had slept together in the past. We went to bed and almost instantly I had fallen asleep it was always like that in Liam's arms since I felt so safe there like nothing bad could happen when I was there. The next morning I woke up to the sound of someone yelling. I put my slippers on and went down to see what was going on.

Me: What's going on here I'm trying to sleep

As I got downstairs I saw all the boys were there but that was it.

Harry: Nothing we are just making sure you don't forget anything now get ready it's a long drive up to London.

Me: Where's Anne?

Harry: She went to go pick up something.

I went back upstairs and got ready putting on sweatpants and a hoodie since all we would be doing today was driving and start unpacking. I put a little bit of make up and put my hair up in a bun. I went back down by this time Anne had come back and Gemma had shown up to say bye. Liam and Harry helped me move by stuff into the moving truck then the boys went into Harry's car and me and Liam went into the truck to drive it there to Meagan's house to pick her up. When we got there the boys put her stuff in the truck, after that she went in Harry's car with Niall while Louis and Zayn went in Louis' car with me and Liam in the moving truck we moved to Lila's house and again the boys helped her put her stuff in the truck then joined Harry in his car and we moved to Eleanor’s house. The same thing happened and she joined Louis and Zayn in Louis' car then we moved to Sky's house. It took the longest at Sky's house because of the size of her house and as we were about to leave all of our parents showed up to say bye to us again. The staff had brought out some food and we ate what my mum had brought me before we left which was my favorite pastry from the bakery I worked at. It was like it used to be whenever we would have things like this it would always be at Sky's since she had the biggest house since her dad was the mayor. About a half hour later I saw the time and noticed we had to leave.

Me: We got to go it's a long drive up to London.

Zayn: Lexy's right we've got to go.

We all said by to our parents and siblings then got back in the cars. Louis, Eleanor, Zayn and Sky in one, Harry, Lila, Niall and Meagan in the other with me and Liam in the moving truck. We turned on the radio while we drove and sang along to every song that came on even if we didn't know what song it was. A bout an hour into the drive I caught Liam staring at me.

Me: What?

Liam: Nothing your just so beautiful when you sing.

Me: No I'm really not that beautiful.

Liam: Yes you are and even if it takes the rest of my life to do it I'll make you believe it.

As he said this I started blushing and he kissed me. I looked at my phone.

Me: Pull over into that parking lot.

Liam: What, Why?

Me: Apparently Niall's hungry and he wants us to pull over to get food.

He pulled over and we went in and met everybody else at a table. We ordered a bit of food and Niall ordered a lot of food. After everybody finished eating and we headed back into our cars but as we got there, there was a few fans outside asking for autographs and photos. The boys took a few photos with them and sign the autographs.

One of the fans: What are you boys doing here.

Zayn: We were passing by and Niall was hungry.

One of the fans: Oh well thanks for the photos. And you girls are really lucky.

She said looking at us girls.

Eleanor: Thank you but we need to go.

We headed back into our cars and drove up to London. When we got to London we whent to the girls flat since the four of them had found a flat together but I was sure that Eleanor would be moving out and in with Louis soon. After everybody's things were out we went to Liam's. We brought everything in.

Liam: How about I make us supper?

Me: Do you know how to cook?

Liam: No but I can try

Me: How about I cook tonight and we unpack in the morning.

Liam: Deal

He kisses me and I head to the kitchen. I start cooking pasta while singing like I always do when I cook. I started singing what’s my name by Rihanna when Liam came up behind me.

Me: Oh na na what's my name, oh na na what's my name

Liam: Oh na na Mrs. Payne.

He turned me around and kissed then pushed me up on the counter near the sink where the linguini was. We continued to kiss more passionately and I wrapped my legs around him. He picked me up and carried into the bedroom without breaking the kiss. He laid me on the bed and took his shirt and jeans off leaving him inly in his boxers. He came up to the bed and while kissing me took my hoodie, T-shirt and track pants off without breaking the kiss again. He laid down beside me and started kissing my neck and moving down to my chest and he took off my bra... I woke up the next morning lying down in Liam's bed naked, I rolled over to see him but he wasn't there. A few minutes later he walked in carrying breakfast on a tray.

Liam: I thought you might be hungry since we missed dinner last night.

I hadn't noticed until now but I was starving. He put the tray in front of me and kissed before getting back in bed with me.

Liam: I love you Lexy

Me: I love you too Liam.

(Eleanor's P.O.V)

I woke up this morning with Louis still sleeping beside me, he had stayed the night last night since by the time I had finished unpacking it was late. I realized as I got up that I hadn't heard from Lexy last night. She had told me that after she unpacked at Liam's she would call or come over but she hadn't. I figured it was just really late or her and Liam decided to take advantage of their alone time.

Louis: Hey babe last night I was thinking you should repack everything.

I guess as I was in my head Louis had woken up.

Me: What do you mean?

Louis: El I love you and I have a very big empty flat, move in with me.

Me: I don't know I can't just leave the girls like this.

While I said this we headed downstairs to see the girls running around and joking around.

Louis: I think they’ll be fine

Me: Yes

He kissed me and we headed downstairs to join everybody else.

Me: I'll tell the girls today and pack again tomorrow with your help. I'm not doing it alone again.

I whispered to him as we got downstairs.

Louis: Deal now let's go get ready and get food since you have nothing in here and if Niall wakes up to this it won't be pretty and not even close to as pretty as you are.

Me: That makes no sense Lou.

Louis: I know I was trying to be sweet. Now let's go.


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