New family, new friends, new life

Lexy gets adopted to what seems like a normal family but as she gets older that normal family becomes an extraordinary family which changes her whole world.


2. Meeting him

(Almost 10 years later)

Anne: Lexy I forgot to mention that Harry's coming home for a few weeks tonight and the boy's will be with

My brother Harry this year had decided to audition for the X-factor. During the boot camp he was put in a band with four other guys. I forget their names but last I heard they were going to the judge's house.

Me: Okay but the girls were supposed to come over tonight is it okay if they still come?

Anne: Ask Harry when he gets here but I'm sure it's fine.

As she said that I heard the door close. I went to the entrance to find Harry there.

Me: Welcome home Hazza and mum told me that your band mates are coming well do you mind if the girls come over too since they were supposed to.

Harry: Ya that's fine and while you wait for them come meet the boys.

We went outside to find four really hot and fit guys.

Harry: Lex this is Zayn, Louis, Niall and Liam.

The boys: Hey

At that point four girls came running up to Harry tackling him to the ground.

Eleanor: Welcome back Harold and who's this.

Turning to Louis and as she did so I saw a big smile on his face when he was looking at her.

Harry: This is Zayn, Liam, Niall and Louis

Anne: Guys suppers ready

We all went in and had supper. We sat like this Liam, me, Harry, Lila ( she had a huge crush on him since we were kids) on the other side Louis, Eleanor, Zayn, Sky, Gemma, Anne at the head of the table and Joe at the other side. We talked and biys told us about themselves.After supper the 10 of us went outside and Harry lit a bonfire since it was already getting dark out.

Meagan: So boys we know Harry can sing but we've never heard you so sing.

She said taking out a guitar and the boys started singing random songs that came to mind. After a few hours of singing and joking around we were silent for a few minutes.

Louis: How about we tell scary stories.

Me: I kind of get scared I mean really scared during scary stories.

Liam: How about if you get scared you squeeze me hand and don't worry about hurting me.

Harry: Boys can I talk to you for a minute.

They got up and left. As Liam left it made me sad because even if I've only known him a day I really like him.

(Liam's Point of view)

Harry: I'm gonna say something and it goes for all of you my sisters are off limits. No exception got it?

As he said that last part he looked right at me and I guessed he thought I liked Lexy which I do and I can see a future with her. So for once I’m going to do what I want and not listen to the others. We went back to the girls and Lexy looked beautiful beside the fire. I wanted to just kiss her then and there but I knew doing that was asking for a punch from Harry.

(Lexy's Point of view)

The boys came back and when I saw Liam my face lit up. We ended up telling scary stories so I healed Liam's hand the whole time and squeezed when I got scared. It was fun and Louis was great at telling stories but I kept getting weird looks from Harry like he was angry at me for something but I didn't know what. Other than me and Liam you could tell who liked who it was kind of obvious. Louis liked Eleanor and I could tell he liked her back, Zayn liked Sky and I could tell again she liked him too, Niall likes Meagan and Meagan liked Niall and finally Harry liked Lila but he always has since 8th grade and she liked him too since I can remember.

Me: Well I'm gonna head in I work in the morning

I started to walk in but Liam pulled me aside from the rest.

Liam: Before you go I was wondering if you would like to go out with me.

Me: I'd love too I finish work at four so maybe around five tomorrow?

Liam: Perfect can't wait beautiful.

I walk away with a big smile on my face because even if I've known i'm a day I'm starting to have real feelings for him. I go inside and go to bed. I figured the girls who'd be out there a few hours so I went to bed. But as I was about to fall asleep someone an into my room slamming my door.

Harry: Lexy I don't want you going out with him

Me: Really Harry. I get it you know him longer then I have but I don't care, I want to go out with him so I am if it hurts me it hurts me. I'm a teenager I'll do dumb things and go out with the wrong guy but what if he ends up being the right guy and I never find out because of you and I get it you want to protect me but I'm 16 I don't need to you baby me I never did. Got now leave I need sleep.

Harry: Fine but if he breaks your heart don't say a didn't warn you and we are in a band which means if you two break up you'll still have to see him often enough.

I close the door on his face and ignore what he said. I finally get to sleep thinking of my amazing date with Liam tomorrow and I sleep all night with a big smile on my face.

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