New family, new friends, new life

Lexy gets adopted to what seems like a normal family but as she gets older that normal family becomes an extraordinary family which changes her whole world.


9. Kidney problems

(Liam's P.O.V)

I was sitting in a room with Harry, Anne, Gemma, Des and Dr. Roy.

Dr. Roy: Well it looks like one of Lexy's kidneys was damged in the accident yes but the other one has been damaged for years and had been decreasing since and the accident has caused it to stop working. Now do any of you know what could be the cause of the kidney not working it would be an accident, falling from a great height, being hit more than once at a certain spot, things like that.

Anne: Yes years ago Lexy was abused by her biological father before we adopted her. When we got her we took her to a doctor to see if there was any damage. There was her kidney well was not working very well. She was put on a donor list and a lot of people had volunteered to get tested to be a donor. Unfortunately nobody was a match the doctors believed that Lexy had something which caused that only her family could be an organ donor and at that time we were unable to contact them.

Dr. Roy: Well things have changed a lot since then so if anybody you know would like to get tested we shall do it unless you are able to contact that family.

Anne: I haven’t.

Me: I saw Cathrine yesterday but I don't know where she went after we left Lexy really wanted to get away from her but that's all I didn't talk to her but she might still be in London.

During the day a lot of people got tested; the girls, the lads, some of Lexy's friends from Holmes Chapel and they sent the results to us, random people that heard who she was and what she needed. None if them could donate an organ to Lexy. I would have gotten tested but since I had kidney problems as a kid they wouldn't let me. She still wasn't awake but late in the evening somebody came into the hospital and came to talk to Dr. Roy, it was Cathrine.

Cathrine: I heard Lexy Styles was here and needed a kidney transplant, I'd like to get tested to be a donor.

Dr. Roy: That's great all you need is to fill this out and I should tell you the odds are you will not be able to.

Cathrine: Yes I will I'm her sister.

She filled in the stuff then went to get tested. We waited a few hours then Dr. Roy brought us to his office to talk.

(Lexy's P.O.V)

I wake up and looked around the room, I was hooked up to a lot of machines. I was trying to remembered what happened then I remembered the lights, it must have been a car it probably it me. Suddenly someone that looked like a doctor walk in followed by Anne, Des, Gemma, Harry and Liam.

Anne: Lexy this is Dr. Roy he's been taking care of you.

Dr. Roy: Hi Lexy, now you're in the hospital you've been in a car accident.

He explained to me what happened and about people getting tested to donate a kidney.

Dr. Roy: We have recently found a donor that can and is willing to donate a kidney.

Me: Who is it?

Dr. Roy: Cathrine Ziammo

Me: No

Harry: Lexy if she doesn’t do this you can die.

Me: I don't care not her; this will just prove that I need her

Liam: Can you guys give us a minute?

He came and sat on the bed beside me he grabbed my hands.

Liam: Lexy I know you hate her and you have every right to but I can't lose you, Harry can't lose you, Gemma can't lose you, Anne can't lose, the list goes on but we will all lose you if you don't do this. A lot of people got tested to do this but she's the only one that can. Please do this for me, for you, for everyone that can't lose you. I love you Lexy please I'm begin you do this.

Me: Liam you know I can't not her.

Liam: Please.

Me: Okay I will.

He gently hugged me then everybody came back in with Cathrine.

Dr. Roy: Now this surgery needs to be done as soon as possible, I have an opening for surgery tomorrow morning.

Cathrine: That's fine

Me: What she said

Dr. Roy: Great so Cathrine if you follow nurse Dana she will tell you everything you need to do in preparation for surgery and Lexy you don't need to worry about that since you will be here tonight. For everybody else I suggest you go home Lexy needs her rest.

Me: Liam stay.

Liam: I'll stay till you fall asleep and be back here first thing in the morning okay?

I nod as everybody says bye then leaves. Liam comes and sits by me but I fall asleep quickly. I wake up in the morning to see Liam waking into my room.

Liam: Morning love.

He gives me a kiss on the forehead and shortly after Dr. Roy comes in the room. He tells me that it's time for my surgery. They roll me out of the room and into the emergency room.

(Liam's P.O.V)

Lexy's going into surgery and I really hope it all goes well. After about 15 minutes I decide I need to take my mind off things so I put my hoodie and sunglasses on and head outside hoping not to be recognized and I wasn't. I walk to an area where nobody is and dial my mums number on my phone.

Me: Hey mum I need to talk to you about something.

Karen: What's up Liam

Me: Well I don't know if you heard but Lexy was in a car accident the other day and she almost died.

Karen: No I didn't know is she okay?

Me: No but if her surgery today goes well she will be but it got me thinking and you know how much I love her. Anyways I want to propose to her. What do you think?

Karen: Well I think you're young, I also think you're very mature for your age and you've never been one to do stupid things. You've always known what's best for you, that being said I know that even though you're calling me to see what I think I know you've already made up your mind. With all that being said Liam if you want to do this and you think it's what's best then I support youb 100%. I've always liked her a lot and she's good for you.

Me: Thanks mum.

Karen: Do you know when you're gonna do it or how?

Me: Has soon as she's better and ya I've got it all planned out.

Karen: Looks like you've put some thought into this and I didn't really matter what I said did you're still gonna do it right?

Me: Honestly ya. Bye mum I love you.

Karen: Bye Liam Love you too.

I hang up, put my phone away and head back inside. I wait a few hours with everyone. Zayn comes up to me after a while and pulls me aside.

Zayn: You know Liam a little while ago I went out for a smoke and heard you talking on the phone.

Me: What d'you here?

Zayn: That you're planning on proposing to Lexy.

Me: Ya I am.

Zayn: Mate you're only 19 and she's only 18.

Me: We don't have to get married right away and anyways I love her and it doesn't matter if I'm 19 or 90 that won't change. The fact that I want to spend the rest of my life won't change, that fact that she's my everything won't change. So why wait?

Zayn: Why rush things?

Me: You and I both saw these last few days how fast things and people we love can be taken from us, that's why and I'm not rushing we've been together for two years, I've loved her since the second I laid eyes on her.

Zayn: So who knows?

Me: My mum and you.

We go back to everybody else and a few hours later Dr. Roy comes over to where were sitting.

Dr. Roy: Well she's still sleeping and we won't know 100% right away but everything right now looks great. There were no complications everything went fine so they should both make a full recovery.

Louis: So what took so long if everything went fine?

Dr. Roy: Well it's a long procedure and the amount of time it took is normal. If there were complication it could have taken up to another 3-4 hours.

Me: Can we see her?

Dr. Roy: Well she's still sleeping so family only for now and when she wakes up and I check on her the rest of you can see her but of course not all of you at the same time.

Anne, Gemma, Des, Joe and Harry went in. As Harry went he grabbed me and I went in with them. As the doctor said she was sleeping. She looked so beautiful when she was sleeping even with all the wires and machines she still looks beautiful. She eventually woke up when she did Dr. Roy came to check on her then the girls came to see her, after that the lads came in to see her. People came and went to see her but I didn't leave her side. I couldn't leave her.


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