New family, new friends, new life

Lexy gets adopted to what seems like a normal family but as she gets older that normal family becomes an extraordinary family which changes her whole world.


7. Interviews, parties and keeping my mind busy

When I finally woke up the next morning my brain kept going back to that nightmare no matter how much I tried to forget it I just couldn't. I decided to focus on something else and that's when I noticed the date august 27th. I wanted to do something special for Liam's birthday but with the album and everything I forgot to plan something. I got up and went to get my phone since I had decided to plan a surprise party for him. I called the guys and the girls and got them to meet me at a cafe near my flat so we could plan it even though I had mostly everything ready in my mind.

Me: Okay so I wanted to plan a surprise party for Liam's birthday but with everything that happened I didn't get the chance to do it.

Niall: Lexy his birthday is in two days.

Me: That's where I need your help. Now I have everything planned out in my head but I can't bring it out of there and into reality alone. So Harry can you make some calls to get a venue for the party. Louis can you get everybody aware of the party I have a list of people here; Eleanor help Louis. Niall and Liam since I don't trust Niall to do this alone you’re in charge of getting food to the party. Lila you need to get music, I was thinking a DJ, Zayn keep Liam occupied while we get the party ready, Sky and Meagan here's a list of other things that need doing can you do them.

Louis: What about you.

Me: Well I'm going to make sure you all do your jobs. I'm kidding I'll get the cake, desserts and a few other things that need getting done.

Zayn: Okay let's do this.

We all left. I went to my flat to get ready for our interview. By the time I got to the flat Liam was awake and making breakfast.

Liam: Morning love, how are you feeling?

Me: Fine I just needing to get that nightmare out of my mind so I went for a jog this morning.

I hated lying to Liam but I didn't want him finding out about the party and planning this has gotten the dream out of my mind which has helped. I got ready, ate then went to the TV station where the interview was. When I got there I was brought to hair and makeup where someone did my hair and makeup. Which was kind of fun, having somebody else worry about how you look and do everything for you for once. After that we were told to wait in the green room until they were ready for us. After about a half hour they came and got us.

Interviewer: Now our next guests are the members of an up and coming girl group Spotlight.

We walked in an sat down on stools and we started singing one of our songs.

Interviewer: That was great girls now why don't you come and have a seat and after the this commercial break we'll have a talk with Spotlight.

After the light saying we were on air came off the interviewer introduced himself as Charles. They told us we were going back on air in 15 seconds since the interview was live.

Charles: Welcome back now were here with Lexy, Lila and Sky form Spotlight. Now for those who don't know whose who girls introduce yourselves.

Sky: Hi I'm Sky Clawbuffise.

Lila: Hi I'm Lila Kingships

Me: Hi I'm Lexy Styles

All: And were Spotlight.

Charles: So girls tell us how were you formed?

Me: Well we've been friends since grade school and in year 9 our school had an obligatory talent show for the grade 9's so our friends convinced us to do a song together. We decided to and won the show, everybody kept saying that we were great and amazing, etc.

Lila: We also loved being on stage and preforming for people so we decided to make a group with the three of us.

Sky: We entered every singing contest there was in our home town and almost always won.

Charles: Well that's a great story, now may I ask theirs rumors going around that the three of you are dating the boys of one direction now is that true.

Sky: Ya it is, I'm dating Zayn, Lexy's dating Liam and Lila's dating Harry.

The rest of the interview was like a normal interview he asked us questions about us and the upcoming album. After the interview we met up with Meagan and Eleanor for lunch, then headed to the studio to record the duet with Cher and the one with the boys. When we got there Luke wasn't ready so we waited in the little waiting room for him and that's when Cher came in.

Cher: So you three must be Lexy, Lila and Sky. Well let me say I think you’re incredibly talented and can't wait to start working with you.

Me: Thanks were all huge fans and are so excited to work with you and meet you.

Cher: Well I see Luke isn't ready so why don't we start getting to know each other.

We spent some time talking about a lot of stuff and she was a really cool person and I could tell we were going to be good friends. We eventually headed into the studio and started singing the song. She was just amazing and we had a good laugh. After we finished the song with her the boys came in and we started the song with them. Around six-o-clock we finished that sing then headed to a restaurant for dinner. The next day we finally had a day off well we were supposed to but with the party I didn't really get a day off. When I woke up I went to look at the venue that Harry had found for the party. It was a restaurant that had let us rent out the whole thing for almost free since they figured they would get a lot of publicity because of the directioner. A went and picked up the cake then dropped it off at Harry's house so that Liam wouldn't see it. I went to pick up his gift and finished a few last minute things. When I had finished it was around 5 so I went home and had dinner with Liam trying to change the subject every time he mentioned what I did today because it was easier to do that then to lie to him. The next day I had an interview in the morning then I would go to the restaurant to help set up for the party while Zayn kept Liam busy. After the interview I did just that and by mid-afternoon I was supposed to go back to my place to make Liam a birthday supper. I made pizza since I found a good recipe for homemade pizza. I got everything ready and while it was cooking I went to get changed. I went into my room and chose an outfit. I ended up in a new purple dress that hugged my body and made my figure look great. I chose to let my hair down and curl the ends to make it look beautiful. As I got ready I kept thinking how busy the last few days have been but there was one good thing that came from these few very busy days, they kept my brain occupied so I didn’t have time to think about that nightmare from the other night. As I headed back to the kitchen and took the pizza out of the oven Liam walked in.

Liam: Babe you here?

Me; Yeah I’m in the kitchen, hope you’re hungry.

Liam: Starving what's for supper?

He walked into the kitchen where I had put out candles and dimmed the lights.

Liam: Wow, you look gorgeous.

Me: Thanks and homemade pizza.

He sat down while I served the pizza then I sat down on the other side of the table, we ate while holding hands and talking.

Me: I'll be right back.

After we finished eating I went and got his gift. I brought it back and sat down. I handed it to him taking our plates away.

Me: Happy birthday Liam. I love you.

He opened his gift; a new phone case, new sneakers and a photo ablum with photos of us in it from the first day we met to one I took of us yesterday.

Liam: Lexy it's perfect thank you. I love you so much.

Me: Now ready for your surprise

Liam: What surprise?

Me: Right I forgot to tell you I have a surprise for you now put this on.

Liam: Okay but you don't have to get me anything else being with you is enough of a gift.

I out the blind fold on him then we went into my car and I drove to the restaurant. I took him out of the car and brought him into the restaurant. As I did that I saw that everyone was there; his sisters, his parents, Andy, some of his mates form Wolverhampton, some of his mates from London, the boys and a bunch of other people I knew he would want there. I saw the DJ, the caterers, the cake. Louis came up to Liam when he was still blindfolded and yelled in his ear.


I took off the blindfold turned on the lights and every one yelled.


We spent the rest of the night at the party just having fun. The food was great, the cake was great, the music was great, well basically everything was great. I could tell Liam was having fun too. He talked with everybody and laughed almost the whole time. When a slow song finally came on Liam and I danced together.

Liam: Thank you Lexy tonight was amazing.

Me: Well you're amazing and you deserve and amazing night, well you deserve all your nights and days to be amazing.

Liam: Well if I'm that amazing then you must have stolen your amazing from me cause I swear you're perfect and I know they saw the perfect girl doesn't exist or a perfect girl isn't real and a real girl isn't perfect but you must be the exception to that rule cause you're perfect.

Me: Thanks Liam.

We spent the rest of the night together talking with people, laughing and just having a great time at a great party. That was one of the things I was known for back home was throwing great parties on short notice. During the party everyone had fun and I heard a lot of people including myself were singing along to every song that came on. Everyone eventually left and the only ones left were me, Liam, Andy and a few other people.

I was on my phone texting Lila since she went home with everyone else a while ago but Liam wanted to stay so I stayed. Andy and Liam were now joking around in a corner when she came in. I. knew it was her the second I saw her dark brown hair and hazel eyes like mine. She hadn't changed much but I might not have recognized her if I hadn't seen her a few nights ago in the dream. When I saw her I didn't know what to do I couldn't see her but she was blocking the only exit. She came closer to me and I froze remembering everything of that night and I could feel tears start forming and coming down my cheek. As she was a few feet in front of me I prayed he wasn't with her even though the last I heard he was in jail he could have gotten out. All I knew right now is that there she was in front of me and the only person that could give me the strengh to get through this was nowhere to be seen. Where was he I thought I needed him here, where was Liam I wanted him here not her.


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