New family, new friends, new life

Lexy gets adopted to what seems like a normal family but as she gets older that normal family becomes an extraordinary family which changes her whole world.


20. Epilogue

(25 years later)

I look up from my seat and look around the room where all my closet friends are. Today is my 25th wedding anniversary with my husband Liam so my brother Harry got together with my two kids to plan a surprise party. As the food gets served I look around the room and see my two kids, my son James who at the age of 18 looks exactly like Liam and acts the same sometimes I swear there the same person other than the age difference. Then there's my daughter Taylor who's 16 and looks like me, you really know there our kids just by looking at them. Near them is my brother Harry with his wife and one of my band mates Lila and there four kids, beside them there is my other band mate Sky and her husband Zayn with there son, near them was one of my other best friends Eleanor with her husband Louis with there triplets, near them is one of Liam's best friends Niall with his wife Meagan and their twins . As I keep looking around I see awards that either Liam or I have won over the yeas with our band since yes both one direction and spotlight are still together and the same as always. The only difference is since we've had kids we don't tour as often or leave the country as often so we can be here for them as much as possible. I'm brought back to reality when I feel Liam put his and on mine and rub circles around it like he does every time he thinks I'm sad or mad or upset or something a long those lines.

Liam: Everything alright babe?

Me: Ya I just thinking

Liam: Nothing bad?

Me: No just memories of our past. I love  you soooo much baby

He didn't respond all he did was lean in and kisses me.

Liam: I love you too Lex.

After everybody finished eating since Harry planned this there was a party and about half way through Liam and I were in our garden outside on one of the benches looking out at the stars when we heard the door open and our daughter Taylor came out talking on her cell not noticing us but talking really loud.

Taylor: Oh my god Chealse you won't believe it he asked me out... I know I've been crushing on him since like forever... ya tomorrow night... no I don't know he said he wanted it to be a surprise... I know he's such a romantic, always has been...I know hey listen chealse I got to go the parties still in full swing here and it's like not those parties your parents throw it's like the ones we throw when one of our parents are outta town... ya see ya tomorrow...kk bye.

She hung up and ya we could here her full conversation.

Me: So who asked you out Tay?

That's when she notices us.

Taylor: Okay dad don't be mad but Noah Malik... wait how much of that did you hear?

Liam: Enough to know to ground you starting now. Get to your room now.

Taylor: But dad you said you wouldn't be mad

Me: He's not mad at the Noah part he's mad well we're both mad at the throwing parities when we're out of town part, but I was a teenage girl once and am not unreasonable so your grounding will start after your date tomorrow but no phone, computer or TV starting tonight. Hand it over.

She handed it over then hugged me.

Taylor: Thanks mum.

She headed back inside and Liam and I went back to how we were before she came out.

Me: You know Li sometimes I still can't believe how my life turned out, with my amazing career, marrying you, our kids, my amazing family, everything.

Liam: I know the feeling Lex it's like we'll wake up tomorrow and be teenagers again and all of this was a dream.

My life really is perfect it has been even if I didn't see it since the day Anne adopted. I owe my perfect life to my new family, my new friends and my new life.



This is then end of this story and there will note be a sequel but please comment on what you thought I love reading your comments, especially when I'm having a bad day they cheer me up or when I have writers block. Lastly I'd like to thank all my readers it means a lot to me that you think I'm a good writer cause it's my passion.

xox mrs.payliroleson xox

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