New family, new friends, new life

Lexy gets adopted to what seems like a normal family but as she gets older that normal family becomes an extraordinary family which changes her whole world.


13. Articles and wills

The next morning I woke up and started getting ready. I put on a dark purple blouse and black pencil skirt. I straitened my hair then out a little bit of eye liner and mascara. I went out of the bathroom to go find my shoes in my suit case and by the time I did I found Liam dresses and ready to go. We ordered room service for breakfast then we went outside to get a taxi to where the funeral was.

Me: Thank you for coming with me.

Liam: Of course anything for you beautiful.

As he said that the kissed me then looked at his phone and he looked upset.

Me: What's wrong?

Liam: Nothing babe.

(Liam's P.O.V)

I looked at my phone and had a text from Harry it was a link to a website and saying to keep Lexy from seeing this. On the website was an article.

For a few years now member of the boy band One Direction has been dating Lexy Styles the sister of his fellow band mate Harry Styles and member of an up and coming girl group Spotlight. Or that's what the band has been saying but what about that was true? We have recently made the discovery that Lexy Styles only appeared 10 years, no trace of a Lexy Styles anywhere before that not even a birth certificate but then she suddenly appeared. Now nobody has been able to clarify why this happed were the records lost, are the Styles harboring a young fugitive or criminal, is she in the witness protection program. Maybe, maybe not but one thing’s for sure she's not who everyone thinks she is a sweet innocent girl from a small town neither are the Styles who everyone thinks they are a family from a small town with two incredibly talented kids who made it in the big time. A source close to the family have commented saying "She's never talked about her life before we knew her but one day she just showed up at school and before that I've never seen her in town. I mean if she really was related to Harry I would have seen her around right she would have visited. Plus neither Lexy nor Harry said that they were siblings for almost a month after she came." Now without answers to all of this I can't trust her, that family, the members of One direction or even the members of Spotlight since they do associate closely together and are helping to keep her secret whatever it is. So can you trust them with this very well kept secret? This whole thing equals up to a shady family, a shady girl and two shady bands. For all we know all there fame is all part of this so help me discover their secret and stop supporting these untrustworthy bands. BOYCOT ONE DIRECTION AND SPOTLIGHT! All of you must join me for this to work so spread this around.

I went on my twitter and it was all over the place this article. I had to keep Lexy off twitter today she's not up to seeing this. I looked up and she was looking at me I think she could tell something was wrong. She saw on my phone that I was on twitter the looked away while taking her phone out. Great she's going to see links to the article the read it. Just perfect today was going to be hard on her enough that she didn't need this adding to the stress because I knew she wasn't really here for Cathrine, well she was but not entirely she also had a lot of questions and the answers to all of those were here.

(Lexy's P.O.V)

I saw Liam was on twitter and knew that's where I had to go to find out what was wrong since he wasn't telling me and it probably was to protect me somehow. I opened twitter on my phone and saw a few things that were trending that caught my eye. #BOYCOT ONE DIRECTION AND SPOTLIGHT, #THE SHADY STYLES, #WHO IS LEXY STYLES REALLY? I looked at a few twits with these and they al had a link to some article so I clicked on it. I read the article and couldn't believe what I was reading who was this person writing this whoever it was had gotten the whole world listening with the goal to either ruin my life, my family's or Harry's. I closed twitter I couldn't look at it anymore just as I did that I got a call from James.

(On the phone)

Me: Is this about the article?

James: Yes it is what's this person talking about?

Me: I don't know. Yeah there is no birth certificate as Lexy Styles but I do have a certificate saying that my name was changed to Lexy Styles with my birth certificate and ya I don't talk about my life ever there because it's hard for me to talk about it about that life. No I didn't say that Harry and I were related right away because I would of had to say I was adopted and I was scared that I would get bullied because of it.

James: Okay that's what I needed to know. Don't worry about this I'm going to deal with it.

I hung up and laid back against the seat. As I did that my phone was flooded with texts from people I knew about this. Some asking what was going on, some saying that the article was right, some telling me they would back me up 100%, but mostly people were turning on me and saying the article was right. Well at least now I knew who my real friends were but it had only been on the internet for a few hours and it was already starting to ruin my life. I saw other articles about me saying I was going downhill or how I had every one fooled but not anymore, I even saw a few from major newspapers, magazines and news shows talking about all of this. The more I was on the internet the more I realized my life was falling apart and all because some random guy wrote something and put it on the internet. Great really. This is exactly what would happen after my life was finally going well again something like this happens, the universe just doesn't want me to me happy.

Liam: Are you okay?

Me: Yeah I think so I mean it's all a lie and I'm sorry if this hurts you and the guys.

Liam: It's okay babe our fans our smart enough to know when something's fake it won't hurt us okay.

Me: Okay.

Liam: C'mon I think the drivers pulling up.

I see the driver pull into a parking lot. Finally we were here god that was a long ride here, I get my purse and Liam pays the driver. We head up to the building and I pause in front of the doors.

Liam: You sure you want to do this I mean we can still come back later.

Me: No the people with the most answers other than Marilena will be here now and it'll be easier to talk to them without everyone else here.

For the next hour or so it would only be immediate family so parents, siblings, grandparents that's it. As I put my hand on the door to open it I think of the last time I was here, it was about two months before I was taken away when my grandfather died he was one of the only people actually the only person in that family that actually gave a shit about me. After he was gone that's when things got really bad and now as I'm coming here I think back to that day. I open the door and see people that I kind of recognize but if you ask me who they are I can't tell you but they all had the same expression on their face "Who was I?" I take a step in and I'm asked how I know Cathrine.

Me: I'm her sister.

I'm given a little cross for the imidiate family members then I walk into the room . We all make our way to the room where Cathrine's coffin is. I'm the first to go up I get down on my knees in front of her and start talking quietly to her.

Me: I know this was your plan to bring me here that's why you did all of this but why for me to talk to these people again because they don't want to talk to me or was it to give me the answers I've been searching for and if yes you has them? Help me.

I walk away and grab Liam's hand again. a few minutes later somebody comes into the room and asks us to follow him, we all do and are led to a room with who we find out is her lawyer.

The lawyer: Now before anybody else arrives I'd like to go over with all of you the contents of her will.

He goes over everything and I find out she left me a few things like jewelry, clothes and a few photo albums and scrapbooks that are filed with stuff of the two of us.

The lawyer: Now Cathrine wanted after her death for her organs to be donated now that will be done after the service but as you know her heart cannot since it has problems, has well neither of her kidneys will be.

Someone who turns out to be my birthmother Rosa starts talking.

Rosa: Why not her kidneys?

The lawyer: Well she only has one and she left specific instruction to who it was to go to now I've contacted a hospital to find out if this type of thing is aloud and if yes then her kidney shall go to miss. Lexy Styles.

Rosa: First of all why does she only have one her kidneys were perfectly healthy and two who the heck is Lexy Styles.

Another person in the room starts speaking: I heard about her apparently she's this fake person that's like a prisoner or something and this celebrity’s family has been hiding her for years.

Me: Actually no none of that is true I am Lexy Styles, her sister and your daughter my name was just changed.

Rosa: No my daughter and only daughter is dead.

Me: Actually no she's not you do have two daughters but nobody in this shit family cared enough to do something to keep her in your life and honestly she's glad that she was not kept in this family.

Rosa: So you expect me to believe you some random girl over-

Me: Over what some random thing you saw on the internet everything in that artical is a lie.

She stormed out of the room shortly after everyone else left too giving me the stink eye. Well they now hated me more than they did before but I really didn't care in a few days I would be gone from here and never came back if the reason I was here was I was supposed to make up with my mother or someone from this family it wasn't happening. As I was about to leae the room the lawyer handed me something that was the answer to all of my problems here.

The lawyer: Cathirne left me this to give to you if you did end up coming and I'm glad you did for some reason she really wanted you to come and more than anybody else.

Me: Well thanks.

I looked at what was in my hands shocked.




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