New family, new friends, new life

Lexy gets adopted to what seems like a normal family but as she gets older that normal family becomes an extraordinary family which changes her whole world.


14. Answers

Looked at what was in my hands and it was a note.


I know you hate me and I don't blame you, you have every right to for what I did. For a few years now I've known I was going to die soon so when I found out I really didn't have a lot of time left I tracked you down. I came to see if there was any way we could start over and if not what could I do if anything for us to start over. When I heard you got in the accident I felt guilty like if I hadn't gone that day you wouldn't have been there and you would have been okay but you weren’t and I knew what I had to do make up for what I caused you. It was my fault what happened years ago happened so I decided since I had no more use for my kidneys since I would be gone soon. I went to the hospital to donate my kidneys to you but since you need one to live I could only donate one but as soon as I was okay I left to talk to my lawyer to make sure when my time expired you would get it so you could one again be healthy and live a wonderful life with the man that loves you and would do anything for you Liam as well as your best friends and family. Since you're reading this my time has gone so I write this since I can't tell you in person what happened that night after couldn't see anymore. I was running to save you but I couldn't run anymore my legs were hurting me and I collapsed to the ground where you thought I was just lying and yes I could have gotten up and continued but I just couldn't don't ask me why but I couldn't. After a while Marilena arrived I don't know why but she did, she hit Adamo over the head knocking him to the ground the grabbed a hose and put out the fire. I've blamed myself every day for not being to help you and not being strong enough to do it. I'm sorry I hope that today you find all the answers and you can put all of us behind you. I'll be helping you today directing you to talk to the right people and for the rest of your days I'll look over you and protect you. I'll spend the rest of your days making up for the fact that I couldn't protect you by my spirit protecting you now and for the rest of your days.

I love you and you always and always will be my sister.


As I read the note a tear rolled down my cheek. I held the note in my hand and went out there to face everybody who hated me but with Liam by my side and Cathrine looking over me I knew I would be okay. I took a deep breath while squeezing the note and Liam's hand.

Liam: You okay?

He asked me squeezing me hand back and whipping the tear off my cheek.

Me: Yeah I'm fine it's just gonna be facing them after what happened in there I mean they all hate me.

Liam: Well you're not here to please them are you?

Me: No you're right thanks Li.

Liam: No problem now let’s go.

He kissed me as we walked into the room that was now crowded with faces I didn't recognize and people giving me stares. I walked up to someone I wasn't sure who she was but something attacked me to her like I was meant to be there and ask her but the thing was I didn't know what to ask or what to say.

Me: Hi I'm Lexy, or if you know me you would know me by Alexina I'm Cathrine's sister.

Her: Alexina you've changed so much you don't remember me do you, well I'm Nadia a very close friend of your grandfather, it was a shame what happened to your family when he past it was like he was the clue that kept you guys together. If you don't remember because it was a long time ago I spent a lot of time with you and your sister after he passed and before. I kept coming to see your sister when I could even though your grandmother didn't like me I managed. I actually was so sad when you left but I'm hoping you went to a good... a better family.

Me: Ya I did a really good where I meant a lot of amazing people and an amazing guy that I fell in love with.

As I talked with her images came into my mind and I recognised her in them playing or talking or whatever with Cathrine and I up to the day I left she was even there at the airport. I told her everything about meeting the girls, the Styles, growing up in Holmes Chapel, my schools, meeting Liam, how I was starting a career singing. She told me as soon as the album came out in Italy she would buy a copy or many.

Me: Nadia can I ask you a few questions about my past.

Nadia: Of course I figured you would come here one day to find out about what happened but I didn't think you would remember me or ask me anything but whatever you want to ask feel free.

By now we were sitting on chairs near Cathrine's coffin and I looked at her lifeless body. Before I knew it a question came out of my mouth and Nadia answered it then a few more, a few hours later so many things made more sense now. I said goodbye to her for now and walked over to another random person I was drawn to and we introduced ourselves and I asked questions and they answered. Sometimes it would take some convincing them like saying they owed me the answer or the owed me somehow would normally work other times they answered easily, some questions they wouldn’t saying it was best I didn't know or they didn't know or they just couldn't tell me and I accepted that since I was getting a lot more answers then I thought I would even people that made it clear they hated me answered a few which was really good and bad since they made it agonising to talk to them. By the end of the night I had gotten a lot of answers and I was happy to go back to England after the service tomorrow with what I had gotten but there was one more question that I needed the answer to but I didn't dare speak to the only person who would know to answer but I knew tomorrow morning I would face her and find out the I could go back home happy and satisfied and like Catrhine's note said but them behind me well except for Nadia she was a big part of my life before and I'd like her to still be because she was one of the only ones here today who didn't hate me I mean even my own grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins hated me either they would plane show it when I tried talking or they would talk and I would hear them or some I could just tell the way they acted but nobody hated Cathrine that's why so many people were here but somehow for some reason I felt like Nadia was here for me and today she was support for me but tomorrow I know what I had to do and face Rosa. I laid down on the bed tired from today when Liam came and lied down beside me and I was glad he came he was my rock. When somebody answered too harshly and I felt like I was going to break he was there, when a memory came that made me want to cry he was there, if anything happened he was there.

Liam: Are you okay babe I know today was hard on you?

Me: Yeah I actually am this is what I needed but I couldn't have done it or even survived without you. I love you.

Liam: I love you too and are you sure you look a little off?

Me: I'm just really tired it's been a long day so kiss me and let me sleep, okay?

He didn't answer me but kissed me and I snuggled up to him and fell asleep. The next morning I woke up and got ready then me and Liam got in a taxi ready for another long ride to where we were yesterday. While in the car I got a call from Harry.

(Phone conversation)

Me: Hey Harry

Harry: Hey Lex how are you?

Me: I'm good what's up?

Harry: I wanted to know how you were doing and how things went yesterday.

Me: I'm doing better and things went great yesterday I got a lot of things I needed I made the right choice coming.

Harry: I hopped you would say that.

Me: Well I've gotta go we’re almost there bye Haz love you

Harry: Bye Lex love you too and I'm glad you're doing well see you went you come back.

He hung up and I laid back in the seat and relaxed the rest of the way there with my hand interlocked with Liam's. When we got there I didn't waste any time and went straight to find Rosa.

Me: Rosa I know you hate me and I'm not your biggest fan but I am your daughter and you atlest owe me to answer this one question,

Rosa: You're right I do hate you but you're also right and I'll answer that question because I know you came here to say goodbye to Cathrine but you also came here for answers. How do I know that? The way you were yesterday talking to a lot of people you didn't know but also every few minutes going back to see her.

Me: Well my question is why did you deny what happened when we told you?

Rosa: Because I knew he did it and that he was a bad guy but I fell for him and I couldn't get away from him and I didn't want to say it out loud that he was a bad guy because if I did then I couldn't live in denial anymore that's why.

Me: So you would rather your kids suffer?

Rosa: it was my first time being a mother I didn't know what I was doing and I didn't think but if I could go back I would have done a lot of things differently but you seem happy and well raised which is good and I'm proud of you and please make sure that Liam guy isn't like your father and actually is a good guy.

Me: Thank you Rosa and he is a good guy and isn’t at all like Adamo is.

Rosa: Can I go now or are you going to keep me here any longer I'd like to say a final goodbye to my only daughter.

As she said that tears started falling I thought we might actually have had a real moment but I guess not and I would I have been okay if it wasn't for those last words "I'd like to say a final goodbye to my only daughter" "My only daughter". Ya I didn't see her like a mum but they say kids may stop loving their parents if there not there for them but a mother will never stop loving her children no matter the situation well by those words it was clear she wanted nothing to do with me and didn't and never had considered me one of her children. As tears kept falling Liam came and hugged me while whipping the tears.

Liam: I heard I'm so sorry do you want to go.

I shook my head no. We went up near the coffin and stayed there. When they were starting to close it I said a last goodbye then left and headed to the church the entire time Liam stayed close not letting me go and it did help making it better but as they closed the coffin the tears came back like it made it so much more real. At the church we sat in the back during the service while I tried to calm my tears. After that we went to the lunch that was set up but we didn't eat I had to say something and since there would be speeches at the begging I would go say what I needed then we would leave... forever. At the lunch the second they said it would be time for people to speak I went up so I would be first so I could leave.

Me: Hi everyone a lot of you know me, some of you don't, a lot of you hate me and some of you don't. For those you don't know me I'm not going to introduce me because this isn't directed at you. A lot of you said I shouldn't be here I wasn't in her life but over the past few weeks I was and she saved my life literally. Now I don't know why you guys hate me, if it was because I left I had no choice and a lot of you could of stopped me from leaving but you didn't so for all of you this is the last time you will ever see or hear me speak to you. There were two people who don't hate me and one who tried to stopped me from leaving but they wouldn't let her the two of you know who you are and this is not the last we'll see each other because in my life I only keep people that lift me up not bring me down. Lastly for the people who don't know who I am we may see each other again but I don't think so since after this I'm never stepping foot here again but I will introduce myself, I'm Lexy Styles or how you may know me by the name Alexina Zanini I would also say if those name don't say anything for you I'm Cathrine's sister but according to Rosa I'm not because her only daughter is dead so she as declared me as no longer a part of this family and for that I'm glad now to all of you goodbye and I've always and always will love Cathrine and think of her as a sister.

I walked away into Liam's arms and we left. We were leaving this place for good.

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