Forever yours.

Ever and her best friend Ruby are moving to London to continue their studies at King's College. Little did they know that it would tremendously change their lives, forever.

**One Direction not famous**
I'm updating very (and I mean very) slowly. I'm working on a the chapter which is going to be very long, I'm just really busy with school and work.


3. London


I woke to Ruby shaking me to tell it was time to get up. We landed. Finally ! It was a dream came true. I got my bag from under the seat and stood up, ' bam ! ' ' Ouch ! ' I said almost screaming, I had just hit my head on the ceiling everyone on the plane looked at me. ' Are you okay ?! ' Ruby asked me, ' Yeah, I'm fine, it didn't hurt that much ' I lied.

We got in line to get out of the plane and about 30 seconds later, we were in the London airport. We proceeded to get our luggage. We must of waited at least 5 minutes before the bell finally rang telling us our suitcases were coming out. By the time we got our bags it was 11 pm, London time and only 6 pm in Ottawa.

We got out of the airport at wailed our hands to try and get the attention of a taxi driver. After 10 minutes, a driver noticed us. We put our suitcases in the trunk and got in the back seat. ' So love, where are you and your friend off to ? ' the driver asked Ruby. ' 13 Hunter Road ' she replied. 


After about an hour we finally got there. ' Wow ' I heard Ruby whisper, I looked up from my phone to find a magnificent little house in front of me. I never thought that our parents would rent a house this beautiful. ' It must cost a fortune ! ' I said. ' Yeah, for sure. ' Ruby agreed.I paid the driver, got out of the taxi and took my stuff. I looked under the a carpet that said ' Welcome to our home ! ' to find a key. I picked it up, put in the lock and turned it, ' click ' I heard. I turned the door nob and entered. Beautiful wood flooring and a beige color was on the walls giving the house a cozy feeling. ' I absolutely LOVE  it ! ' Ruby screamed in joy.

We walked around the 1st floor and went up to the 2nd floor where our rooms were. My room had I nice dark pink on the walls while Ruby's was a vibrant blue. We unpacked and made ourselves dinner. By the time we were done eating it was already 12:30 pm. We decided to go up to our bedrooms and put our PJ's on and went to sleep.


The next day I woke up and it's 6:00 am. So I got up and took a shower. I decided to put a blue tank top that has buttons and a bow at the bottom with a pair of black short with black lace on them. For accessories and decided to wear a big black sun hat and purple-ish aviators. For my shoes, I decided to go with blue Vans with a black floral print on them. (

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