Forever yours.

Ever and her best friend Ruby are moving to London to continue their studies at King's College. Little did they know that it would tremendously change their lives, forever.

**One Direction not famous**
I'm updating very (and I mean very) slowly. I'm working on a the chapter which is going to be very long, I'm just really busy with school and work.


1. Introduction of the charaters

The main character's name is Ever. Her curly red hair goes to her bellybutton. She's 18. She has fair skin with freckles and bright blue eyes. She's about 5''5 and a half.

Her best friend's name is Ruby. Ruby has straight, long, brown hair with the ends dyed blue. She's also 18 and her skin is fair too, but she has a lot more freckles than Ever. She is short, approximately 5''4.

You can Google their school and their house in London to see what they look like.

I hope you like my fanfic ! Please comment your opinion (:


Eve -xx-

P.S.: Sorry for all the mistakes ;( I don't go to an English school so I don't know all the grammar rules ;) Hope you enjoy anyway ! 

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