Forever yours.

Ever and her best friend Ruby are moving to London to continue their studies at King's College. Little did they know that it would tremendously change their lives, forever.

**One Direction not famous**
I'm updating very (and I mean very) slowly. I'm working on a the chapter which is going to be very long, I'm just really busy with school and work.


2. Goodbye...


'' '' Hurry up dear, you're going too miss the flight ! '' I heard mom say. ''  Shoot ! I'm not done packing !  '' I whispered to myself. I most certainly didn't want to miss my flight so I just took all my clothes and shoved them in my suitcase. I ran into the bathroom and took all the makeup I could see and put it in a little plastic bag, I ran back to my bedroom and put the little bag in my suitcase. I was ready to go, I was so excited to go to London. Suddenly, I heard a car honk. '' That must be Ruby ! '' I thought , I bolted down the stairs with my suitcases in hand. I opened the door and remembered that I forgot my passport ! I ran as fast I could up the stairs to my bedroom and grabbed it. '' Hoof, that was a close one '' I thought. I heard another honk, so put a pair of Vans on and ran outside to Ruby's Lancer and off we went to the airport. After a half and hour drive we got to the airport. We got our tickets and proceeded to go threw security. I took my shoes and necklace off and put them in a plastic bin along with my computer bag in another one. I stood in line and waited for the security guard to tell me when it was my turn to go threw the metal detector. After 2 minutes, I walked threw and thankfully there was no ' bip ! '. I waited for Ruby to go threw and when she did, we proceeded to go to our bins and put our jewelry  and shoes on. I picked up my computer bag and we walk to our gate and had a seat, the chairs weren't very comfortable but thankfully we didn't have to wait very long since the flight was early. I heard the lady say '' You may board the plane '' and as soon as she finished her sentence at least 10 people got and placed themselves in line. Ruby and I were the last one to board. We went to our seats and I placed my computer bag under the chair in front of me. 10 minutes later we were on the runway, the plane took off. I looked out the window and said '' Goodbye Canada''.


A/N: Here's what Ever was wearing: (: I'm probably going to post her outfit on every chapter. Thank you so much for reading! :D

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