Forever yours.

Ever and her best friend Ruby are moving to London to continue their studies at King's College. Little did they know that it would tremendously change their lives, forever.

**One Direction not famous**
I'm updating very (and I mean very) slowly. I'm working on a the chapter which is going to be very long, I'm just really busy with school and work.


4. First day of College


I woke up Ruby and told her it was time to get ready.

About an hour later we were walking to school since we decided not to rent a car because it was to much money. It was a 15 minute walk- at least. We got there and put our stuff in our lockers. Everybody seemed to know each other, I was so glad that I had Ruby. (

We were walking to the office and I was looking at my phone when suddenly someone bumped in to me and I fell. I look up to find a blond boy that was a bit taller than me ' I'm so sorry I'm so clumsy sometimes... ' he said. ' It's okay it's my fault I should of been looking where I was going ' I replied. ' Um, could you tell us where the office is ? ' Ruby asked, ' Sure, follow me ' the blond headed boy told us, ' By the way, I'm Niall, Niall Horan '. ' I'm Ever Rosewood and this is my Ruby Harolds ' I replied. We got to the office and I thanked Niall. The lady asked our names and she printed our schedules. We thanked her and went to our first class, which, sadly, wasn't the same. After two hours of class the bell finally rang. I rushed out of the classroom and almost ran to my locker. I shoved all my books in and walked over to Ruby's locker, she was still putting her things in.  

When she had put all her books in, we went to the cafeteria. I went in line to buy my lunch while Ruby stayed at our table since she already had her lunch. I decided to take three slices of pizza, two muffins and a bottle of water. I came back to find a familiar face at our table. That blond boy, what's his name again ? Nigal, Nikal... Niall ! That's it ! I sat down and made a quick smile. I looked down on Niall's plate to find five slices of pizza three cookies and a water bottle, and I thought I ate a lot ! After is was done observing his plate I dug into my meal. About five minutes later, an unfamiliar voice said '' You eat quite a lot for a girl '' I looked up to find a blue eyed boy wearing a striped shirt. '' Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean that I don't eat a lot. And your voice is quite high pitched for boy '' I retorted. Just as he was going to reply something Ruby said '' Hey ! I'm Ruby Harolds and this is my friend Ever Rosewood, you are ... ? ''Louis Tomlinson '' he said filling out the blank.

Finally ! The day was over ! I went to my locker to find Ruby ready and set to go. Once I put all my things away we went home. Once home we made ourselves supper, talked about our first day, did our homework and went to bed. 

A/N: Sorry for the short chapters.. I have A LOT homework lately -__-' Anyways, I will try to make them longer- I promise (:

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