Forever In Love


1. Niall

I hid my face in Liam's chest. I was scared. Scared of being alone, the thing I hated the most. He calmed me down. Zayn was upstairs talking to Harry, and Louis was downstairs with Zayn's twin brother, DJ. Liam smiled down at me and I looked up at him. He kissed my head and buried his face in my neck while I rubbed his back.
"I have the best things in the world, the only things I'll ever want," I smiled. "You and Zayn."
Liam kissed my neck softly and I smiled again, closing my eyes. He rested his chin on my shoulder.
"I wish Zayn could spend this time with us," I said to Liam.
I sighed and Liam kissed my shoulder. We sat back and relaxed on the couch. Liam was still playing with my hair. I thought for a minute and looked up at him.
"Want to go to the beach?" I asked him.
He looked down at me. "Now?"
I nodded. "Yeah."
"Sure," He smiled down at me.
I smiled back and ran to my room, getting my swimming trunks and towel. Liam did the same.
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