Forever In Love


4. Liam

"Are you mad at me?" Niall looked at me.
I shook my head.
He smiled a bit. "You sure?"
I shook my head again, and he picked me up, bringing me into the living room.
I looked at him. "I thought I was in the living room."
"No, now we are."
"But I was on the couch," I was confused, and starting to forget some things.
Niall kissed my head, and I started forgetting what room I was in.
"What's wrong?" He looked down at me.
"I'm so confused," I looked back at him and he brought me to Louis' room. "What room are we going to?"
"Mine and Harry's," Louis looked up at us from his bed.
"Louis, something's wrong with Liam," Niall sat on Louis bed and looked down at me worried.
"Liam what's wrong?" Louis looked at me.
"Nothing!" I looked around his room and cuddled into Niall's chest.
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