Forever In Love


2. Liam

I followed Niall outside to the car, got in, and drove to the beach. I looked out the window as he drove to the beach. I looked out at the water as he parked. Niall got out of the car, and I did after him. He sat on the sand, I sat next to him. Niall looked around at the people at the beach and walked away from me, making me confused. He started talking to a girl, she must know he's from One Direction.
Niall gets too much hate, being the only Irish one, the only blond, and the only one with braces. He's told by people that he doesn't deserve to be in the band. He deserved everything, and talking to the girls was good, because it makes him feel better.
I sat alone, watching him flirt with the girl. I don't get why he's flirting when he's already in a relationship. The girl and Niall ran to the water and swam, while I sat there watching them. So much for going to the beach to spend time together. He finally came back to me, and I watched the girl go over to her friends, overly excited the she just swam with Niall Horan from One Direction. Niall must have noticed I was looking at her, because he went right back over to her.
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