everything changes

this is about a girl who gets aboused by her whole family her name is Taylor Nicole Wray but people call her tay. One day she runs away from her family and bumps in to the liam payne and falls in love read to find out more


2. the next thing

The next thing I realise is that I am in the hospital and some guy is sitting there next to me. "um.. who are you" I asked the guy who was there with me . "oh good your awake , i need a nurse in here . the nurse walks in and says "do you know who you are "  "yes I am Taylor Wray " "good" she says

"you are free to go".

As I walk out the hospital the guy tells me his name liam payne he says i can stay with him and i accpet that when we get to his house i go and take a shower when i finish i put on my bra and panties and walk out . liam was sitting on his bed watching a movie when he turns to look at me he asked if i had more clothes i said no so he told me to go in the bed with him and cover up and I did when i fell asleep i was in liam arms it felt so good and strong.

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