everything changes

this is about a girl who gets aboused by her whole family her name is Taylor Nicole Wray but people call her tay. One day she runs away from her family and bumps in to the liam payne and falls in love read to find out more


1. running away

Hi I am Taylor Wray but people call me tay. I have big brown eyes and dirty blonde hair. I live with my whole abusing family. Thats about it . "get down here right now" my mom yells. I hurry down the staris to see what my mom wants right when i get down my brother punches me right in the gut and i fall to the floor and get kicked in the face hard for 5 minutes straight." Get up and go to your room your grounded ". I run to my room and cry myself to sleep . The next morning I get up and have a major black eye my parents at work and my brother was at school so now was my time to escape. I go to my mom and dads room and take all the cash they have and put it in the bag and take my clothes I have and  put it in not much stuff just cash and underwere and a  bra. I jump out my window just in case and run like the wind all of the sudden someone is chaseing after me my dad. I run down into a crowd of screaming girls then down a dark alley were it was blocked and my dad knocked me out and right before i was past out i saw someone punch my dad.

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