Hurt. ~Larry Stylinson~

"im so tired of your shit Harry" Louis screamed making the younger boy step back.
"What shit? I've done nothing wrong but love you endlessly for the last 2 years." Harry yelled as he turned red from the lack of air.
"Maybe 2 years is enough...." Louis whispered as a single tear rolled down his cheek.


3. Crumbling Pastries.

Crimson Liquid trickling down my arm hitting the white rug staining it

Harry stood in front of the mirror adjusting his eyes to the sight standing in front of him.

There stood a man with big messy hair a white over sized shirt and black skinny jeans.

Harry looked the figure up and down noticing the trembling blood on his left wrist.

Harrys breathing started slowing his heart beat fastening his vision was fuzzy.

Liam walked into the bathroom to see the body of his best friend laying frozen on the ground.

Liam started crying as he pulled out his phone to call the other lads.

Zayn Niall and Louis all stood at the scene as Liam phoned the ambulance.

Louis' heart was slowly breaking as he knew Harry's life was slipping away.

At the hospital the lads stood in the waiting room as Harry was being examined.

The doctor waked to the room with a pattern of taps as he walked towards them.

"so doc?" Niall said between sniffles.

The doctors emotions were easy to read pain and sorrow.

He didn't say a word only shaking his head as he turned and walked.

The boys stood frozen as they news sunk in.

Harry was gone because he was broken.




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