Hurt. ~Larry Stylinson~

"im so tired of your shit Harry" Louis screamed making the younger boy step back.
"What shit? I've done nothing wrong but love you endlessly for the last 2 years." Harry yelled as he turned red from the lack of air.
"Maybe 2 years is enough...." Louis whispered as a single tear rolled down his cheek.


4. come back harry. i miss you.

Louis stood  in Harry's room just standing there looking at the room of discrete memories. They made love for the first time in here they shared their first kiss in here. All of it is gone

Louis walked to the bathroom where they had found Harry earlier that day.  

He just looked at the blood stained rug. Under the sink laid a while folded paper that caught Louis' crystal blue eyes 

He bent down and picked up the paper that had drops of dried blood on it.

He opened it up to see the familiar handwriting of his former lover.. It was Harry's suicide note.

Dear Louis or anyone who finds this first but mostly Louis,

I'm sure by now that you know that i am gone. You're wondering why or why did you just help me. first of no one could help me. i'm was trapped in a hole of hell. Hell is where i don't have you to hold me or to tell me you loved me. I see why you wanted to leave me. I'm ugly i'm not funny i'm not special. But i fucking loved you. and you  just wiggled out of my grip. I had killed myself because i could let my love for you out i had to keep it in and it was eating me alive. i cried over you Louis Tomlinson. i screamed i cried  i pulled my delicate curls OVER YOU DAMNIT. I didn't sleep because i knew you had left my life for good. You didn't love me anymore. I loved you. I Still Love You. Louis.. im sorry i had to go so soon.  I'm looking over you. Watching you. I'll always be with you and the other lads.


                                                            Lots of Love,

                                                                  Harry xoxo

Louis felt a tear slip through his eye has he read the note

He knew he made a wrong choice by leaving Harry. He still loved him with everything he had. But thats all gone.  Louis fell to his knees screaming, cursing at Harry for leaving him like this.

Zayn ran up the stairs to see a sobbing Louis on the ground

"Hey mate.. whats wrong?" Zayn said sliding into the space beside him.

"Harry's really gone He left all alone in this world. Come back Harry. I Miss You" Louis said as he laid his head against Zayns chest.

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