Hurt. ~Larry Stylinson~

"im so tired of your shit Harry" Louis screamed making the younger boy step back.
"What shit? I've done nothing wrong but love you endlessly for the last 2 years." Harry yelled as he turned red from the lack of air.
"Maybe 2 years is enough...." Louis whispered as a single tear rolled down his cheek.


1. Chapter 1: Goodbye

People say they broke up over love and dominance. They say they were never going to be apart for long. People say it wasnt over. Who knows one of them will leave for good it could be the curly headed one or the older one.
Harry sat on the edge of his bed as his mind organzied all the memories he and with Louis a tear falling as one passed.
Louis packed all his things crying as he laid the picture of him and Harry on their one year anniversary in the trash. He,was going to stay with Niall for awhile. Larry was really over. They always fought but never did it go so far that they will be over..for good.. Harry knew Louis wouldnt crawl back to him. But he wasnt strong enough to crawl to him. His heart was breaking piece by pieace as he heard Louis walked down those wooden stairs towards the door. Louis walked out the door walking out of Harrys life. Harry couldnt stand it. His life his everything his baby his lover suddenly out of his grasp. Harry broke down crying on the floor pulling his hair as he weaped and cried.
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