Hurt. ~Larry Stylinson~

"im so tired of your shit Harry" Louis screamed making the younger boy step back.
"What shit? I've done nothing wrong but love you endlessly for the last 2 years." Harry yelled as he turned red from the lack of air.
"Maybe 2 years is enough...." Louis whispered as a single tear rolled down his cheek.


2. another day still no louis.

Harry laid on the wooden floor tracing the patterns beneath him. His eyes stinging from dried tears he shut them and let a tear fall down towards the grown splashing against the hard ground.

Harry hasn't moved since his break down the night before. Louis laid in bed as his head rolled around on his tear stained pillow. His mind flashing to Harrys's face as he fought them. 

This was the worst.

"Harry?" Liam said walked into the curly headed boy's flat.

Harry head Liam but didnt buldge.

"HARRY!" Liamm screamed as he ran upstairs his keys jingling deep into his pocket.

Liam walked into Harry's room to see him on the cold hard floor.

"Harry get up right now" Liamm said prying the boy up.

But Harry fought it. "No. Liam i want to lay here until i die." Harry croaked.

"You're just heart broken you'll get over it. c'mon you need some sleep you look like death." Liam chuckled.

"i am death." Harry scolded.

"JUST GET UP ALREADY!" Liam yelled.

Harry started crying. "your acting like louis as last night." Harry cried.

"Oh my im so sorry i didnt mean to yell" Liam said cradling him.

Harry sighed as he dozed off to sleep onLiams chest.

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