It's hard, dating the famous Niall Horan. But it gets only harder when your new bestfriend Zayn Malik loves you, more than just friends. After one crazy night you discover that deep inside, you want the same. Secret kissing, crying and lying becomes part of your life. How to deal with all this? But more importantly, how to choose?


4. Thoughts and Trying


I walked as fast as my feet could carry me. I looked at my watch when I arrived, pff just in time! I tried to catch my breath before I walked inside the hotel. Camille was waiting for me in the lobby. "Finally, there you are! I called you like a million times! The others are already in the restaurant. You must tell me everything tonight when we get back." We had dinner with the rest of my class, and after that, we went to see the musical Wicked. I've seen it back in Holland, and I loved it, but this time I wasn't really paying attention. All kinds of thoughts were running around in my head. Thoughts about my trip to London so far, my date with Niall, if I will ever see him again.. But most of all I was nervous. Nervous because Camille wanted to know everything about my date as soon as we get got back to our hotelroom. And there was just no way in hell that I would tell Camille about Niall. Normally I tell her everything, but this.. I mean, she is a huge directioner, and if she found out, she definitely wanted to meet him. Then Niall would think I'm just a crazy fangirl, who was only interested in him because he's famous. Believe me, I'm not. And it's not like the odds are exactly in my favour. I'm going home in 2 days, back to Holland, probably to never return again. I think I just have to forget about Niall. The date would become just a beautiful memory..

POV Niall

When I arrived back to our flat, I walked straight to the refrigerator without greeting the other boys. Soon enough, Liam followed me into the kitchen. "Hey, what's up buddy?" "Nothing.." I was afraid to look Liam in the eyes, so I just kept my head in the refrigerator, looking for something eatable. "Ah, come on Ni. I know there's something bothering you." Damn, he knew me way too well. "Fine, this afternoon.." I was interrupted by Louis yelling from the living room. "WE WANT TO HEAR IT TOO!" I sighed. Great, just great. Liam just shrugged his shoulders and guided me back to the couch. Everyone looked at me, their eyes filled with all kinds of different emotions. Worries, curiosity, impatience. So I began to tell my story. "...and she's going home in a couple days. I-I just.. I really like her, and I don't know what to do." Everyone looked at me in disbelieve. Harry was the first one to open his mouth. "So, erhm, basically you're saying that you FINALLY like a girl, but she lives.. in Holland?" "Yup." Louis suddenly started laughing. "The solution is deadsimple! Just call her, and have another date with her tomorrow! If things work out, you could always stay in touch." "If only things were that simple.." "Ah, come on Niall, just give it a try!" Zayn said while he handed me the phone."We all see how much you already like her, it would be a waste if you just let her go!" The others boys agreed. "I guess you're right.." I walked into my bedroom for some privacy, and dialed her number. After around 20 seconds I heared a soft voice on the other side of the line.   Hello? 

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