It's hard, dating the famous Niall Horan. But it gets only harder when your new bestfriend Zayn Malik loves you, more than just friends. After one crazy night you discover that deep inside, you want the same. Secret kissing, crying and lying becomes part of your life. How to deal with all this? But more importantly, how to choose?


23. Revenge and remembering

POV Louis

"BEEP BEEP,BEEP BEEP" My eyes shot open at the annoying sound. It took me a moment to realise it was my mobile that went off. I untangled myself from Harry's grip and took a sprint towards my bag on the other side of Liz' room. I quickly fished it out and unlocked the screen. I sighed, it was only my alarm I forgot to turn off the other day. I pressed a button and the noise finally stopped. I looked around me to see if I woke anyone up. By the looks of it, the answer is no. When my eyes adjusted to the dark room, I looked at everyones faces seperately, every single one of them sleeping peacefully. I smiled to myself, and was about to lay back down on the mattress again, when my eyes landed on Liz. She looked like an angel when she was asleep.. Not that she was, ofcourse. I remembered all the times she woke me or the others up, by rudely jumping on our beds. A devilish plan formed in my head; perhaps it was time to return the favor! I tiptoed over to Niall and shook his shoulder. "Niall! Niall, wake up!" "Mmm, what?" "Wake up you moron!" "Louis, it's..6.30 in the morning!" "Sstt, not so loud! Listen, do you wanna help me get revenge on Liz? You know, jumping on the bed?" "I don't know.. She gets cranky in the morning," "You're no fun! Fine, you can film it then." "F-film it? Louis, I.." "Niall, shush it! She can't wake up." I think he finally realised I was going through with the plan no matter what, cause he got out of bed and grabbed his phone out with great reluctance. He glanced at the bed and I followed his eyes. I saw what he was looking at and gulped. Liz turned around in her sleep and wrapped her arm around Zayn's torso. I looked back at Niall and saw the hurt in his eyes. I wanted to saw something, when someone grabbed my ankle. I turned around and saw it was Harry, a trail of drool coming out of the corner of his mouth. "Lou..Come back to bed.."  I kneeled down and wiped away the drool with my tumb, before giving him a soft kiss. "Sorry Haz, I finally have the chance to get back to Liz. You can help if you want?" "No..too tired..hate this mattress.." I chuckled. "Then go lie on the bed, get some rest." He obied blindly, and fell down next to Liz, not realising that now, he would be victim of the prank too. Oh how I love that young boy. In the mean time, Dani had woken up too, rubbing her eyes. She turned on the lightswitch next to her, and saw me and Niall standing there, screwing around with his phone. I pointed to Liz, layed a finger on my lips and mimed 'gonna jump'. She got the hint and nudged Liam, waking him up too. "Let me sleep, babe.." "Ooh, but you don't wanna miss this! Louis is getting his revenge on Liz!" Liam squinted his eyes in disapproval, but got up anyways. Niall was finally ready with his camera, and I was about to climb on the bed when Liam stopped me. "Don't you wanna wake up Zayn? He's innocent, you know!" "Oh I'm sorry, goody two-shoes! Why don't you do it, and see if he will actually get up." Liam immediatly shut up, he realised I had a point. Waking up Zayn is like trying to wake up a sloth, it wasn't worth the try. "Niall, is the camera on?" "It!" I turned to the camera and started speaking. "Goodmorning everyone! We..wave to the camera guys, you too Niall! We are here.. at a secret location, and as you can see, Liz is sleeping peacefully in between Zayn and Harry. She is a really sweet girl most of the times, but she has an.. irritating habbit. She likes to wake people up by jumping on their beds. Well today, we get our payback, for you to see!" I swiftly climbed on the bed, and put one foot in between Liz and Harry, and the other in between Liz and Zayn. "Alright..Three, two, one.. WAKE UP!" I started jumping up and down, making Harry launch of the bed and on the ground. "Come on guys, help me!" Liam and Dani climbed on the bed aswell, and started jumping along with me. Liz groaned and put a pillow over her head. "Fuck off!" she said, her voice muffled by the pillow. Zayn had the exact reaction I expected him to have. His eyes remained closed, he didn't say a word, and just turned around, facing the wall. I took one last jump and landed on top of Liz. I gestured for Niall to come closer with the camera, and snatched away the pillow. I grabbed the phone out of Niall's hands and pointed it at Liz. "Goodmorning sunshine! You know what this is? Revengeeeeee!" I sang the last word. "Get off of me, Lou!" "Not before you say this:" I whispered something in her ear and grinned afterwards. "I'm not saying that!" "Do you want me to get off of you or not? Then say it!" "Fine.. Hello every directioner in the world, my name is Liz and I just got pranked by the greatest and most handsome man in the world, Louis Tomlinson. I wish I was as good as him, and I will never be better at pranks than he is." "And..?" "And I'm stupid.. You happy now?" "Very! Now say goodbye!" She smiled sweetly and waved, but as soon as I turned off the camera and got off of her, she turned into a beast. She chased me around the room, trying to grab the mobile, but I was too fast and too tall for her. "This is going on twitter!" "No this can't go on twitter! You fucking cunt, I look horrible and it's humiliating! I will kill you, Tomlinson!" She almost grabbed the mobile, but I held it above my head, and went to my twitter account. "Aaand, it's posted!" "I HATE YOU!" "Aawwhh, I love you too, Liz!" I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her on the cheek. She sighed and punched me on the arm, but I noticed the small smile forming on her face. I looked at the others and they were still laughing, expect for Harry, who had bumped his head against the nightstand when he fell off the bed. Liam spoke first; "That was really mean of you, Louis! But I must say, you're genius!" "Thank you, thank you! I am, aren't I?" We decided to pack our stuff, cause the plane was boarding in a couple of hours and we were all awake now. And Zayn? Well, Zayn was still asleep, what a suprise! 


"No.. No you got to be kidding me!" I grunted in frustration. "What's going on?" Harry's head popped up beside me, his luggage trailing behind him. We stood in line at the airport in Amsterdam, waiting for our bagage to be dropped of, and our private jet to board, "Twitter exploded, that's what's going on, thanks to your boyfriend!" Louis now joined us. "What did I do?" "Because of your little video, fans are freaking out because I was in the same bed as Zayn and Harry. They think that Niall and I aren't together anymore, and that Ziz is real.." "It can't be that bad!" "See for yourself!" I shoved my phone into his face, and he saw some things that were trending at the moment on twitter like: #Liallbreakup, #Zizisreal, #Louisthegenius and #Zizarrythreesome. He chuckled a little. "You have to admit, that last one is pretty funny.." "Lou, it's everything but funny! You're lucky where at a public airport, otherwise I would've kicked your ass! Management will freak out when they see this! I don't want them to get me off the tour before it has even started.." Harry snaked his arm around my neck. "I promise you, that won't happen." "You don't know that!" He sighed, snatched the phone out of my hands and put it in his own pocket. "Hey, that's mine!" "You'll get it back once we are in America, for now I want you to calm down. That won't happen when you read what people say on twitter, it's for your own good, Liz!" "And besides, you can make it up when we have that interview, that's your chance to show people what's really going on!" Louis added, referring to the interview I agreed on having, where management wanted me to convince people Ziz was fake. The interview was just a couple of days away. We suddenly noticed that the three of us where holding up the line, so we quickly joined the rest. Liam looked a bit sad. We just said goodbye to Dani, who flew back to England. He probably misses her already. I looked around. It suprised me that there were no paps here, only a handful of fans. Nevertheless, the trip wasn't off to a great start. Like he read my thoughts, Niall hugged me from behind and whispered in ear; "It will be fine baby, nothing to worry about. We're going to have fun together, and I will protect you, alright?" I nodded and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Okay, maybe it wasn't that bad at all!


*A/N I'm back bitches! Alright, that was a bit rude, sorry for that! I'm just so excited that I finally had time again to write! Last thing I want to do is let you guys down, so i'm going to make a promise to you, a pinky promise, if you like ;) Next chapter will be up before the end of the week. That gives me about 168 hours to write, shouldn't be a problem! Although, you never know with me.. Anyways, feedback is always appreciated, and I don't think I have to ask you anymore, but Ziz or Liall? Have a great week everyone! XOXO


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