It's hard, dating the famous Niall Horan. But it gets only harder when your new bestfriend Zayn Malik loves you, more than just friends. After one crazy night you discover that deep inside, you want the same. Secret kissing, crying and lying becomes part of your life. How to deal with all this? But more importantly, how to choose?


12. Horror and High-fives


"Finally, a break from all the hard work!" Harry sighed, and he sank in the seat next to me. We were in an airplane,  a private one actually. We had huge chairs, I could get used to this! Zayn and Liam were sitting opposite us, while Louis, Niall and Dani were playing poker, on the other side of the plane. We were on our way to Portugal for the week, for a little holiday. We rented a villa, so we would have some privacy. I was really tired, because this was my second flight in 2 days, after flying to London. So I tried to sleep a little. Just when I was dozing off, I felt someone kick my leg. My eyes fluttered open and I saw it was Zayn. "What?" "I need attention!" He said in a really childish voice. I looked around, Harry was sleeping next to me aswell, and Liam disappeared, probably using the bathroom. "Let's play a game!" He yelled, jumping up and down in his seat. "Fine.." I growled. "Alright, I sing a song, and you have to guess what it is! I'm gonna pop some tags, only got 20 dollars in my pocket.." "THRIFT SHOP MACKLEMORE!" "Yeeaahh!" We high-fived. Liam came back from the bathroom. "Can I play too?" "Ofcourse! Liz, your turn." Oh god.. "Oh I know one! Mama told me not to waste my life, she said spread your wings my little butterfly.." Liam jumped up. "Wings, Little mix!"  "Bingo!" "That's mean.." Zayn pouted "Aahhww, I'm sorry Zaynie, I thought it was funny." I ruffled his hair. "Don't touch the hair!" Liam and I started laughing. The rest of the group walked over to us, because they heard the noise. Harry was still sleeping, so Louis jumped in his lap, to wake him up. Soon enough, everyone was playing the game. Niall grabbed his guitar and we started jamming, singing We are young by Fun. We had a great time. I was really proud of Zayn. He'd revealed his love for me about a month ago, and he didn't break his promise so far. I was really shocked when he told me, I didn't know what to do with it. But he never tried to do anything, and we were still really close, so it's like nothing had changed. I tried to not be too clingy with Niall, otherwise Zayn would just feel sad again. Also, I had to make sure that I didn't give Zayn the wrong signals, by hugging him and other stuff, it would just get his hopes up. But over all, I couldn't complain!

When we arrived at the villa, we were a little bit disappointed. Don't get me wrong, the villa itself was great, with a huge pool, soccer field and even a little private beach. But the weather wasn't what we expected it to be. It was clouded, and a bit chilly, so the pool would be too cold to swim in. That's why we decided to play a game of soccer, three against three. Louis was getting all cocky ("Let's do this, piece of cake!") so I challenged him, which made us both teamcaptains. Liam had a sore ankle, so he decided he would be referee. Then it was time to pick the teams. I got to go first. "Nialler, ofcourse!" He ran towards me with a huge grin, pecking me on the cheek. "Aah, how cute, but I actually wanna win this, so I choose.. Zayn!" Louis said. Shoot.. Then a brilliant plan popped into my head. "I choose Harry!" That means Dani automatically becomes part of Louis' team. We walked over to our half of the field, and put our heads together, so a small circle was formed. I started whispering;  "Alright guys, we all know the other team is waaaay better than we are. Louis is better than us three together, and Zayn knows how to play too. So instead of being strong, we have to be smart. That's where you come in, Haz. You are going to distract Louis." "How am I supposed to do that??" "I don't know, just think of something! Seduce him, get naked, whatever! Niall, you are going to be our keeper." "Yessir!" "Come on, let's do this!" Louis was waiting for me in the middle of the field, his hand on his hips and one eyebrow cocked. "I thought you were too afraid to show up. After all, you're just a girl.." An evil smirk appeared on his face. "Ow, you're going down, Tomlinson!" "We'll see about that, see you in Losertown. Oh wait, I never lose!!" We shook hands, and then the game started. Louis was almost immediatly in possession of the ball. He passed Harry, and then me. He kicked the ball and BAM! He scored a goal after just one minute..He started doing a crazy dance. I started getting frustrated, made my way over to Harry and grabbed him by his arm. "Remember what you have to do!" I hissed. "I've got it!" The game continued. Louis had the ball (ofcourse), and Harry ran towards him. I expected a lot, but certainly not this! He placed his hands on Louis' face, and started kissing him out of the blue. Everyone was shocked, this was my chance! I quickly sprinted to the ball, and started running, my target getting closer and closer. I took a shot and.. GOAL!!! "Yes!" My arms flew around Harry's neck, and he lifted me up in the air. "You were amazing, Haz!" Together we did a little victory dance. Louis was pissed. "That's not fair, he distracted me!" "Who's the loser now, huh?" I patted him on the cheek. We're back in the game! Nothing really exciting happened the next 15 minutes, no goals were made. But then the other team took a chance. Dani, who was actually their keeper, decided it was time for her to score. But Niall tried to catch it. Everything went so fast, I didn't saw it happen, but the ball hit Niall's crotch so hard, he fell to the ground. Everyone started laughing, except me. I kneeled down next to him. "Are you okay, honey?" "I'm fine, don't worry." But his face betrayed that he was in real pain. I touched his inner thigh. "I'll take care of it later tonight." His face turned red, like the shirt he was wearing. Within seconds, he was back up on his feet. Niall passed the ball to me, and I started running again. Louis was still laughing, so he wasn't a threat anymore. Just when I thought I was about to score, someone tackled me from behind. I fell to the ground, and the person landed on top of me. "Where do you think you're going?" Zayn's voice said, his face right next to my ear. "This is for all the times you wake me up like this." he continued. "Alright, I deserved it, now help me get up!" He offered me a hand, and I gladly took it. Everyone was staring at us. "I'm okay guys!" Everyone walked back to their positions, but Niall gave me a glare. Oops..

That night I slept like a baby. I was so exhausted! I snuggled in Niall's arms, and within seconds, I was gone. When I woke up, I was still lying in Niall's arms. I opened my eyes and saw his wrist. First thing I noticed was his ZAP tattoo. I loved that tattoo..Wait, what?? I looked up at saw that famous black quiff, that belonged to a boy named Zayn. "Goodmorning beautiful" He said in his morning voice. I quickly unwrapped myself out of his arms. "What are you doing in my bed?" "Really babe? I'm your boyfriend, remember?" "Is this some kind of sick joke?" "I don't get it.." I walked into the livingroom of our villa, I found Harry, Louis, Liam and Danielle on the couch. "Where's Niall?" They all looked at me in disgust. Dani was the first one to open her mouth; "Are you kidding me? You cheated on him, he's not living with us anymore.." Was I in some hidden camera show? Cause this wasn't funny anymore! Suddenly everybody stood up, and started shouting things at me; "How could you do that to him?" "He was so innocent!" "I can't believe you lied all this time!" "You're a slut!" They kept repeating it over and over again. At this point, they were just floating heads, surrounding me. I knew I was dreaming. The room started to change, the blurryness made me nauseous, so I closed my eyes. When I opened them again, I was in a church. But I was a ghost or something, because I was looking down on everyone in the church. I saw myself, or my dream me, standing there by the altar, in a white dress. Zayn was standing opposite me. "Eliza Janssen, do you take Zayn Jawaad Malik to be your husband?" "I do." I heard myself say. "Zayn Jawaad Malik, do you take Eliza Janssen to be your wife?" "I do." "I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." Zayn leaned forward and kissed the dream me softy on the lips. The crowd cheered, and I spotted my family and friends. Out of nowhere, Niall stormed in. When he saw the dream me, he started crying, and he fell to the ground. Zayn walked over to him, and punched him in the face. "Get out! She's mine now!" The room changed again, making me sick again. I now sat on the couch in a room I didn't know. Zayn came in, looking slightly older. "Hi honey! ALICIA, JAMIE, HURRY UP!" Two children walked in, a girl around the age of seven, and a boy around the age of four. Both of them had black hair, a slightly colored skin, but eyes blue like mine. "Mommy!" The ran to me, and sat in my lap. "Can we bring Uncle Niall some flowers today, daddy?" Alicia asked. Flowers? Zayn sighed, wrinkles appeared on his face. "Not today honey, I'm sorry. Now go play with your little brother!" Alicia and Jamie left the room, chasing eachother. Zayn walked over to me, and kissed the top of my head. "I still can't believe Niall killed himself." ... I woke up, panting. I looked around, but the room was too dark to see  anything. "Niall? NIALL?" "I'm right here honey. You were screaming, did you have a nightmare?" "I think I did.." I whispered, tears rolling down my cheeks. Luckily, Niall couldn't see it. "It was just a dream, everything will be fine. Now go back to sleep, we're having a fun day tomorrow!" Niall wrapped me in his arms once more, falling asleep almost immediatly. But I was wide awake...

*A/N You can't believe how much fun I had writing this chapter! I personally wouldn't mind dreaming something like that, if you know what  I mean ;) Next chapter will probably be up this weekend. I hope you guys like it! XoXo 

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