It's hard, dating the famous Niall Horan. But it gets only harder when your new bestfriend Zayn Malik loves you, more than just friends. After one crazy night you discover that deep inside, you want the same. Secret kissing, crying and lying becomes part of your life. How to deal with all this? But more importantly, how to choose?


20. Eavesdropping and Ego's


Liam had draped his arm around my shoulder, lightly rubbing my arm up and down. My head layed on his shoulder, and we were both watching Zayn. He was pacing the floor, talking to Louis on the phone. I didn’t get much of it, but from what I understood he was apologizing for something. We sat here for over half an hour, the meeting of what’s-his-name Modest guy took a little longer than expected. My nerves grew every second, and believe me, I’m not a pleasant person when I’m nervous. I gazed around the waiting room. The vending machine, the uncomfortable seats, the grey-painted walls. Like this room prepared a employee right before he gets fired, that kind of atmosphere. And don’t forget the female secretary, glancing at the boys every now and then, undressing them with her eyes. I watched her closely. Fake hair, fake boobs, fake nails. I think she was in her 40’s, but it seemed that she was desperately trying to hide that. A few minutes later a ringing noise filled the room. I looked over at the secretary again, and she picked up the phone. She nodded a couple times, and mumbled something in the phone before hanging up and walking over to us. “Jack is ready to see you.” Jack.. Doesn’t sound like a mean person, right? Zayn put his phone back in his pocket and smiled at her. “Thanks, Amanda.” Amanda? Ofcourse.. Liam stood up, and pulled me along with him. That’s when Amanda spoke again. “Not you, Mister Payne. Just Mister Malik and Miss..” She looked at me, up and down, with a disapproving look in her eyes. I certainly didn’t like this woman. She turned around and walked back to her desk, straightening her skirt that was way too short. “Alright then, good luck guys. See you in a bit.” Liam said, before kissing the top of my head and slumping back down in his seat. Zayn grabbed my hand and guided me through a hallway. We turned a corner to the left and stopped in front of a door. Zayn let go of my hand and I was about to knock, when he stopped me. "What's that?" He said pointing at the ring on my finger. I sighed deeply, great timing.. "It's a promise ring. Niall gave it to me in the hospital." I saw hurt flashing in his eyes. He bit his lip, while his gaze was still focused on my hand. I gulped. "..Zaynie?" I said hesitantly. "No, it's fine. Don't worry about it. Just.." He nodded in the direction of the door. I knocked on the door with my other hand, I didn't want to torture him more. A few seconds went by before someone opened the door. I expected an old man, turning around in his big chair, stroking his cat, saying ‘I’ve been expecting you.’ but I was disappointed. Instead a middle-aged man greeted us, his brown hair neatly combed to the side. He reminded me a little of the actor that played Batman. Very charming! I shook his hand. “Nice to meet you Elizabeth, I’m Jack.” “Nice to meet you too. Please, call me Liz.” He nodded and gestured us to sit down in one of the chairs at the desk. He walked over to the opposite side of the desk and sat down as well. “Let’s go straight to the point. We have a few things to discuss. First of all, Elizabe- Liz. Now that you’re Niall’s lifepartner, we would love to welcome you into our little family here at Modest.” Family? Yeah right.. I heard Zayn shrug next to me. Jack continued like he didn’t here that. “That’s why we would like to offer you a contract. It means that we can protect you from the paparazzi, magazines etcetera etcetera. Also, we get to control your twitter. Don’t worry, we will only use it to promote the band. And last, you’re going to play a part in the documentary that’s coming out after the summer. The details about that will come soon. So.. Are you interested? Remember, Danielle Peazer is signed here as well.” Jack and Zayn both looked at me. I was relieved, that’s it? This is the reason why he wanted to see me? That’s not bad at all! I smiled. “Okay, I’ll do it.” Jack handed me a contract and a pen. “Sign at the bottom, please.” I trusted Jack, so I took the pen and signed the contract without reading the whole thing first. Stupidest decision I could’ve made.    

POV Zayn

Everything seemed normal.. Maybe it really is the only reason why we had to come here. But I was still a bit suspicious. This couldn’t be it, am I right? And I was right, because after Liz signed the contract and exchanged a reassuring smile with me, Jack began to talk again. “Alright, the next thing on the agenda. We noticed that there are a lot of rumours about the two of you lately, about a possible romance. Do you confirm or deny it?” He looked at us with narrowed eyes. Here we go.. Liz’ smile dropped immediately, desperation in her eyes. “D-deny.. We are not together.” She stammered, emphasizing the word 'not'..  “Nevertheless, this whole Ziz thing? Not good for the popularity of the band. Girls don’t want to be a fan of boys that date tramps.” Her eyes grew wide, and she was about to say something, but I quickly grabbed her hand and squeezed hard, in an attempt to stop her before she does anything stupid. Jack raised his hands in defense. “Not that you are, ofcourse. But they don’t know that. It’s the same with Louis and Harry. Girls don’t want to buy music from two gay lovers.” I could see Liz’ face turning red, anger building up inside of her, but Jack went on and on. Then he saw my hand on top of hers. He pointed at it. “So, from now on, I forbid you to do stuff like that in public, do you understand? You can’t go out together anymore, just the two of you. You can’t touch, can’t whisper to each other. You can’t even sit next to each other in public. The people need to believe that Ziz doesn’t exist. And apparently this is the only way, because you two are way to close.” Liz shot up from her chair, and opened her mouth, probably to scream at him. It was time for me to intervene. “Jack, can Liz and I talk to each other in private please? We’ll be right back.” “Go ahead. Oh, and when you come back, bring Liam with you, if you could be so kind.” I nodded and dragged Liz out of the room, back to the waiting area. She immediately started ranting. “The bastard! How could a person be so horrible and cruel to force two people to this? It’s Larry all over again! I fucking hate that son of a bitch!” I quickly pulled her in for a hug, making her stop yelling. The tears streamed down her face. Then I realised what was happening. Jack wants us to play like we’re total strangers.. I will almost never be able to hug or talk to her this summer, because we are in public so much with the tour. I’ll have to miss her, even when she is 3 feet away. A single tear rolled down my cheek as well. Liam ran over to us. “What’s going on? Is it.. what I think it is?” Liz nodded. “Zayn and I are the new secret gay couple.” She whispered in between sobs. That made me smile a little, then I remembered where I was. "Can they even do that?" Liam questioned. I nodded and mouthed the word 'contract' to him, making sure Liz didn't see it. I cupped her face in my hands “Listen boo, we’ll have to accept it. You don’t know what Modest is capable of, if you are a trouble in their eyes, they can force you to break up with Niall. We’re going to make this work, we will spend a lot of time together when we are alone. We can do this! You'll always have Niall and the others when things get rough, remember?” She dried her eyes and nodded. “Let’s go back.. Liam, you’re expected to be there as well.” When we arrived in the office again, Jack was his old charming self again. “Ah, Liam! Nice to see you. I reckon you know about the situation?” “I do..” He said hesitantly. “Your job is really simple. Make sure those two keep their promise. Correct them when they are to close, don’t let them talk or touch each other, and most important, sit in between them. You’re the only one I trust to successfully do this, you've done this before. Am I clear?” “Like with Louis and Harry? I don’t know if I can handle doing that again..” Liam looked at me, and I almost unnoticeably nodded, telling him to accept his duty. Liam sighed. “You can rely on me, Jack.” “Good to hear! Now, I scheduled an interview with all the boys, plus Elizabeth and Danielle, in a couple of weeks. That’s your chance to convince the fans that Ziz is bullshit. The date will be announced soon enough. Thank you for your time, have a nice day!” He walked over to the door and held it open for us. We walked out, Liam supporting Liz, and me behind them. We were in public now, so I wasn’t allowed to walk next to her. Amanda smiled at us when we passed her, but I didn’t bother smiling back. We arrived in the parking lot, and split up. Liam and Liz driving back home, and I by myself. I got in the car and threw my head back, making the tears stop from falling. I smashed my hands on the steering wheel a couple of times, acting out my anger. The horn went off. But I kept letting it go off. The car horn was a metaphor. I couldn’t scream, I couldn’t show my emotions, so the horn did it for me. I'm caught up in this quicksand, the more I tried to be close to her, the more they pulled me away. When I’d pulled myself together a little, I started the engine and drove away. This summer was going to be horrible..  

POV Harry

"I got chills, they're multiplyin'. And I'm losin' control. Cause the power you're supplyin', It's electrifyin'!" I sang as loud as I could, while preparing breakfast for Liz and Niall. My plan was for Niall to ask her about moving in during breakfast in bed, but Niall could hardly walk with his leg, so I made it for him. I was about to sing the next chorus when somebody was ahead of me. "You better shape up, cause I need a man. And my heart is set on you!" I turned around and saw Louis leaning against the doorframe, a smirk plastered on his face. "Singing Grease, huh sweetcheeks?" "Only because you brainwashed me with that movie!" He laughed and walked over to me, kissing me softly on the lips and wrapping his arms around me. He used to hug me from behind and rest his head on my shoulder, but I started to grow and now I was too big for him to do that. He hated that, but I always found it very amusing. "Ooh, is that for me?" He said, referring to the croissants and the orange juice on the tray. "Sorry, Boobear, it's for Liz and Niall. It's part of the big plan, remember?" "Can I help?" he asked with puppy eyes. I grinned. "You can help me by singing the next lines to the song." He opened his mouth, and was about to start singing, when the door swung open with a huge force. Zayn stormed in, in just his underwear, made himself some cereal and started eating it from the kitchen counter, not saying a word. "Hey buddy.. how are you? Everything okay?" I asked carefully. He didn't respond so I layed my hand on his arm. He quickly shook it off, and slammed his fist on the counter. I cringed. "How do you think I am? Do I look okay to you?" He yelled, storming away again. Before he slammed the door shut he yelled; "And stop singing that aweful song!" I was shocked. I turned my head and looked over at Lou, my eyes almost popping out of head. "Give the guy some time, Hazza. He's going through the same thing we went through. Or do I have to remind you about your behaviour that first couple of days?" I shook my head, a small smile forming on my face. I was even worse than Zayn. That first week, I would throw anything in handreach to everyone who dared talking to me. "Well, I'm going to bring the two lovebirds their breakfast!" "Good luck with waking them up!" I picked up the tray with food and slowly walked over to their bedroom door, trying my best for nothing to fall. I knocked three times and opened the door, letting the tray dangerously balance on one hand. "Liz, Niall, wake up!" No response.. I placed the tray on the bedside and poked Niall's cheek, making him stir. "NIALL!" "Huh, what?" I opened the curtains, bright light making it's appearance. Liz woke up as well, groaning. "Fuck off, Harry!" "I made you guys some breakfast." I said, making sure Niall got the hint. "Ahhww, that's so sweet!" Liz exclaimed. "Actually, it was Niall's idea." I winked at him and walked out, my job here was done. I closed the door behind me and headed back to the kitchen, but my curiosity won it from my conscience. I couldn't help it, I had to know what Liz was going to say. I placed my ear against the door and tried to listen. For a couple of minutes I heard nothing much, they were probably eating. The frontdoor opened and Liam and Danielle stepped inside, back from doing the groceries. They gave me weird looks when they saw me standing there. "What the heck are you doing? Are they having sex in there?" Liam asked. I quickly shook my head. "Niall's going to ask IT to Liz!" I whispered. All the boys and Dani knew about mine and Niall's plan, so they immediately understood what I was saying. "I wanna hear it too!" Dani tiptoed over to me, and layed her ear on the door as well. "Dani.." Liam sighed. "What? It's harmless!" Liam rubbed his face, put the groceries down and followed Dani's lead with great reluctance. Another couple minutes passed, but Niall still hadn't asked it, just some small talk. Was he chickening out? Then I heard him say something interesting . "So Liz, I wanted to ask you something." "Ask me anything!" "Well.. Ehrm.. You're graduating in a couple of months, and we are together for sometime now so I was thinking.. Maybe you could move in with us.. Permanently." A long silence followed. "That's a big thing to ask Nialler.." At that moment Louis ran over to us. "What did she say??" "Sshh! She's about to answer." Louis copied our moves. Now the four of us were eavesdropping on our best friends. "I know, Liz.. If you want to think about it that's fine.." "It's just.. I have my life in Holland you know. But I also love you and the others so much.." This wasn't going very well. Then she continued. "I don't  think I have an answer for now." "Before you make any decision, I want you to think about what you want, not what's best. What does your heart say?" Ah, good old fashioned romantic Niall. "Do you want to move in with me or not?" 

* A/N: Yup, that's right! I really did leave you hanging there! An extra long chapter, because it was my birthday two days ago, finally 17! (I wanted to update then, but I didn't have the time.) So this is my late birthday present from me to you! My testweek is over, and my holiday has unofficially started today, so for the upcoming 8 weeks, I'm all yours! So, what do you think Liz will say? And will Zayn and Liz manage to struggle through the hard times lying ahead? And ofcourse the usual question: Team Ziz or team Liall?? Don't forget to comment, like and favourite, have a great week! Xxx

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