It's hard, dating the famous Niall Horan. But it gets only harder when your new bestfriend Zayn Malik loves you, more than just friends. After one crazy night you discover that deep inside, you want the same. Secret kissing, crying and lying becomes part of your life. How to deal with all this? But more importantly, how to choose?


14. Days and Dinner


I walked back inside, to see everyone sitting around the dinner table already. Niall walked over to me, concernment in his eyes."Everything okay princess? Your lips.. You're not getting sick, are you? Or did you get kissed by a merman?" He laughed at his own joke. "Ha ha, very funny Horan. It's just the sea wind, don't worry." I looked over at Zayn, he was having trouble holding in his laugh. "Alright then." Niall said, and he leaned forward, with the intention of kissing me, but I turned my head away. He looked at me, confused. "I'm sorry Ni, maybe it is a cold, and I don't want you to get sick. Just making sure.." The truth was, I really didn't want to kiss Niall right now. It would just be so wrong. Niall seemed to believe me, and we went to sit down at the dinner table. I saw Liam and Harry sharing a look, and then they turned to look at Zayn. He was still smirking, so I kicked his leg underneath the table to make him stop. A high-pitched noise escaped his mouth. Oops.. But he did stop smiling. 

The rest of the vacantion went by fast:

Day 3: We spent all day at the beach, goofing around in the water, sunbathing, and mostly eating. We also played volleyball together. I now was fully aware of Louis' competitive side, so I convinced him to join my team, along with Zayn. Because we were 'so much stronger' than the other team, they played with four (Dani, Liam, Harry and Niall) against us. But we underestimated Dani a bit, because she was really good at it! At one point during the match, she smashed the ball so hard, it hit Zayn's face, making him stumble backwards. I laughed my butt off, I couldn't help it. If this was a cartoon, there would be birds flying around his head. "You think this is funny, Liz? We're on the same team,you're not supposed to be laughing!" "But it IS funny." "You know what's funny?" He suddenly sprinted towards me. I screamed and ran away, with Zayn still chasing me around the beach, both of us laughing. When we passed Louis, he snaked his strong arms around my waist, making me stop. "Alright you two! Please be serious again, I will die if I lose this game!" We stood back in our positions again, still a bit tired. Liam and Harry were whispering something to each other, I could tell it was about me. We actually lost the game, mostly due to my lack of focus, and Dani's skills. Louis was moody for the rest of the day, not even Harry could cheer Mr. Grumpy up. Hilarious, if you ask me! 

Day 4: It was raining and storming all day long, so we were basically trapped inside the house, watching old movies and playing monopoly. At the moment, Dani and Louis were making dinner, Niall was taking a nap, and Harry was doing God knows what. Meanwhile, Liam, Zayn and I were watching Indiana Jones, Liam on a chair, and Zayn and me on the couch, my legs draped on his lap. It was two days now, and none of us had spoken about the kiss yet. I don't think we have to, we just have to leave it this way. He was drawing random things in a notebook, not really paying attention to the movie. After a while, I noticed him staring at me a few times, before turning back to his notebook again. "What are you doing?" "Nothing.." "Yes you are! Give me that note book.." I grabbed it out of his hands and looked at it. My mouth dropped. It was a drawing of me, not the animated kinda stuff he usually draws, but a realistic, beautiful one. "This is amazing Zaynie! Won't you look at this!" I showed the picture to Liam and Harry, who just entered the living room, in nothing but a towel. They both seemed impressed too, and then they shared that same look again. Why did they do that all the time? "You can have it." Zayn said, pulling me out of my thoughts. "Really? Oh thank you, I will keep it forever!" I hugged him tight. I could feel two pair of eyes burning in my neck, but I didn't care at all.

Day 5: "Cooking time!" Niall yelled, as he dragged me to the kitchen of our villa. It was our turn to prepare dinner today, and Niall took it very seriously, like he always does when it comes to food. We decided to make pizza. The whole kitchen was a mess, there was flour literally everywhere. There was just one spot left, Niall's face. "Honey, look!" He turned around, and just that second, I threw a handful of flour in the middle of his face. "Bullseye!" Niall groaned. "You really wanna do this, Liz?" I nodded my head, and grinned. Out of the blue, he tossed an awful lot of flour on top of my head, making my brown hair turn white. Our little food fight when on for a little while, and we were both so white by that time, we looked like ghosts. We bursted out in helpless laughter. Louis walked in, probably hearing the noise, and when he saw us, his eyes went wide. "Great, the little kids couldn't control themselves!" He then started laughing, and took out his phone. "Let me take a picture of the two of you!" Niall and I posed for the camera, huge smiles on our faces. "This definitely goes on twitter!" Then Niall and I cleaned up the kitchen, and quickly took a shower. When I walked back into the kitchen, I heard the familiar sound of the oven timer going off. The pizza's were done! Halfway through dinner, I looked at Niall, and narrowed my eyes. "Honey? You still got a little flour, right... here!" I gave him a playful slap on the cheek. Everyone started laughing. "Well then, maybe we should just wash it off! Care to join me?" Before I could answer, he picked me up bridal style, and ran outside, closely followed by everyone else. He jumped in the pool, with me still in his arms. As soon as I reached the cold water, I gasped. "Niall James Horan, are you insane?!" Everyone was cracking up by the pool side. Dani quickly pushed Liam in the pool too, but before she could even say her own name, she slipped, making her land in the water right next to me. More laughter followed. Louis took this opportunity to push Harry in the water, but Harry was strong, so he fought back, resulting in the two of them wrestling at the pool side. Zayn slightly nudged their shoulders, making them fall into the pool too, screaming in each others arms. Now everyone was in the water with their clothes on, expect for Zayn. I decided that this was the perfect time to discover if Liam and Harry were still watching me and Zayn, so I swam to the edge, where Zayn was standing. "Help me up please." I said, giving him puppy eyes, and pouting my bottom lip. He offered me a hand, and I gladly took it. But before he had the chance to pull me up, I jerked his arm, making him fall in the pool head-first. Now everyone was looking at us, which made it impossible to notice anything. Shit, my plan failed.. But then I came up with plan B. I made my way over to Zayn, making sure Harry and Liam were looking, and whispered in his ear; "You like it don't you, seeing me wet." Something I would've never said normally, but it caused Zayn to blush really hard, exactly what I was going for. I would do anything to make Liam and Harry stop playing detective. Zayn wanted to response, but I turned around, looking over at Holmes and Watson on the other side of the pool, and caught them staring, before exchanging another one of those now famous looks. Mission succeeded! I needed to have a serious talk with them tomorrow..

Day 6: Niall was too lazy to pack his own suitcase properly, he would throw everything in randomly and then close it, so I was packing both of our stuff. We wouldn't have time to do it the next day, because our plane was going to leave real early. I was just humming 'We can work it out' by the Beatles, when there was a soft knock on the door. "Come in!" Liam's head popped up from behind the door. "Hey.. Do you have a minute?" I nodded my head, getting suspcious. He opened the door completely, revealing Harry. This was the perfect time for the rant I'd prepared in my head. "Good, you both are here! I wanted to talk to you about something." "So do we." they said at the same time. I chuckled. "Me first. Why do you keep staring at me and Zayn everytime we talk, and trade those creepy looks? I don't know why you guys do it, but it is driving me insane!" They both looked guilty, their feet suddenly became very interesting, they weren't looking at eachother for a change. Harry was the first one to speak. "Yeah.. We kinda wanted to talk to you about that too. I.. We.. It's just that.. Liam really wants to tell it!" He pushed Liam forward. If the look that followed could kill a person, Harry would be dead by now. "And thank you, Harry!"  After glaring at him, Liam turned back to me, sighed, and sat next to me on the bed. "You know we love you, right? And we also love Niall, so we want the best for the two of you, especially in your relationship.." "Yes, but what has that to do with.." "Let me finish!" That was probably the first time I heard Liam interrupting someone, so I quickly closed my mouth. Harry, who was still standing at the door, leaning against the wall, arms crossed, blinked his eyes a few times, as if he had to process what he just heard. I turned my attention back to Liam, who continued speaking. "We, and by we I mean Harry and myself, have noticed how.. close you and Zayn have become. Sometimes it even looks like the two of you are.. how do I say this right? Err, lovers, if you didn't know better. We talked about it, and we decided to keep an eye on you, and it's like it became worse the last few days. Now, we are not prejudiced, but is there anything going on between the two of you?" He squished his eyes, like he was afraid of my reaction. "What? You think I'm cheating on Niall with Zayn? The two of you are acting like you are ignorant fans, that ship 'Ziz'! I get it, we are really close, sometimes two people have that connection, but I would never do that to Niall! I can't believe this, don't you trust me?" "Ofcourse we do! But.." "Do you trust Zayn?" "To be honest, no, not in these circumcstances. We know Zayn longer than today, and If he wants something, he won't stop for anyrthing until he gets it, and we think that he wants.. You." That last sentence worried me. If what Liam is saying is true, I had a serious problem. But at that moment, I was still dealing with my skeptic friends. "But you trust me enough to know that whatever Zayn does, I can resist it. And by the way, if Zayn really 'wanted' me, I would've known by now.." "So nothing is going on between you then?"Harry asked. I sighed, lying to them was really hard, but it was the only possible way. "Nothing, I swear!" A smile formed on their faces, and I knew that's what they wanted to hear. I opened my arms wide open, and they responded by hugging me at the same time. Nevertheless, I wasn't happy. The Liam/Harry problem was solved, but the Zayn problem only got worse after this conversation.

Day 7: Despite everything, I managed to act normal around Zayn, trying to block the thoughts out of my head. I was really tired when we had to leave for the airport in the early morning, so I slept halfway through the flight, my head on Niall's shoulder. I had a blast, going on vacantion with the boys, my issue's with Zayn not counting, but I was glad I was going to be in Holland in a couple of hours, to clear my head.

*A/N: BOO! So this chapter was a bit different, wasn't it? I really wanted to express the relationship between Zayn and Liz, and how it affects the others. Also, I just really like to write about them being on a holiday, so for me, this was the only way to fit a whole week in just one chapter. I hope you guys like it! Any feedback, comments? I'd love to hear them! Xoxo

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