It's hard, dating the famous Niall Horan. But it gets only harder when your new bestfriend Zayn Malik loves you, more than just friends. After one crazy night you discover that deep inside, you want the same. Secret kissing, crying and lying becomes part of your life. How to deal with all this? But more importantly, how to choose?


8. Concerns and Confusement

POV Niall

Our appartment was big, but simple. We had a huge livingroom, with some instruments standing there, like a piano and guitars. The doors to my and Zayn's room, the studyroom, the bathroom, the kitchen and the balcony were all set in the livingroom. To reach Liam's and Louis'/Harry's room, and the second bathroom, you had to go through a little hallway right next to the kitchen. (Still following? XD). At the moment, I was running through the appartment like a mad man. Searching for candles in the livingroom, cooking dinner in the kitchen, taking a shower in the bathroom and dressing up in my bedroom. I looked at my watch. 5 minutes left, before Liz would be here. I wanted to pick her up from the airport, but we both decided that kissing her in public wasn't a good idea, so a taxi would bring her. The other boys were visiting their parents, so that me and Liz would have some privacy till tomorrow noon. Then she would meet them. I was just putting the plates with hot spaghetti on the dinnertable, when I heard a car pull up in front of the flat. I popped my head out of the window, and there she was, getting her suitcase out of the trunk. I ran downstairs as fast as I could. When I reached the ground floor, she just closed the frontdoor, all the way at the other side of the lobby. She turned around, and when she say me she squeeled. She dropped her luggage and ran over to me. I couldn't help but think about all the films were two people are running towards eachother in slowmotion. But this time it was really happening. And it certainly wasn't in slowmotion. In fact, she was running so fast she bumped into me, which made us both fall to the ground. She landed on top of me. "Quite a nice entrance, babe." "I missed you too Niall.." I chuckled, and finally, after two months, I smashed my lips into hers again. I moaned inside, it was worth the wait. After a few minutes, we both came to the sudden realisation that we were still lying in the lobby, so we grabbed her stuff and went upstairs. We had a terrific time, I'm not going to give you any details, but besides giving her a little tour around the appartment, dinner and watching a couple of movies, we made out A LOT. And you can't blame us for it. It was time to go to bed, and Liz went into the bathroom to put on her pyjamas. I went into the kitchen to make myself a cup of hot chocolate, so I would sleep better. Just as I turned around, Liz was there and she bumped into, which made me spill my drink. "After two months you still don't know how to walk normally, sweetheart?" She groaned. "You better help me with my pyjama's, they are covered in chocolate!" "Well, you can't wear that anymore. Wait, I'll go get you some of my t-shirts to sleep in!" After she changed again, we went to my bedroom. I loved it that she was wearing my shirt, it looked really good on her. We both were too tired too make out or something, cause we already did that all day long, so we just snuggled up, lying the exact same way as we were lying on our date in the London Eye. I felt really comfortable, falling asleep so close to her, so within minutes, I dozed off.


POV Zayn

I was driving my car through London. I visited my parents yesterday, it was great seeing them and my siblings again. All five of us did, actually. Niall was the only one not visiting his parents this time. I knew there was a reason, but somehow I couldn't remember what it was. What I did know was that we all would be home around 11 O'clock. I was pretty sure of that. I parked my car in front of the flat, took my bag and walked the stairs to our appartment. I walked in, and the first thing I notice was that none of the boys were here, normally I'm the one who is always late. The second thing I noticed was that I heard a  voice coming from the kitchen. I came closer and heard that it was singing. I see you drivin' round town with the girl I love and I'm like, F*ck youuuu, ohohoh. It was a pretty nice voice to be honest. I walked into the kitchen, and I had to blink my eyes a few times before I realised what I was seeing. In front of me was a girl dressed in nothing more than a t-shirt and underwear, making breakfast. She had her head in a cabinet, so I only saw her behind. I cleared my throat to let her now I was here. I guess I scared her, because she bumped her head really hard. "OUCH! Niall, don't scare m-" She turned around and her eyes went wide when she saw me. "Oh no, y-you're not.. you're not supposed to be home for another hour!" "Excuse me?" I now had a good look on her. I must say, I liked what I say. She had a pretty face and a nice body. But then I realised, this was Niall's new girlfriend we were supposed to meet! "Wait a second, you're Liz!" "No shit sherlock, did you find that out all by yourself?" I shook her hand. "Sorry I scared you. I'm Zayn by the way." "I know that. And it's okay, just don't do it again!" She winked at me. God, Niall was one lucky leprechaun! Then I noticed the shirt she was wearing belonged to Niall. "Wow, I see you guys had a great night!" She got what I was talking about and started blushing. "N-no! It's not what you think. I didn't sleep with Niall! Well, I did, but we didn't have.. you know. He spilled hot chocolate on my pyjama's so..." "Relax, love! I was making a joke. I didn't think you would be the person to do that anyways." "Thanks, I guess.." It started to get akwardly silent, but right at that moment, Niall walked in, with only his boxers on. "Zayn, mate! What are you doing here? Didn't I tell you to wait until noon!" "Sorry mate, I forgot.." Liz joined our conversation. "It's okay Zayn, it could happen to anyone, don't worry about it." By that time, her hand was on my arm. It gave me goosebumps.  "Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to get dressed, before the other boys decide to show up early too!" She gave Niall a quick kiss before she walked into the bathroom. I watched every step she took. I ripped my eyes off, only to see Niall giving me a death glare. "I already said sorry Niall, there's nothing you can do about it!" "I guess you're right.. So what do you think of her??" "Liz? Well.. erhm.. She looks really good, that's for sure! And she seems really nice. I think the two of you make a great couple!" "Thanks man, I appreciate it! Now go unpack your stuff, the others will be here pretty soon!" He left the room, and I just stood there. thinking about the last 10 minutes. I had a strange feeling in my stomach, but I couldn't  really place it. At that moment I thought it was nothing. If I only knew back then... 



Just relax Liz, you're going to be fine. You're only about to meet 2/5 of the biggest boyband in the world. Oh god.. I tried to calm myself but it didn't work. I guess I just have to let it all happen. I just hoped it wouldn't be that akward than it was with Zayn. First, he scared the shit out of me, then I suddenly had a stutter for no reason, and then he thought I've had sex with Niall last night. Couldn't go any better, if you ask me. Besides that, I really did like Zayn. He seemed like a nice person, and he was even more attractive than on the pictures I've seen of him. He was hot! No, I can't think of that right now, I have to focus on today, they have to like me. I got dressed and threw some water in my face. When I looked into the mirror, my face was really pale. Great.. I squeezed my cheeks, hoping that the paleness would go away, after all, last time I checked, I wasn't a sparkly vampire. My head snapped up when I heard loud voices on the other side of the door. I took one last deep breath and put on a smile before I opened the door. Showtime.. 

My heart was pounding in my chest when I closed the bathroomdoor and turned around. My eyes shot across the room. Niall was sitting on a chair, and Zayn stood behind it. The frontdoor was open, and there was Harry in the doorstep, quickly followed by Louis. They were in an argument about if French fries were really French. I walked towards them. I quickly looked at Niall, he smiled at me like he was saying; you can do it!  When they saw me something unusual happened. "There she is!" they both said. Harry held out his hand, and I was about to shake it, when Louis stood between us, and gave me a really  tight hug. "So nice to finally meet you Liz!" Still a bit suprised, I answered "Nice to meet you too!" Even though the hug was unexpected, it gave me confidence. I walked towards Harry and shook his hand. "Sorry about..him. You will get used to it." He whispered. I laughed "It's okay, Oh and by the way.." I raised my voice so the others would hear me too "French fries aren't really from France, they're from Belgium!" "I knew it!" Louis shouted. We all laughed, but we're interrupted by Liam and Danielle arriving. I got a hug from Danielle, and Liam whispered in my ear while shaking my hand "I've never seen Niall this happy. Thank you so much, you must be really special." I smiled. I was so glad that everyone was so nice, and that they gave me such a warm welcome. They made me feel like I was home. We had a blast together, having dinner, watching some tv and just goofing around. I talked about girl stuff with Dani, and the boys.. Well, they are exactly how I expected them to be. Really funny, nice, loud and sometimes really annoying. Boys will be boys! They came to the conclusion that I'm the female version of Niall, because we had the same humor, we both ate a lot, and we were both really childish. Not my words! They were joking that they couldn't handle another Nialler in the house. But they also said that we were perfect for eachother. In fact, they helped me and Niall making a schedule, so that I could visit them every 3 weeks and every vacation, so it could be combined with their busy lives, and me still getting to see them regulary. 

The next morning I woke up really early. I pulled out of Niall's embrace, without waking him up. I walked into the kitchen. Zayn stood there, making scrambled eggs. "Goodmorning love!" "Morning.." "Wow, you aren't a morning person are you?" That made me smile. "Not at all, to be honest with you!" "I think I can handle it." I really had a connection with Zayn. Not that I didn't like the others, but me and him was different.. It felt like we'd known eachother for years. I felt really comfortable around him. After some chitchat I asked him something what I wanted to ask him since yesterday. "So.. where is Perrie?" "Who?" "Perrie...Your girlfriend." "Oh yeah, right. She couldn't make it, she had something at the studio. But she wanted me to say Hi to you from her!" "So.. tell me something about her!" "Like what?" "Idunno, give me details!" "Erhm, she's nice.." "Nice? That's all?" "Sorry, I really don't feel like talking about her right know." He turned around so I couldn't see his face anymore. That was weird. Did I do something wrong? Harry walked into the kitchen, his curls sticking against his forhead. Saved by the bell.. again. During breakfast everything seemed normal again. Zayn talked to me again, like nothing happened. Note to myself; Don't talk about Perrie anymore. The rest of the day flew by and before I knew it, I had to leave. Everyone hugged me, and Niall walked me to the lobby, where we shared a long kiss. It was a perfect weekend, but I couldn't let go of what happened this morning with Zayn. I wondered what was up with him?

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