It's hard, dating the famous Niall Horan. But it gets only harder when your new bestfriend Zayn Malik loves you, more than just friends. After one crazy night you discover that deep inside, you want the same. Secret kissing, crying and lying becomes part of your life. How to deal with all this? But more importantly, how to choose?


21. Champagne and Crutches

POV Niall

"Do you want to move in with me or not?" I watched her slowly closing her eyes, and biting her lip. She was about to say no, I could feel it! How could I be so stupid to put her under this much pressure? I knew damn well she hated that! But no, this fool had to be so impulsive to listen to Harry. New thing on my to-do-list: Kill Styles. I really didn't wanna hear her say that one word that would just break my heart, and hers aswell, I'd rather just put my fingers in my ears and sing really loudly, or even better, jump out of the window. If there was just something I could do..Before I knew it I blurred out another sentence. "Or you can come with us on tour this summer!" I mentally punched myself in the face. Really, Horan? Another impulsive action? Way to go! I probably only made it worse. I was about to take everything back I said when her face lightened up. "Actually, that's not a bad idea! This way I can not only spend the whole summer with you guys, but also travel the world! And if things go well, I can move in with you after the tour. 'Cause then we will know it's the right choice!" A big smile grew on her face, and I couldn't help but mirror that smile. I took a strain of her hair and tugged it behind her ear. "I love you, Liz." She blushed a little and put her hand over mine, that was still resting on her cheek. "I love you more." "That's impossible!" Cheesy, I know, but that's us. She giggled, leaned in and softly kissed me on the lips. I could still feel the taste of croissants when I deepened the kiss and slid my tongue in her mouth. We fought for dominance for a while, but I won. I seemed to be winning a lot today. I broke the kiss and started trailing my lips down to her neck, slightly sucking and making lovebites. When I reached her soft spot, she moaned a little too loud. We heard laughter coming from the other side of the door, the sound of somebody getting smacked and a soft 'Ouch!'. Liz quickly pulled away and squinted her eyes. "What the.." She stepped out of bed and silently made her way over to the door. In one big movement she swung the door open, and four bodies stumbled to the floor. Harry was the first one to look up at me, guilt in his eyes but still that smirk plastered on his face. He got up and jumped on the bed, quickly followed by the others. "Harry! I told you to give me some privacy!" I exclaimed. "I know, sorry! We were all just really excited.." Change on my list: slowly and painfully kill Styles. I sighed, and quickly grabbed the bagel Harry was reaching for. I took a bite out of it, leaving him with a sad expression on his face. "I wanted that.." He whispered. We were interrupted when we heard Liz cough loudly. We all turned our heads to look at her. She hadn't moved from the spot next to the door, her arms crossed over her chest and one foot impatiently tapping on the floor. "Somebody, care to explain?" I let out a chuckle and patted on the spot next to me, gesturing her to sit. She obied, her face still showing a mix of confusion, impatience and.. anger? "Honey, before you get mad, this is not what it looks like. Yes, Harry helped me with the whole breakfast-thing, but he never should've eavesdropped on us. That's his fault, not mine." I quickly said, and pushed Harry, in return he glared at me and the bagel I was still holding in my hand. "And for them.." I said, while looking at Louis, Dani and Liam who were sitting on the opposite side of the bed. "They knew about all of this. But only because they needed to give their permission, in order for you to move in. I guess they just got a little bit too excited. Again, not my fault!" Liz started laughing, something that suprised us all. "I'm not mad, Nialler! How can I ever be mad at you? I'm just.. really happy that you all want me to move in with you, and I can't wait for tour to start! And yes, Harry is an arse, but that's nothing new!" She giggled, while ruffling through his curls. "Grouphug!" Dani yelled, and we all leaned in. When we pulled back, Louis started speaking. "I think this deserves a little champagne! I'll go get it!" He attemped to get up, when Liz stopped him. "Wait, Zayn's not here! Where is he?" Liam shrugged. "Still in bed, probably. He has been like this since the meeting, he takes it really bad!" "Bad or not, I want him here so somebody better get him!" "Yes, ma'am!" I grabbed Liam's wrist, holding it tight. "No, let me go get him. I want to talk to him." "But your leg.." "I'll be fine!" I got up, grabbed my crutches and started half-walking, half-limping towards Zayn's room. Pain shot through my leg, but I tried my best to ignore it. I stopped in shock when I opened Zayn's door. The room was an absolute mess, clothes and leftovers filled the floor, which made it almost impossible to get to his bed. I somehow managed to, and I poked the bump under the blankets with one of my crutches. Zayn's head peeked above it. "What do you want?" He growled. "Well, Liz just agreed on going with us on tour, so we're having a mini-party on the bed, and she wanted you to be there!" It went silent for a while, I saw the corners of his lips curling up for just a second, before he pulled the covers back over his head. "I'm not in the mood." His muffled voice spoke. I threw my head back in frustration. This needed to stop right now! "Listen, we are all really bumped out after what happened, nobody wants Larry all over again! But there's nothing you can do about it. So you can get depressed over it, or move on with your life like us, and celebrate the small, good things." "Easy for you to say! I bet you aren't sad at all! You got what you wanted after all, I'm not a threat anymore.." "Oh yeah, I really enjoy seeing my girlfriend and my best bud go through this! I couldn't be happier! I can't believe you think I see you as a threat, Zayn! I don't believe in Ziz, because you two say it doesn't exist, and I believe that! You're making it really hard on yourself, you always do! It's not like you are actually in love with her, right?" Oh, how naive I was back then.. "Ofcourse not.." He whispered under his breath. Filthy liar. "Then I don't know what you are crying for. I'll make sure myself the two of you can spend enough time together backstage, alright?" I should've known better back then.. "Thanks Niall, for being such a good friend to me." Ofcourse. "Are you coming or not?" He nodded and smiled, helping me stumble back to my own bedroom. When we walked in, Louis was just popping the champagne bottle. When Liz saw us, she ran towards us. But instead of hugging me, she ran past me and jumped in his arms. "Zaynie, you're here!" "Wouldn't wanna miss this!" She grabbed his hand and leaded him to the bed. When he sat down everyone hugged him and patted him on the shoulder, glad that he was back. I watched the scene in front of me from the door opening. At that point I didn't suspect a thing. Zayn and Liz were just really, really good friends. Liz looked over at me. "Come sit down, honey!" We all drank a glass of champagne, having a good time. Everything was back to normal. At least, it was for me. Harry raised his glass. "Here's to a wonderful summer coming up! Yeah there will be camera's all the time, so it's gonna be tough for Larry and Ziz, (everyone chuckled) but that doesn't mean we won't have the time of our lives! Here's to us!" Everyone raised their glasses as well. "Here's to us!" "We'll be fine, won't we Zaynie?" Liz said with a small smile. He returned the smile, hurt still flashing through his eyes. "Yeah, we will.." Yup, naive was definitely the right word for me.



"I bet, that if you throw that grape at me, I can catch it with my mouth!" Liam said from his spot next to me at the kitchen table. Zayn was leaning against the fridge, as he raised an eyebrow. "Oh, really? Well then.. Catch!" He shouted as he threw the grape at Liam. He reached over the table and catched it in his mouth, without any effort. "Told you!" "Hmpf, lucky shot.." "Let's make it more interesting then. I'll.. go stand on the balcony and you throw one from the opposite side of the room. I'm sure I'll still manage to catch it perfectly fine." Liam said while leaning back in his chair, arms crossed and a cocky grin plastered on his face. "You're totally bluffing! But.. Fuck it, why not?" That's when I interfered. "Just keep it down, please! I'm trying to study here. Exams coming up in a few weeks, you know!" I said while pointing at the crap load of books spread across the table in front of me. "What? You're not gonna watch how I become 'The Grape Master'?" Liam exclaimed, showing of his muscles. Zayn snorted sarcastically. "Master? More like grape moron.." When he say Liam's quasi-sad face he rolled his eyes and pushed him towards the door. "Just walk, Li!" When the door slammed shut behind them, I sighed in relief. Finally..silence! My focus went back to my geography books. Just 28 more pages to go.. But before I could even read the first word, Liam's head poked around the door. "You coming or what?" "Fine! Two minutes, no more!" Liam grinned as I followed him to the living room. I chuckled a little when I saw the scene in front of me. Louis and Harry were cramped together in one armchair (not that they minded). Dani was half asleep on one of the couches, and Niall layed on the other, reaching out his arms to me like a toddler. I got the hint and let myself fall back on the couch, resting my head on Niall’s lap. “How is studying going, baby?" "Okay, I guess.. But it's a lot of work, and those idiots keep distracting me!" Niall gave me a sympathizing look and kissed me on the forehead. "You're gonna be just fine, I believe in you!" I smiled and turned my head a little, to watch the little show between Zayn and the 'Grape Master'. They had both positioned themselves on their spot, Liam on the balcony, the doors wide open, and Zayn by the wall across from it. Zayn looked bored and impatient, Liam on the other hand was taking things very serious. His eyes were closed, and he was rubbing his hands together, like he was mentally preparing himself. After what seemed like two minutes full of prayers and stretching, he was ready. Zayn tossed the grape with a large bow, and Liam opened his mouth wide open. It was like everything happened in slow motion. The grape came closer and closer to Liam and he...missed! The grape bounced from his nose onto the ground. Everyone bursted out laughing. But Liam wasn't amused at all. With a pouth on his face, he took a step forward. But he accidently kicked the grape, making it balance dangerly on the edge. Because the balcony was a bit crooked, it rolled off and fell to the ground. A few seconds later we heard a man yelling words that cannot be repeated. Liam leaned over the railing, but quickly shot back and ducked, his eyes wide. "I think I just hit someone in the eye with a grape!" That only made us laugh harder, luckily Liam joined us this time. After we regained our laughter, Zayn decided it was his time to give it a shot. Him and Liam switched places. Liam threw the grape and Zayn dived after it and landed on the ground. We all thought he failed as well, but when he got up, he smiled, revealing the grape between his teeth. Everyone started cheering, and Zayn did a happy dance. "Who's the grape master now?" "Alright, you deserve the title." Liam admitted, and they high-fived. I sighed. "I have to go back to studying, guys.. Although it was really fun! So this is what touring with you is going to be like?" "Basically!" The boys replied in sync. I sighed, but this time from happiness. I honestly couldn't wait..


*A/N: Wait a sec, she's still alive? Frankly, I am! First of all, my sincere apologies for not updating in like two months. The thing is, I thought I would've a lot of free time, but I didn't! My entire vacation was packed with going to Turkey, hanging out with friends, visiting family, going on trips to football matches, museums, themeparks, the movie theatre and so on! Oh, and I also went to see Jeff Dunham in Amsterdam, he's my hero! So many things to do, in such a short time.. But I can't complain, I love my life and enjoy every bit of it! Long story short, I simply had no time at all to update! And now school.. The pressure is high, because I'm in my last year, you see? Also, I got stuck while writing this chapter. The first part was no problem but the second part.. I spend a whole month of deleting and re-writing, but now I finally think it's good enough to present to you! So, how's everybody doing? Remember, if there's anything you want to talk about, just message me, I'm there for you! I'm dealing with my own issues right now, I managed to fall in love with one of my friends, whose girlfriend passed away a couple of months ago.. Like, really? I'm a horrible person XD But I see things positive, I think he kinda likes me too! But enough of me rambling on, I hope you like this chapter! I'm not gonna bother you with all kinds of cliff-hangers and shit, I just wanna know one thing: Team Ziz or Team Liall? ;)  About the next chapter; I can't say for sure, because I'm going on a field trip to Berlin for a few days next week, but I will try to write as much as possible! XOXO

PS: Who has tickets to 1D on the 25th of june in Amsterdam? I do, and I thought it would be fun to hear who else got tickets! :)

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