It's hard, dating the famous Niall Horan. But it gets only harder when your new bestfriend Zayn Malik loves you, more than just friends. After one crazy night you discover that deep inside, you want the same. Secret kissing, crying and lying becomes part of your life. How to deal with all this? But more importantly, how to choose?


11. Breaks and blames

Lately, things have changed. Not with me, or the boys or anything, but with the media. The second after Niall announced his relationship with me, the fans created 'Liall', the nickname of me and Niall. I thought it was kinda funny. But now there was a new ship, 'Ziz'.. You get it? Exactly, me and Zayn. Some of the directioners actually believe that we are in a secret relationship, that's crazy! But I can't blame them for it, Zayn and I spend a lot of time together, doing the groceries and stuff, and they noticed how close we were. If I was just a fangirl, I would have doubts too. But I feel so sorry for Niall. I told him and least a hundred times that he had nothing to worry about, and he believed me, but I could still see it was bothering him. I won't be seeing him for another 2 weeks, but maybe that's for the best, giving him some time. I was thinking about it, because I couldn't sleep, when suddenly, my phone started ringing. I looked at the screen and saw it was Liam. Why would he call at this time? "Hello?" "Oh good you're still awake! Look, I know it sounds a bit strange, but you have to come to London." "Why? Is something wrong??" "Well, something's up with Zayn.. He won't come out of his room, he's been in there for 3 days straight now. We have no clue what's going on, because he doesn't want to speak to any of us. Maybe you could try and talk to him, you're his best friend, and our only hope, cause this has to stop." I couldn't speak for a couple of seconds, trying to understand what Liam just said. "Liz, you there?" "Yeah, ofcourse I will come! I'll be there tomorrow morning!" "Thank you so much! I will pick you up at the airport!" As soon as I hung up the phone, I started panicking. What was wrong with Zayn??

*The next morning*

Liam kept his promise and picked me up from the airport. He drove as fast as he could, because he saw the worried look on my face. When we arrived at the lobby, I sprinted towards the elevator, and walked in the appartment, followed by Liam. Ofcourse I had to kiss Niall, and hug Louis, Harry and Dani, but I was getting impatient. After they all welcomed me, I walked towards Zayn's door, hearing a few voices behind me, wishing me good luck. I opened the door, and turned on the lights. Zayn laid in his bed, wearing a hoodie. He hadn't shaved in days, the beard made him look really lean, and he had huge bags under his eyes. "Liz? What are you doing here?" He said in a weak voice. My heart broke when I heard that. "Checking up on you.. Looks like you need it." I walked over to the bed,  crawled under the covers next to him, and rested my head on his chest. He automatically wrapped his arms around me, like he always did. Only this time, it felt different. We laid there for a couple minutes, when I finally had the guts to break the silence. "What's happening to you, Zaynie?" "Nothing..." "This isn't nothing. I know you won't talk to the boys, but please, talk to me. I can't live knowing that you are unhappy, and I can fix it." Although I couldn't see his face, I could tell that he was crying. "I-I broke up with Perrie." I really didn't know how to react to that. "Oh.. I'm really sorry. You must feel horrible.." "That's not why I'm sad. It was just a matter of time to be honest." "I'm glad you're not upset about the break up, but what is it then?" "The reason I broke up with her." Zayn began to sob hysterically. Hearing him like this, made me cry too. I pulled him closer, and rubbed his back. "Please..don't ask me.. what it..was." He whispered in between his sobs. "You know you have to tell me." "Promise you won't be mad at me." "I could never be mad at you, boo." "I'm in love with another girl.." "But that's great, go tell her, she will make you happy again!" "She does, every minute I get to spend with her.. But she already has a boyfriend." Ouch.. "I still think you should tell her, just get it over with it, then you won't be sad anymore. " "Allright.. Liz.. I'm in love with you." I let go of him, and sat straight up, facing him. "You are what??" "You promised you wouldn't get mad. I'm so sorry, I can't help it, you're just so beautiful and.." "So all this time, we were this close, hugging and stuff like that, it was just because you wanted to FUCK ME?" "No Liz, you don't understand.." "I just need some time alone now, alright?" I quickly walked away, slamming the door behind me. 

POV Zayn

No! What have I done? This wasn't supposed to happen! Why do I have to be some impulsive all the time? I should have just keep my mouth shut, now everything is ruined. From the moment I laid my eyes on her for the first time, I loved her. I just didn't know it yet. The first time I realised was a couple of weeks ago. Liz came up to me, all happy, because she just learned a new awesome song on the piano. Everytime she started playing, I was hypnotised, she was so good! She helped me and the boys with keeping our voices 'warm'. She had a pretty good voice, so sometimes she sung, or even rapped along! For example, she performed Stereo Hearts with Liam, she did all the Travie parts, it was so funny! This time, she learned to play No Air, a duet from Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown, and she asked me to sing it with her. I reckon you all know the lyrics to that song, not something that 'just friends' sing to each other.. But we had fun singing together. At one point, during my solo, I looked at her, and it felt like a wave hit me. I could barely focus on the song anymore, and at that moment I knew I was in love with her. I tried to control it as much a I could, not becoming jealous, but three days ago, I overheard Niall and Liz talking on the phone. She was telling him that she would never be in love with me, and that Niall was the only one for her. At that moment I broke. Without thinking, I drove to Perrie and broke up with her, saying that I didn't have any feelings for her. She was crushed, but I couldn't care less at that moment.  When I got home, the only thing I could do was cry, so I locked myself up in my room. I was about to leave my room for the first time since then, because I needed to talk to her. When I walked out of the room, all the boys looked at me with suprised eyes. "Where's Liz?" I asked. "On the balcony.." Harry said. "Why is she so upset?" I just ignored him, and opened the sliding door that gave access to the balcony. I found her sitting in on of the plastic chairs, her hands were clenched to fists, her eyes all puffy, probably from crying. I took place in the chair next to her, watching the view. "I don't want to talk to you." She sneered. "You don't have to talk, just listen to me. Give me a chance to explain." She looked at me with narrowed eyes. "You better have a damn good reason, Malik." "Look, I didn't choose to fall in love with you. I think I had feelings from the very beginning, I just didn't know it. Remember when we were singing No Air together? That was the moment I knew.. You can't blame me, you are a pretty girl, and you and I both know we would be a perfect couple together. We have chemistry, Liz! I never wanted you to know, didn't want you to be mad, or confused. But I will promise you now, I will never pull anything on you, just continue to live your life, I will back down." "I don't want you to back down.." She whispered. I looked at her in confusement. "Zayn, can you promise that you'll still be my best friend, and that you will threw to" "Anything for you." She slid her hand into mine, and layed her head on my shoulder. "I'm sorry I freaked out like that, it was unreasonable.." I just squeezed her hand, I didn't have to say anything, she understood me. After a while she sighed. "What are we going to tell the boys?" Oops, forgot about that. "We just tell them the truth.. At least half of it. That I broke up with Perrie.." "How do we explain that I got so upset?" To be honest, I had no answer to that. "Wait, we can say that I was trying to cheer you up, but you didn't want it, and you got mad at me, what made me upset!" "You're genius, Liz!" "I know!" We both started laughing, and I knew that everything was fine again. "Let's go!" She jumped out of her chair, and pulled me up." Just before she opened the door, she let go of my hand. But it didn't bother me that much, I was glad that I got the thing that was disturbing me off my chest. 

*A/N Hey Hey!!! Sorry I let you wait this long, but I made it up to you with this looong chapter. It's getting really interesting now, isn't it? ;) Believe me, in the next chapter, something shocking is going to happen! I bet no one can guess what is is :P Xxx 

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