I Finally Found You (Completed)

Today, my name is Olivia Moore. But, it used to be Erin Parker. I had grown up with a normal life in Holmes Chapel, England. I had two of the best parents a child could have. Though I didn’t have any siblings, I had a best friend, Harry.

But, that all changed two years ago. Why? Because I died...or at least that’s what everyone thought. They all thought that I was in a car explosion when I was 16, when someone had planted a car bomb. My friends, family, and anyone I had ever known lost me.

But in reality, none of that happened. Yes, I lost the people around me, but that was because I went into hiding. Three days before I “died,” I saw something that I shouldn't have, so my life was in danger. I didn't really have very much time to say goodbye to everyone I loved. The fact that they didn't know what really happened kills me, they all think I’m dead, that I’m never going to come back. Until now.

Copyright © 2012 -> Iridescent Artist


9. Chapter 8




The note lingered in my hands as I thought about calling Erin. My mind went over things I could possibly say to her. 

Why did you leave?

Where have you been?

Why didn't you tell me?

Why did you make everyone think you were dead?

I missed you.

I only had a limited amount of time to call her, because we had to go do loads of interviews right away. I took out my phone and started to dial her number, but I didn't have to time finish it.

"Harry! Come on, time for interviews!" Paul called back to me. Everyone was walking down the long hallway towards the main interview room. I hadn't realized that I had stopped half way.

"One minute, I've gotta call someone."

He started to come towards me to keep me moving. Behind him, I could see Niall chuckle and nod at me, as if to tell me that I would be the one to do this while we were on a tight schedule.

"It's going to have to wait, extra film crews showed up so we have to do more interviews than originally planned."


"Come on," He put his hand on my back to urge me to go. "That can wait, you know that."

We walked through the double doors at the end of the corridor, into a regular sized room where there seemed to be an area where we could stand during interviews. The curtain was set up behind it and everything.

"Don't worry Harry, she'll still be there when you call." Liam said patting my shoulder. I nodded at him as we went to the first interview.

The interviewer was a red headed woman, probably in her thirties. She smiled and gave us a greeting, "Hey guys! My name is Lorisa, can we get started?"

"Yeah sounds good." Louis said. We got in the formation of a line with her on our right sides. She greeted the camera and started to ramble off questions after she congratulated us on the performance. It was a fairly quick interview, with questions about us in general, how we started, and what we thought about American girls.

After the interview, the next camera crew came over with another interviewer. We found that all of the interviews asked basically the same questions, but in different ways, so it seemed to take longer. During this process, I kept on worrying about if Erin was scared that I wouldn't call because we were taking so long.

After our twelve interviews that seemed to take forever, we all hopped into the suburban to go back to our hotel. I decided that calling Erin would be a bad idea until we got back to our rooms because I would want some privacy.




Back in my room, I picked up my phone and dialed the number that was on the paper. I put the phone to my ear and sat on the couch that faced the TV.

I saw that my hands were started to sweat a little bit. I shouldn't have been nervous, she was my best friend. Nothing should have changed.

On the fourth ring, "Hello?" I recognized her voice the second I heard it, but I didn't say anything. I just froze, unable to speak. "Hello? Who's this?"

"Erin?" My voice came out unsteady and nervous, which is exactly what I did not want.

I was relieved that she could recognize my voice too, "Harry, I-" She stopped, and I could sense that she was possibly crying on the other end, because she was breathing a little heavily through the phone.

"Ehr Bear, don't cry."

She laughed a little through the tears that I couldn't see, "Harry, I don't know where to start."

I wanted to hug her like I used to all of the time. All I knew was that talking on the phone wasn't enough. I needed to see her, "Erin wait, don't tell me on the phone. Can you meet me somewhere? Please?”

She didn't say anything for a couple of seconds, "One minute, sorry," After a break, she came back. "Yeah, meet me at my flat?"

I walked over to see what the streets looked like outside. They were crowded with fans, waiting for us to come out. Some of them saw my face and started to scream. There was no way that Paul would let me go again without a body guard. And I was afraid that if I did, I would get mobbed. And I didn't really want to bring a body guard with me at all. I would feel weird with him going over to Erin's.

"Is there any way that you could meet me at my hotel? I'm not sure if I could make it out without a body guard."



"It's just that I can't." She left it at that, no reason why, no explanation. There was something her voice that worried me a little bit, she was being very hesitant.

"Why not? What's wrong?"

"Nothing," she paused as if she had to think about her answer., "I- I just can't tell you. I'm sorry but I can't."


"You have to just trust me. We can only meet if you come to my place."

None of this made any sense. She was being so difficult and so mysterious with everything. But I figured that because everyone thought she was dead, it has to be a good reason.

"You said that you would explain everything to me, will you tell me if I come?"

"Yes I promise Harry." She gave me her address and I put it into my phone.

"Okay, don't leave Erin, I'm coming soon."

"I won't this time." I heard the phone click and I checked the location of her flat. It wasn't extremely far, but it would take me a half hour to get there if I left now. But how was I going to leave again?

Yesterday, Paul was furious that Liam, Louis, and I didn't tell him about going out. And he was even more frustrated by the fact that we didn’t bring any body guards. There would be no way that I could do that again by myself now, primarily when the crowd was that bad down there. If I told Paul, he would make me go with a body guard, no question about it.

I had a very simple plan to get away from here and I knew Louis would help me with it. I reached his room door and knocked on it.

"Harry!" He exclaimed.


Behind him, Zayn popped his head out, mimicking us, "Zayn!"

I walked into his room as we chuckled, "Did she answer?" Louis asked.

I nodded my head, "Yeah, but I need you guys to distract the crowd. I have to leave."

"Where to?" Zayn asked.

"I'm going to Erin's place to talk. And I don't want a body guard, so I have to sneak out through the back."

"And she can't come here?" Louis was definitely questioning the situation.

"No." I said, shaking my head

"Why not?"

I was a tad hesitant to tell them, because it just sounded…off. But I trusted Erin, "She said that she couldn't, that I had to go there."

Zayn arched an eyebrow at me, "This doesn't sound right Harry. Right Lou?"

Louis nodded his head in agreement.

"Look, I know that it doesn't, but I've got to trust her. I don't want to lose her again. I just got her back for crying out loud."

Louis sighed and gave in, "Alright, but just text me when you get away from the hotel, 'kay?"

"Yeah, and take a cab," Zayn suggested.

We got into a lift and started to go down to the lobby, "Wait, what if Paul asks where I'm at?"

"Don't worry, we've got this," Zayn put his hand into my curls and shook them. "Just go get your girl."

"Zayn, we’re not like that." I stated as I got off on the second floor. I would be taking the stairs the rest of the way.

Louis and Zayn wished me luck and went down. I waited near a window where no one could see me and waited to hear the screams of girls to confirm that they had walked out. Once the screams became louder, I went down the stairs as fast as I could and went over to the back entrance.

I made it outside and quickly hailed a cab. I gave the driver the address and we were on our way. I looked through the back window to see if anyone had seen me leave, and it didn't appear to be that way




Mia had told me that she was going over to Trevor's house for the day, which was a relief because I knew that I would be able to see Harry. Trevor was Mia's boyfriend of seven months. They were extremely cute together, which made me a little jealous of them.

I had to convince Harry to come to my place over the phone. I was secretly thanking god when he said that he would come. There would be no way that I could go to his hotel, there would be girls with cameras everywhere, taking pictures. I couldn't be in any pictures, even if I was just in the background. I had to be unseen by people. Remember that I didn't technically exist, which is why I "hated" taking pictures.

Jonathan would be furious if he ever found out I made contact with someone from my past life. I bet he would make me move and take up a new identity immediately. I just had to make sure he was kept in the dark on the whole thing.

"Hey, I'm heading out. See you tonight?" Mia suggested, poking her head into my room.

"Yeah! Go have fun with Trevor." I gave her shooing motion with my hands. She started to laugh and went back into the main area of our flat.

"Bye Olivia!" I heard her say as she walked out the door.

I decided to shower really quickly before Harry would get here. I wiped off all of yesterday's and this morning's grime off of my body and out of my hair. So much had already happened today, it was actually hard to believe. I had broken a major rule, I was technically lying to my roommate/best friend, and I would be reconnecting with Harry soon.

After wrapping myself up with a towel once I had stepped out of the shower, I wandered over to my room. Picking out an outfit, I went for some black skinny jeans and a cream colored sweater. I finished everything up by drying out my hair and doing my makeup.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I really did not look like the same person that Harry last saw over two years ago back in Holmes Chapel. I was taller and my body seemed to be all legs now. My hair was longer and had taken up a darker shade of brown. But my eyes were the same, having a turquoise hue with yellow flecks in them. The only thing different about them were that they were now surrounded by black eyeliner now.

I looked older and more mature. Hopefully, Harry wouldn't think my personality had changed a whole lot just because my appearance had.

I went into the small kitchenette and leaned against the counter. Looking at the time on my phone, I saw that Harrywas going to be there any minute. On cue, I heard a knock on my door. I walked over to the door and took a breath and braced myself for what was on the other side.

I grabbed the silver handle and opened the door. Next thing I knew, Harry slammed into me, hugging me. He was holding on pretty tight, I could only move enough so I could hug him back.

He released me for a second, to bring his hands up to hold my face, "It’s really you. You're alive, I can't believe it," He went back to hugging me and whispered into my ear. "What happened?"

I didn't respond, but he held me for a little longer. When he eventually stepped back to end the embrace, I went over and shut the door that had been left opened. Still ignoring his question, I looked at him and studied him.

He certainly looked older. His brunette curls weren't as tight as they were when he was sixteen. His face had a stronger bone structure, he had more muscles and he was much taller. Even after all of this, he still looked like cheeky, goofy, caring, Harry.

I finally said, "Hi Harry." I smiled to him, but I felt quite self conscious because I was afraid that he felt a little betrayed that I had left him.

"Erin please tell me. I just want to know..." His voice trailed off.

How was I explain everything that had happened to me? I sighed, "Come over and sit down Harry, this is going to be awhile." I took his hand and pulled him over to one of the couches.

We sat down on it, with my legs crossed, facing him. When I started to fidget with my hair, Harry did a small, quiet, laugh.

"What?" I asked.

He shook his head and started smiling, "It’s just that, I remember you always doing that when you were nervous."

"Oh." It was true, even though I had never really realized it.

"Ehr Bear," he said put his hand on my knee, "you don't have to be nervous, just tell me. What happened to you?"

My heart started racing as I thought about that night. The only thing I was afraid of at the moment, was possibly crying as I told my story.

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