I Finally Found You (Completed)

Today, my name is Olivia Moore. But, it used to be Erin Parker. I had grown up with a normal life in Holmes Chapel, England. I had two of the best parents a child could have. Though I didn’t have any siblings, I had a best friend, Harry.

But, that all changed two years ago. Why? Because I died...or at least that’s what everyone thought. They all thought that I was in a car explosion when I was 16, when someone had planted a car bomb. My friends, family, and anyone I had ever known lost me.

But in reality, none of that happened. Yes, I lost the people around me, but that was because I went into hiding. Three days before I “died,” I saw something that I shouldn't have, so my life was in danger. I didn't really have very much time to say goodbye to everyone I loved. The fact that they didn't know what really happened kills me, they all think I’m dead, that I’m never going to come back. Until now.

Copyright © 2012 -> Iridescent Artist


58. Chapter 57




When Harry told me about the man that was standing about ten meters in front of me, I knew that help was needed. Harry was going to get hurt if we didn't get someone in there to stop him. 

I left Harry with a pat on the back, searching for Paul. He wasn't in the same room as us at the moment, and there were quite a few rooms to search in. Plus, the fact that they were quite large wasn't helping me at all.

I searched in all of the areas that I could, looking for my manager who was dressed in suit and tie attire. Usually, it was quite easy to find him because of his height. But I didn't have any luck. I found Liam, Zayn, and Niall, deciding it would be best to have some help.

I walked up to them at a table full of cheeses, crackers, and fruits, seeing them relaxing for a moment, "I need help," I stated.

Niall swallowed what was in his mouth, "With what, man?" 

"That guy who has been looking for Erin is here," I said, looking around to see if anyone had heard me.

Liam started coughing on whatever he was drinking, "What? How do you know?"

"Just trust me, it's him. We need to get Paul, but I can't find him."

Zayn nodded, "Right, so everyone just split up and look?" 

"Exactly," I said, leaving them in the search for Paul.

We went almost everywhere possible in the building to find him, but still no luck. But I was worried about how I was going to explain everything to Paul. I would, of course, tell him everything that I knew, just in a shorter version. But would he be mad that the lads and I kept something like this from him? I mean, this was huge. 

I looked to Liam across the room from me, seeing him raise his eye brows and shrug, indicating that no one was having any luck whatsoever. 

I went out on a whim and checked the last place I could, outside the front doors. And sure enough, he was there, having a conversation on his phone, "Paul, I need to talk to you; it's urgent.”

He held up a finger and turned away from me, deep in conversation.

“Paul, I need to talk to you, now.”

He turned to face me and removed his mouth from the phone. Whispering, “You’re going to have to wait Louis!”

I got frustrated, I didn’t have time for this, no one did! I did one of the most rude things I could possibly do. I reach for his phone, with his back now turned to me, taking it, and ending the conversation by pressing the end button.

He turned, furious with me, “Louis! That was probably one of the most important conversations I could possibly have with someone about you! I was about to get a huge deal for you!”

“I told you it was urgent,” I muttered.

“Okay then, what could possibly be so important right now?” His jaw was clenched, still very angry.

"Okay, this may sound all crazy and it's quite random now and please don't get mad with whatever I'm about to tell you," I said.

"What's going on?"

"Okay, you know Harry's girlfriend Olivia?"

He pursed his lips, "If this is what you want to talk about-“

“Hear me out Paul!”

“Well, I don't think they're dating anymore if they haven't talked in months-"

I stopped him, ready to explain, "That's exactly it Paul. They didn't lose contact on purpose, they had to. She's in hiding-"

"From the paps?" he asked.

I shook my head, "No, from a guy that's trying to kill her."

His eyes became wide and round, "What?"

"Don't interrupt me anymore because I need to tell you everything. Harry and Olivia, they've known each other since they were little kids. And her name isn't Olivia, it's Erin. Back when Harry and her were sixteen, she died in a car bomb incident or something. Then when we were in New York in March, Harry saw her, and we all-"

"All as in you, Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Liam?" he asked, interrupting me like I had asked him not to.

"Yes, just let me explain, Paul! Anyway, we all found out that she had witnessed a murder in England, putting into a program where she had to hide from everyone, that's why she changed her name. So when the paps got pictures of her and Harry together, she had to leave again to hide," I finished, almost out of breath. I was hoping Paul would understand, and look through the fact that we didn't share this information with him.

"Alright, but why are you telling me all of this now?"

I breathed a sigh of relief, "Because the person who has been looking for her is here."

"How do you know that?"

"Trust me, we know it's him," I answered.

I led him into the room where I had left Harry and the man. On the way, we saw the rest of the lads and brought them with us. But when we got there, both he and Harry were nowhere to be seen. 

My face became cold, losing its blood, "They were in here Paul!" All of eyes searched the room, unable to find the two people. 

Liam found Josh, leading us to him, "Have you seen where Harry went?" he asked the drummer.

"Oh yeah, I think he went towards the toilet." He then noticed everyone, "Is everything alright?" 

"No." I shook my head, "It's not. We need you to go call the police and tell them there's a wanted man here."

Josh left without asking any questions, with us going in the other direction towards the restrooms. Was he alright? If both of them were gone, something was up. But I was hoping that Roscoe hadn't followed him there and did something to him. Would the police show up in time?

We found the bathroom, searching the stalls and finding nothing, "Shit," Niall cursed.

As we walked out of the room, we heard a yell of pain, "Harry," I whispered, looking at everyone with wide eyes.

We bolted to the exit door, knowing that the yell came from there. We opened it up, finding him being held to the brick wall by Roscoe. Harry was flipped around so the guy was behind him with a knife to his neck.

"Don't hurt him," Liam pleaded.

"Too late," I gasped quietly, seeing the soaked blood in his dress shirt, along with a neck cut.

He was in pain, looking at us with a worried look. We didn't know what to do, how to get him out of the situation. His throat could be slit if we took a step forward.

"Hey guys," Harry squeaked.

The knife became tighter, "Don't you say a damn word," the guy ordered into his ear.

"James Harris?" Paul asked.

"You know who this is?" Zayn asked Paul. Harry on the other hand, looked confused for a moment at the name.

"Yeah, James Harris. He was the top radio PR for Syco in 2008...until he was fired," he said. I looked at James, seeing him flinch at everything said. Fired? Is that why he started killing? Because he was fired? 

"I lost everything and my reputation because of it! So I wasn't just fired," James retorted.

"Just put the knife down and we can work this out, please."

"Ha! As if." 

There was no way out of it, Harry was stuck between James and a knife. My best friend was probably going to die, and I didn't know what to do. Where was the police? Were they even going to come?

My question was answered when a bullet hit James in the shoulder, causing him to fall to the ground. Harry was able to maneuver his was out the grip without being cut again. He ran to us, away from the man. We all gave him a group hug, "Thank god," I breathed.

We looked up to see cops surrounding James with guns in their hands, "He needs a medic!" one shouted.

It may sound bad of me to want this of a person, but I was hoping he was dead. He had caused enough, and he, frankly, didn't deserve to be alive. I heard that he had killed quite a few, so how did someone like him deserve to live?

A police man came up to us, “I’m Officer Lester. You alright? Well, besides that nasty cut on your neck.” He examined it for a second, “Let's go get that patched up," he said.

We went over to a police car where some bandages were for Harry. He winced in pain whenever it was touched. I was glad it wasn't coming out too much, only a small trail had gone down to his shirt. But the bandage stopped it.

"What do you think the fans are going to say about it?" Harry asked.

"We'll just say that you and Zayn got into a fight when he was trying to cut your curls off," Liam joked, trying to lighten the mood.

"Thanks for helping us Officer," I said to the police man helping us.

He smiled, "No problem, we do anything we can to help."

"Can I get a picture with you? I want to remember this," Harry asked.

The police man raised his eye brows, "You'll remember this with or without a picture, believe me," he chuckled, "But yes, I will gladly take a picture with a member of One Direction."

I smiled in response to the fact that he knew who we were, holding my phone up to photograph Harry smiling and pointing at the man. 

We finished up, finding out that Harry had to be interviewed before he could leave the scene. We all hugged again, happy that he was alive. 

Harry looked at all of us with tears in his eyes, "She can come home."

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