I Finally Found You (Completed)

Today, my name is Olivia Moore. But, it used to be Erin Parker. I had grown up with a normal life in Holmes Chapel, England. I had two of the best parents a child could have. Though I didn’t have any siblings, I had a best friend, Harry.

But, that all changed two years ago. Why? Because I died...or at least that’s what everyone thought. They all thought that I was in a car explosion when I was 16, when someone had planted a car bomb. My friends, family, and anyone I had ever known lost me.

But in reality, none of that happened. Yes, I lost the people around me, but that was because I went into hiding. Three days before I “died,” I saw something that I shouldn't have, so my life was in danger. I didn't really have very much time to say goodbye to everyone I loved. The fact that they didn't know what really happened kills me, they all think I’m dead, that I’m never going to come back. Until now.

Copyright © 2012 -> Iridescent Artist


47. Chapter 46




"Oh god, oh god. No, no, no, no, no! I can't get a hold of her! And now this? She's going to find out and hate me," I said, holding a magazine as I looked at myself on the front page. The picture of Emma and I kissing was everywhere.

Louis and Liam were sitting at my sides, trying to console me. They knew of how bad of a situation this was. It was bad that there was a picture in circulation. But it was a hundred times worse that I couldn't even talk to Erin. 

"Did you try to call Mia?" Liam asked as I buried my face into my hands.

"Yes, but she won't answer. Probably because she saw this," I spat, tossing the magazine on the coffee table.

"I even tried calling her, Li," Louis said, "But she won't even answer my calls. Neither of them will."

"Well, we're just going to have to keep on trying, I guess. It'll only get worse the longer it goes on," Liam said, causing me to groan.

"She trusted me. And now, to gain that back, it will take more than just running into her again. I actually doubt she'll ever talk to me again," I said, almost to myself.

I picked up my phone to try to call Mia again, she was more likely to answer. Surprisingly, she did. It didn't even ring twice.

"You actually have the nerve to call me?! You broke my best friend’s heart and now you want to talk?! Well fine, I'll talk!" Mia yelled through the phone.

I had to hold the phone away from my ear to keep myself from suffering any hearing loss. Liam and Louis exchanged glances, they could hear exactly what she had said.

"Put it on speaker, mate," Louis instructed.

I turned it on, "Mia, listen please! It's not what it looks like. The girl-"

"The girl also deserves a piece of my mind. But honestly Harry! How could you?"

"Listen, babe, please!" Louis said, "The girl kissed Harry! Harry pulled away right away."

"Okay, then explain to me why you were out on a date with her," Mia said, she wasn't even close to believing us yet.

"It wasn't a date," Liam explained, "She invited everyone to go hang out with her."

"Then why didn't everyone go?" 

"Everyone had plans except for me and Niall. We were going to go together, but Niall got sick last second, so I had to go. Plus, she had friends there as well," I said, trying to get her to believe what I was saying to her. 

"Okay, explain to me more. How did you know this girl?"

"She was a model-" I started before Mia interrupted. 

"A model? You're not helping yourself, Harry."

I huffed my breath in frustration, "She was part of one of our music videos. We are just friends. I guess she got the wrong message when I showed up by myself."

"Yeah, well, your story seems convincing and all, but I'm not going to let you talk to Olivia. You didn't even call her when this all happened-"

"I tried! I tried the second I got back to the hotel last night! But she never answered!"

"He did Mia, honestly," Louis stated.

"Whatever, I'm still not going to give her the phone to talk to you. I will once you give me some kind of proof of it all," she said.

"What kind of proof?" Liam asked.

"I don't know. You're going to have to figure that out for yourselves," she said before we heard the phone click.

"How the hell?" Liam asked, confused.

"I don't know, but get Zayn and Niall in here. We need more ideas on how to solve this," Louis instructed.

"Niall's still sick," he responded.

"I don't care! We need everyone's help on how to save Harry's relationship."




The rest of the lads came in minutes later, sitting down on the couches. But Niall, of course, sat by himself on the very far one because we didn't want to get sick. But we were lucky after Zayn thought of an idea, just ten minutes after we started discussing on what we could do. 

"Do you have her number, Liam?" Zayn asked.

"Yup, right here," he replied, selecting Emma's number from his contact list. He put it on speaker as we waited for her to pick up, but we also decided that only Liam would be talking.



"That would be me! Who's this?" she asked.

"Liam Payne."

"Oh hey! It's too bad you couldn't make it last night," she said, though it sounded more like a question, "Speaking of which, have you talked to Harry this morning?"

I could see Liam pursing his lips as he got ready on what to say, "That's what I called to talk about. You see, he...has a girlfriend."

There was a silence for a moment until Emma talked again, "Oh, oh, oh my god."


 "I feel terrible right now, I had no idea, oh my god. Especially after the front cover…Can I do anything to help? I hope I didn't hurt their relationship," she said, sounding completely serious on everything. She honestly felt bad about the whole thing. It's not like she could actually know about our relationship anyway, it was a secret.

Liam didn't mention the situation that Erin and I were in at the moment, "You could actually..."

"Do you want me to call his girlfriend? I mean, that might sound weird, but I would do that. It's the least I could do," 

"Actually, yeah. That sounds great. She's...confused right now," Liam said.

"You don't have to explain, I'll just do it. It's none of my business," 

I was surprised on how willingly she was on calling Erin. Maybe she had gone through something similar like this before? Who knows? 

I was worried on how Erin would react. Mostly because I was wondering on if she would even believe Emma's story.

After giving Emma Erin's number, Liam continued, "Can you also not mention to anyone that Harry has a girlfriend? They're still trying to keep it on the down low," he said.

"Yes, my lips are sealed. Tell him I'm sorry, will you? I just hope we can still be friends."

"Yeah sure, I will. Bye Emma, thanks."

"No problem, bye!"

Liam put his phone away and we sat in silence for awhile. The boys had grown close to Erin over the past two months, and I knew that they didn't want to lose her either. Not just for my sake, but also for theirs, maybe. 

Erin was an awesome person. She could make you feel welcome right away even if she didn't even know you. And after growing up with her, I had learned that she had her own quality about her. She was herself, no matter what situation she was in. And even with all of her insecurities and flaws, I looked past them because I loved her. And it would make it even harder for me if I were to lose her all over again.

If Emma didn't follow through with what she said, I don't know what I would do. She wouldn't lie about this, would she? The thought of her breaking two people apart...she didn't feel good about that, right?

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