I Finally Found You (Completed)

Today, my name is Olivia Moore. But, it used to be Erin Parker. I had grown up with a normal life in Holmes Chapel, England. I had two of the best parents a child could have. Though I didn’t have any siblings, I had a best friend, Harry.

But, that all changed two years ago. Why? Because I died...or at least that’s what everyone thought. They all thought that I was in a car explosion when I was 16, when someone had planted a car bomb. My friends, family, and anyone I had ever known lost me.

But in reality, none of that happened. Yes, I lost the people around me, but that was because I went into hiding. Three days before I “died,” I saw something that I shouldn't have, so my life was in danger. I didn't really have very much time to say goodbye to everyone I loved. The fact that they didn't know what really happened kills me, they all think I’m dead, that I’m never going to come back. Until now.

Copyright © 2012 -> Iridescent Artist


41. Chapter 40




We spent the rest of the day watching movies, lounging out on the couches while eating popcorn. We had gone through about 3 bags and a phone call from Paul, making us entirely wiped out, though we had barely done anything.

People probably would say that this wouldn't be how they would want to spend the last day with their boyfriend, but it was perfect to me. We were just being ourselves. And honestly, I didn't care if we were to just lay around all day. I was with Harry, and that's all that really mattered in the end to me. The entire time, we would be curled up to each other, stealing a few kisses here and there. 

"What time do you have to get up tomorrow to leave?" I asked as I drew invisible objects onto his arm with my finger. 

Our eyes connected when I looked up to him to hear his response. His eyes were sorry, "Six-thirty."

I removed my eyes to go back to his arm, "Wow…that's early."

"Yeah, it is. I would bring you with me if I could. Hell, I would bring you everywhere."

I chuckled lightly, "Yeah, I could use a tan." I looked down at my arms, examining my pale skin tone.

"You can tan all you want when we go on holiday in the Caribbean."

I sighed to his words, "But how long will that be? It took almost two years to get the first lead on the case. And it wasn't even a good lead. It fell through in the end." I wasn't using a harsh tone; I was just laying down the facts.

"I don't care how long it takes Erin. He will be found one day, don't worry. You will be able to go home to you parents, your friends, your family, and Holmes Chapel, I’ll make sure of it." 

I looked up to see him showing a warm smile. He then put a kiss on my forehead and got up without saying anything. He wandered over to his backpack and turned around, holding something behind his back.

"What do you have?"

He didn't respond, but he sat back down where he was before. We faced each other, "Happy birthday," he said and brought a black, flat, box from behind him. He opened it up, revealing a beautiful, silver, necklace.

It was circular with a star in the middle of it. The star wasn't a simple, five pointed one. It had eight main points and several mini ones that were towards the center. It looked as though it was either the North Star or it was just bursting out. Inside the main points, they each had two, small diamonds inside of them and one larger diamond in the middle of the star. On the back, there was an indent of a star with the same shape as the one in the front, as if something was supposed to go there like a puzzle piece.

I gasped, "Oh my god Harry. It's beautiful."

"You like it?"

"Yes. I love it."

He picked it up and opened it to reveal that it was actually a locket. On the right side, a picture of Harry kissing my cheek that I had taken once was displayed. On the left, a small engraving was made. It said: Forever.

Once I removed the necklace that I had on earlier, he clasped the locket onto my neck. "It's perfect," I said as I admired it. It looked like it belonged where it was and I had no thoughts of wanting to ever take it off.

Our foreheads were leaning against each other with our noses barely touching, "I love you," Harry said, looking into my eyes.

No one had ever said they love me before and I had never said it to anyone either. Oh course, aside from my family. But I knew how I felt for Harry. It was stronger than anything I had felt before, despite how cheesy and cliche that sounded, "I love you too.” He gave me a chaste kiss, sweet and small the second I was done talking.

"We should head to bed. You have an early day tomorrow," I said.

"Yeah, I guess I do." We got up to go to my room. But I didn't even get to turn away from Harry to start walking. He had decided it would be a good idea to throw me over his shoulder. 

"Harry! You seriously have a problem with carrying me around. You know that?" I laughed.

He set me down onto my double bed, "Well, it's a very acceptable problem, don't you think?"

"Ehh, I guess so."

I got ready for bed, finding myself a pair of pajama shorts and a t-shirt, later skipping over to my bathroom to change and brush my teeth. Once I got back, Harry was already in bed, scrolling through his phone. He was shirtless and I'm guessing that under the duvet, he was only wearing his boxers.

I climbed in and rested my head on his chest after I gave him a kiss goodnight. 

"I love you Ehr Bear," Harry said while he stroked his hand on my back, making little circles with his thumb. 

"I love you too."

He switched off my bedside lamp and I tried to fall asleep. But I couldn't. I was going into realization that Harry was leaving tomorrow. I hadn't really shown any emotion earlier, except for happiness. But no sadness or anything. I hadn't cried like most people would. I didn't express to Harry how much I was going to miss him.

I barely did anything. 

I had acted like today was just a normal day.

How could I?

My assumption was that my brain was just trying to forget about the idea of us not being with each other for a long amount of time. The last time we were apart for that much time, he thought I was dead and I thought I wouldn't even talk to him ever again. But thank god I had decided to take a subway to school that day instead of a taxi. I would be without Harry right now if I had.

But that was going to change tomorrow. 

I could hear Harry's quiet snores as he slept. I wish I could've been like him at that moment, being able to sleep and not having to think about what would happen tomorrow. 

I turned away from Harry to look at my alarm clock to see that it was already tomorrow. I only had a little more than six more hours of him.

In seven hours, I would no longer be able to hear his deep voice in front of me. I wouldn't be able to mess with his curls. I couldn't smell his masculine, musky, minty scent. There would be no more hugging or kissing from him, not even pecks on the cheeks or forehead. 

I now felt bad for all of the girls in movies that had to be separated from their loved ones. I didn't really understand their heartbreak until now. I now knew why they would spend hours crying because even though Harry wasn't even gone yet, there was a huge pit in my stomach. Harry was right behind me right now and already I felt like something was missing.

I heard a sniffle coming from somewhere and I realized that it was actually me. I wiped my tears away with my fingers and tried to get myself to stop crying. I didn't want to wake Harry and pain him. I didn't want him to have to reassure himself that I was okay while he was away. He needed to think that I was fine and happy. I wanted him to succeed at what he was doing instead of worrying. 

I couldn't stop my tears. I wasn't balling, but the drops kept on coming at a slow rate, wetting my cheeks and a small area on my pillow.

I felt an arm wrap around me, "Are you ok?" he asked.

I didn't answer him because I was afraid he would hear my sobs.

"Erin?" he asked, pulling me closer to him.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Go back to sleep." I tried to say. After awhile, I could feel Harry's breaths become heavier, so I knew he was sleeping. 

The only upside to the whole situation is that people would have much less suspicion to Harry having a girlfriend. I would be in much less danger. And if Harry was ever asked to having a girlfriend, he would deny to having one. So my safety level would soar up higher compared to what it had been in the last month.

I wasn't sure if would be able to fall asleep any time soon. I didn't know if I was going to be sleeping at all, actually. All I knew was that my main mission tomorrow would be reassurance. Harry needed to be focused while in Australia, and I didn't want to be the reason on if he were to be held back or anything, I didn’t want to be the reason why his band was suffering.

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