Jenna is a teenage girl that lives in
South Louisiana. Nothing out of the ordinary ever happens here. She always had a dream of being really successful since she believed she wasn't good at anything. She compares herself to closest friends- Sabrina and Payton. When an idea strikes her, everything will change. Good and bad. For better and worse..


5. Talk

Louis' POV

    Jenna is so beautiful. I want her so badly. I can't do that to Harry, though! He's one of my best friends. This is the worst, having to hide my feelings for her. Zayn has Sabrina. Liam and Niall are with Payton. I just want her. It's not like Jenna and Harry are dating, are they? Maybe I can win her over. She keeps exchanging flirty glances with me. Maybe I need to go for what I want for once. And I will. I WILL have Jenna.

Harry's POV

    What is Jenna doing? Why does she keep looking at Lou? I don't know. I put my arm around her to show him that she's mine. His eyes beamed with jealousy. What has gotten into him? We never fight over girls. But this time it's different. Then for more effect, I softly gave Jenna a peck of the cheek. That really set him off. 

Liam's POV

    I'm so lucky to be sitting next to Payton right now. Her long springy curls bounce when she flips her hair. Perfection. She's perfection. Words just can't describe it. I have been missing Danielle lately, but maybe Payton can make those feelings go away. She's being really flirty with me too. But, on the other hand, I'm sorta wondering what's going on between Harry and Louis over there.

Niall's POV

     I keep messing everything up. I can't think of the right things to say to Payton. Her gorgeousness is making me nervous! This can't be good. I won't be able to function around her.

Zayn's POV

    I am so lucky right now! This girl is so hot and as far as right now, she's mine! My Bradford badboy charm totally worked.

Jenna's POV

     I could feel tensions rising between Harry and Louis. I knew Harry was trying to make Louis jealous. Before I knew it, Louis had stood up in the middle of the movie theater and started scolding at Harry.

     " Stop all the bullshit Styles! This is rubbish! You know what you're trying to do to me!.." 

     Louis kept going on and on, causing a scene. Too add to the commotion, Niall had suddenly spilled his large soda on Payton. I could tell she was disgusted by the expression on her face. 

Niall's POV

     What have I done? My nerves got the best of me. Payton probably hates me now. I never meant for this to happen.

     "I'm so so so sorry, Payton!" I kept trying to apologize but her same disgusted look stayed on her face. I felt terrible and I ruined everything. Since Louis and I had caused so much chaos, we were asked to leave the theater. Great. I ruined the whole night for every one.

Louis' POV

    I feel bad that I was the cause of getting us kicked out. But, I'm gonna fight for the love of my life. Something is just telling me that she's the one. I couldn't take the rubbish any longer.

Jenna's POV

     "What are we going to do now?" I asked distressfully.

     "We could all go to my house. My mum is out at a Christmas party and is renting a hotel room." said Niall. 

     I could tell he was only trying to make things better after what he had done. Poor Niall had felt so bad over something so little. Louis should be the one apologizing. 

     We all agreed with Niall and Harry drove us to his house. It looked almost identical to Harry's house. The one's they had built in America, of course. Once we got there, everyone was arguing over who wanted to sleep with who. Eventually,everyone had fallen asleep then and there on the carpet floor.. except for Louis and I. I decided to go take a shower.

Louis' POV

     This is my chance. I can make the move with Jenna! No one is awake. I heard the running water stop and went up stairs. As soon as she walked out I scooped her up and dropped her on the bed. I passionately kissed her soft lips. She must have forgotten her clothes downstairs because she came out with only her underwear and bra on. I climbed on top of her. I could tell she wasn't expecting this and she pulled away.

     "Louis, what the hell?" 

     "I'm sorry. I just thought you'd be okay with this. You know, with the way you looked at me at the movies you definitely looked like you were interested in me."

     "Yeah, but I can't do this to Harry! I love him."

     "But wasn't he being a jerk? The way he was trying to make me jealous?"

     "I don't know, Louis. It was just a way of telling you to back off. You didn't have to overreact."

     "Well, you deserve a real man. I'm going to show you how much of a man I am and how much I deserve you.

Jenna's POV

    Louis attempted to unhook my bra. 

     "No Louis! Don't!"I yelled at him.

     No one heard me yell because we were upstairs and their expensive sound proof walls denied the sound to travel downstairs. I put up a fight and he finally gave up.

"Can't we just talk about this instead?"

     Louis agreed with me and he expressed his feeling for me and towards Harry at the moment. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep halfway through him talking. I was way too tired to get up and put on some clothes.



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