Jenna is a teenage girl that lives in
South Louisiana. Nothing out of the ordinary ever happens here. She always had a dream of being really successful since she believed she wasn't good at anything. She compares herself to closest friends- Sabrina and Payton. When an idea strikes her, everything will change. Good and bad. For better and worse..


4. Movie Night

     I instantly knew who I wanted to bring! Sabrina and Payton of course! They have been my best friends since so long ago that I can't even remember. I invited them to come over to my house and get ready. When they arrived, they asked me all about Harry and laughed at the fact that my vocal lesson turned into a hook up. "I hope his friends are hot!" Payton told me. Boys were all that Payton was ever worried about. Actually, I think we were all boy crazy!

     We all tried to do a little something different to our hair so we could show our personalities. I straightened my hair like always. (That's the only way to tame the beast.) Sabrina pinned her bangs back and added a little poof. Payton curled her hair. She could pull it off the best out of all of us. We did each other's make up like we always do. Each of us made sure that we all looked foxy, just in case there was someone for them to impress!

    I had almost forgotten to text Harry since I was so caught up in getting ready! When I texted him, I had gotten an immediate response, which made me blush.

     "I'll pick you and your friends up at 7:30. xx"

     It was already 7:15. We needed to hurry. At the last minute, I gurgled some spearmint mouthwash just in case. In no time Harry pulled up in his silver high dollar camaro. He was right on time. The car barely fit any of us because he had four other boys crammed in the back. I didn't get the chance to actually see who they were or what they looked like because it was pinch black outside.

    When we pulled up to the theater, we all ran inside because it was freezing. Sabrina, Payton, and I got a better view of the boys he brought along. Neither of us expected four other guys. Last time I checked, "couple" meant two. Oh, well. 

    Instantly, Harry and I ran up to eachother and I recieved another one of those massive bear hugs. But something that I noticed was that the first to greet themselves to Payton was a tall, fit boy with a buzz cut, and a short guy with braces and blonde hair. At the same time, a guy with numerous tattoos greeted Sabrina. I could tell they were anxious to get to know my friends. 

    Harry introduced us to them. He pointed to the short, blonde guy. This is Niall. Then the guy with lots of tattoos. This is zayn. Then the one with the buzz cut. This is Liam. Then there was one guy that I didn't seem to even notice. This is Louis. He kind of just stood there and watched Harry and I as we hugged.

    Something came to my senses. Wait. You guys sound REALLY familiar. 

    "ERMAGAWD YOU'RE ONE DIRECTION!!!" Payton screamed and started fangirling. 

    Yep. That was it. I was a fan but for some reason I just didn't put all the pieces together to come to that conclusion. Sabrina was more of a Lovatic and Belieber. But, she still freaked out. I mean, One Direction was standing right in front of her. Who wouldn't freak out? I was definitely hardcore fangirling, but we needed to stop. After all, I fell for Harry before I knew this.

    "Okay you guys. Let's calm down!"

    They all agreed with me and we walked in the room where our movie was going to play. We all sat on one row. It was Harry, me,Louis, Liam, Payton, Niall, Sabrina, and Zayn. For some reason, Louis insisted that he wanted to sit by me. Liam and Niall put up a fight to who got to sit next to Payton. To reason it out, she just sat in the middle. And Zayn just absolutely HAD to sit next to Sabrina. Zayn wasn't hiding his feelings for her. He was open with him crushing on her. The previews were about to start, so we tried to be as quiet as we could.

     I picked a scary movie so that maybe Harry would cuddle and protect me. He might make a move! Louis kept glancing at me the whole night. It was kind of weird. He was really hot though. I mean, me and Harry weren't exclusive right?



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