Jenna is a teenage girl that lives in
South Louisiana. Nothing out of the ordinary ever happens here. She always had a dream of being really successful since she believed she wasn't good at anything. She compares herself to closest friends- Sabrina and Payton. When an idea strikes her, everything will change. Good and bad. For better and worse..


9. Love

I jetted to the garage and grabbed the car keys. Did Sabrina check herself into the hospital? Is she okay? I swung open the door to the convertible.

"Sabrina, what are you doing?"

"I'm trying to start this freaking car!!"

"Oh my God I thought you were at the hospital are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine but I think we should try to hurry to the hospital because obviously something's wrong!"

She struggled, attempting to but the key in, over and over again.

"Wrong keys, love.."

I ordered her to sit in the passengers seat while I put the keys in and started the car. We zoomed away, with our minds boggling with thoughts. What happened? We had no clue. I was just anxious to get over there. We didn't speak during the whole ride. We were both pretty confused.

When we got there, we asked at the front desk why we had received a phone call.

"Oh, right. You might want to visit room 370. A couple of your friends need you guys right now," said the manager lady with her squeaky, high pitched voice.

I led Sabrina down the hallway to find room 370. We barged in and I froze. My body was unable to move. I couldn't believe my eyes. There they were- Harry, Louis, Jenna, Niall, Payton, and Liam, all in the same hospital room. They only looked mildly injured.. Except for Liam and Payton. They were laying down on desperate hospital beds with blood all over their bodies.

I was to in shock to speak. The folder with police records and pictures of the scene sat on the chair. I grabbed it and slowly began concentrated on all of the pictures I saw. Pictures of a car flipped over in a ditch appeared. This couldn't be what happened.. But it was. I didn't even have to ask before Louis began explaining what happened to Sabrina and I.

"We got hit by a truck and we flipped into a ditch. Knocked down a couple mail boxes.. "

He didn't sound like himself, but he probably was just shooken up. I could tell that they all were. They all held ice packs on their heads and had a few bandages here and there. They seemed okay, but traumatized. I was most worried about Payton and Liam. I was told that they weren't wearing seat belts, so they got thrown around more than the others. They were probably busy cuddling or something. Payton had a deep wound on her chin, and many bruises and scars. She couldnt even talk. I was pretty sure she had busted it open. Liam had a gaping hole in his stomach, were pieces of window glass had shattered into him.
I couldn't stand looking at it. The worst string was hearing the beeping sounds of when their hearts would beat. The machine's lines went up and down. It was like a movie when your friends get hurt and all you have to do is pray for them to live. You dread thinking of when the machine's line will travel straight, hearing the faint sound that no one ever wants to hear.

"I'm going to need you to take your friends back home. They're okay.. Except for Liam and Payton. They need to stay over night. We need to give them treatment," the doctor spoke.

"Uh, okay. Come on you guys."

We waved to Liam and Payton. I looked over at Sabrina and she was praying. Poor thing. I know she can't handle situations like this. She has such a soft heart. I was tearing up at this point. I helped them get into the car, being careful not to hurt their wounds.

Once we got home, there was pure silence. We just sat in the kitchen. No one really had any words that needed to be said. I'm pretty sure we all wanted to act like this never happened.


It's really weird with Payton or Liam here. Payton always starts the conversations and brightens up the mood. I just wanted them back home. This reminded me of something that I never wanted to think of again. I couldn't help but burst in to tears.

Sabrina knew why I was upset. She didn't even have to ask. But as for the boys, they all wondered what was wrong. They had assumed it was because Liam and Payton were hurt. When I had to explain to them what had happened to me three years ago.

"When I was 17 years old, my boyfriend and I had flipped our car. He was bringing me home one night, and I had fallen asleep with my head rested on his lap. We both had no seat belts on, which was a huge mistake. I was woken up to being thrown around in this flipping vehicle. He must have drifted off on the wheel, but I knew he was awake again when I felt his nurturing arms hold me close in fear. He tried to hold me as close to him as possible, so I wouldn't get too hurt. I was almost positive I was going to die. We had flipped through a fence and just kept rolling and rolling until we finally landed upside down. I couldn't move at all. The pain was gruesome. I felt trapped and ready to die. I felt the hands of no other, but my boyfriend's, dragging me out of his truck. He had somehow escaped to come get me put from the other side. After a few moments, I heard ambulance sirens. The ambulance people scooped me up and brought us to the hospital. Pain shot through my newly straight teeth. I had just gotten my braces off, and I feared that my teeth were chipped and falling out. I asked the ambulance assistant if my teeth were still there.

"Yes, your teeth are still beautiful," he chuckled.

Other than that, I had massive cuts in my left arm. The pain was intolerable. But the hospital took care of me.

I obviously turned out okay, but my boyfriend didn't make it. We had been together since 8th grade in Junior high. I have these big, puffy scars, but I'm okay with it. They remind me of him. I just wonder everyday why God does this to people. He did save nine people's lives by donating his organs though."


By now, they probably can barely understand me through my sobbing. I just didn't want this to happen all over again and lose Payton. Now, everyone went in for a group hug and they're trying to comfort me. To this day, I still love him, but I need someone new to help me get through life, and I think Harry is the one. He gives me a kiss on the cheek to reassure me that he loves me. Then he asks me to be his girlfriend. Of course I say yes, and then he kisses me on the lips. He wiped away my tears and wraps his arms around me. I felt just like I had felt before with my old boyfriend, and I knew I was in love.

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