Jenna is a teenage girl that lives in
South Louisiana. Nothing out of the ordinary ever happens here. She always had a dream of being really successful since she believed she wasn't good at anything. She compares herself to closest friends- Sabrina and Payton. When an idea strikes her, everything will change. Good and bad. For better and worse..


6. Love Life

     I was awoken by threatening screams. It was Harry. I realized I still didn't have any clothes on and Louis must have fallen asleep next to me. 


Harry's POV

    What the hell did I just see? Why was Jenna sleeping with Lou? I thought she was mine. I thought Louis was my friend. All I wanted to believe was that my eyes were deceiving me and this was all just a dream.

     "It's exactly what it looks like! What else would it be?"

     "No, Harry just give me a few minutes to explain.. please?"

     "Fine. Come downstairs and we'll talk about this."

     As much as I dreaded discussing what I had just saw, I knew the right thing to do was listen to her explanation. There's no way she would have played me like this. She's not that kind of girl. While listening to her tell me all about what Louis had told her and attempted to do, I couldn't help but get infuriated. Louis was now my enemy. I wanted nothing to do with him. At all. We even shared a house together back at home. What was I supposed to do now? I can't stand the sound of his voice, or to even have his name mentioned around me. This was the one time in my life where I actually felt real, true hatred.

After a few hours of ignoring Jenna, I decided to forgive her. Her argument was persuasive enough. I was falling in love with her while trying to be mad at her at the same time. It obviously wasn't going to work. There was no point in keeping it up any longer.

Jenna's POV

    I'm glad Harry finally forgave me for what I didn't even do. He let it go and we went on with our relationship. Niall had mentioned that his parents weren't going to be home for the next whole week, so all seven of us decided to stay here. Since we had no clothes to wear, me, Payton, and Sabrina went on a little shopping spree. After all, we needed to catch up with each other's love life. No telling what the boys were doing while we were gone?

   After our shopping session, in the car, I blurted out, "So, Sabrina.. How's your love life going?" 

     "I think it's going okay. Zayn and I obviously have a strong connection. It seems like we've been in a relationship forever, but in reality, we've only been talking not even for a couple days. Maybe that's how love feels. It happened so quickly!"

     "Same here! I totally feel this way," Payton agreed.

Huh? I didn't know Payton had a thing for anyone. Who was this? How come I had no idea? Best friends are supposed to know this kind of stuff!

     "Oh my gosh! Who? I didn't know you liked anyone! Is it Niall? I see the way he gets nervous around you. That's a total sign that he's falling for you. Aw! I'm so happy for y-"

     I got cut off like I always do. Payton seemed confused.

     "Ew, no Jenna. Why would you even think that I actually like Niall? He ruined the night and he isn't even comfortable around me."

     Both me and Sabrina had puzzled looks on our faces. Niall was a total sweatheart. You could tell! Who else could she possibly be crushing on?

     "You guys! I think I'm falling in love with Liam!"

     In unison, both me and Sabrina shouted, "WHAT?"

     Anyone could tell that Niall was way more passionate about her than Liam. Her and Liam barely even spoke a few words to each other the other night. Also, Liam had just gotten out of a relationship with Danielle, his girlfriend from back home. How could he move on that fast?

     I came to a conclusion that I needed to go have a talk with Liam and Niall to get this relationship stuff straight.  

      We had just arrived in Niall's parking lot. Perfect timing. After all of our bags from American Eagle, Pacific Sun, and Forever21 were loaded into our guest rooms, I ordered,"You guys wait here."

     They nodded in response and I scurried off. 




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