Jenna is a teenage girl that lives in
South Louisiana. Nothing out of the ordinary ever happens here. She always had a dream of being really successful since she believed she wasn't good at anything. She compares herself to closest friends- Sabrina and Payton. When an idea strikes her, everything will change. Good and bad. For better and worse..


2. Keep Dreaming

     I parked my ugly, worn out truck that my parents had gotten my for my 16th birthday since it was all they could really afford at the time. I gently closed the car door to where no one could here it just in case I changed my mind and wanted to make a run for it. But something was telling me not to. 

     This house was the nicest, most presentable house I had ever seen. "Great, a rich kid," I thought. As I strolled up their driveway, I tried to make sure I looked presentable too! My hair was a bit thick and hard to control, but I flattened it down the best I could.

     After I rang the doorbell, I saw the most beautiful guy of existence through the glass door. "What? I'm dreaming! Guys don't look like this around here! Look at those glimmering green eyes. And his thick, curly hair! Oh my gosh. I'm in lo-"

     The man of my dreams then interrupted my thoughts.

     "Hello! You must be Jenna!" said the gorgeous guy.

     "Yeah! Hey!" I struggled to reply.

Harry's POV

    Wow! American girls must be hot! This is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen! Jenna is hotter than all of the cute UK girls combined! Her greenish brown eyes glance into mine. She's probably wondering why I'm blankly staring at her. Say something Styles!

     "Urmmm," I stuttered, "Oh, I'm Harry! Come in! We can go in my room for privacy if you want. I mean, if that's okay with you!"

     I really want her to be alone with me. She is perfection.

     "Yeah, that's fine!" Jenna almost immediately responded.

     I led her to my bedroom in the very back of my house. I shut the door after us.

     "Come sit!" I motioned her towards my bed.

Jenna's POV

    Harry began talking away about singing- breathing techniques, music notes, and on and on and on. But, I didn't mind at all. He seemed to come off with a British accent. Those are adorable! I could listen to this boy talk all day! Actually, his voice sounded a bit familiar.

     "Always sing from your diaphragm. Don't strain your voice. Definitely do NOT sing from your throat..."

     The fact that we were sitting so close and locking our eyes passionately, made me realize my love for him. I knew he felt it too. He slowly drifted off his words and began to lean in closer and so did I. Suddenly we were hand in hand, a millisecond away from what I had dreamed of and then, "CREEEK." The door swung open and we both jumped frantically off of the bed and away from each other.





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