Jenna is a teenage girl that lives in
South Louisiana. Nothing out of the ordinary ever happens here. She always had a dream of being really successful since she believed she wasn't good at anything. She compares herself to closest friends- Sabrina and Payton. When an idea strikes her, everything will change. Good and bad. For better and worse..


8. Gone

     "OH MY GOD YOU GUYS!!" Zayn blurted out of nowhere and woke up everyone in the entire house. It was only 6:00 am. 

     "Perrie's coming!"

     We ran down to the guest room that Zayn was staying in. His yelling scared the shit out of me. All of the boys looked happy for Zayn. They were striking huge smiles at each other and huddled in for a group hug. I glanced and Sabrina and Payton. They had the exact puzzled face that I did.

     "Who's Perrie?" Sabrina curiously asked.

     "Oh, she's uh, my uh, cousin. She's my cousin. I haven't seen her in forever. She's been on tour with her girl group called Little Mix."

     "That's exciting! I can't wait to meet her!"

     "Yeah.. She's cool. I think you two will get along quite well! I haven't seen her in years!!" She's coming Sunday!"

     It was currently Friday, so Perrie had given him short notice. The excitement eventually wore off and we all decided we should go out for breakfast since we were woken up so early anyways! There aren't any high quality restaurants around here, so we compromised on going to the Waffle House, a casual little place with surprisingly tasty breakfast!

     We took two cars to drive there since we obviously couldn't fit eight of us in Harry's tiny sports car. Once we arrived, we all ordered similar foods- waffles, bacon, eggs, hash browns. I love a big breakfast! I'm almost positive I look like a pig scarfing down anything in my sight, but that's just who I am!

     It was a tight squeeze with eight of us attempting to fit into a booth. You could almost feel the awkwardness with me sitting next to Harry and Louis giving us the death stare from across the table. Payton and Liam sat together, while Niall sat next to Louis. His lonely expression crushed me inside; We all knew that Niall was depressed. He sat there staring at his plate, barely taking a bite. Of course Sabrina and Zayn sat together. Their relationship seemed so perfect. No drama. Nothing! All they did was flirt away! My girls ate just as much as I did, and we couldn't help but steal Niall's food off of his plate. We're fat asses. 

     "I'm going to the restroom," Sabrina said.

     We all responded "okay" and asked for the bill. Sabrina didn't come out for a while. 

     "Do you guys think Sabrina is okay?"

     I don't know. I'm a little worried. I'll go check on her!" Zayn said.

Zayn's POV

     "Babe? Are you alright in there?" I knocked on the door.

     No response. I held my ear up against the door to see if I could hear her then, but still, no reply. Suddenly, I heard something. It sounded like gagging. At the moment the thought slipped my mind that I was swinging open the door to the women's bathroom. I walked in to the sight of Sabrina puking! I grabbed onto her to support her weak body. 

     " Are you okay?"

     "Yeah, I think I've just got a stomach virus, that's all. I'm fine."

     "Here, I'll take you back to Harry's."

     I carried her out of the restaurant and into the vehicle. After, I explained to everyone what had happened and that I was going to bring her to Harry's. When we got back, I took her temperature and instructed her to lie down. The thermometer said 98.6 degrees- the normal body temperature. 

     "I'm confused."

     "Zayn, I told you I'm fine. I'm not sick. There's probably just a bug going around."

     "Whatever you say, love!"

     I lied down next to her and brushed the hair off of her stunning face. She didn't seem ill at all, but I didn't want to take any chances and make her suffer! It was only 7:30 am. No one in this house was usually up until at least 9:00 am.  I let out a soft yawn and fell asleep next to Sabrina wondering when the rest of the lads would be home.

     I woke up to the sound of the phone ringing. The caller ID read, "Teche Regional Hospital." Why was a hospital calling? 

     "Um, Hello. Is this Zayn Malik?"

     "Yes.. Why are you calling?"

     "Well, I believe just a few moments ago I talked to a young lady named Sabrina. There is a... situation."

     "What situation? WHY ARE YOU CALLING?"

     "Just please hurry over as soon as possible. Your friend informed me that she wanted me to call this number and to rush over ASAP."

     I hung up the phone call. Maybe Sabrina just called to ask them about medication or something. Maybe I just need to pick up some medicine for her. I glanced back at the sofa, where she was laying earlier, but she was gone.



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