That Should Be Me.

~Harry Styles Love Story~


1. Rachel Swift Comes Out.

"Let's Go Hurry Up! I'm late for my date with Harry!" Taylor Shouted at me while I was coming down stairs. I had a great love for Harry styles but my sister just had to date him. I really wasn't noticed by much people because I don't go out that much. But today it is all going to change because I'm gonna be with my sister Taylor Swift with picture taking idiots. As I got into the car I just huffed. Why did I have to go with her any way? We just arrived at Harry's House. God Dammit. He was seducing me with those cheeky dimples. And those toned abs that are just to die for. But the thing that really turned me on was his voice. That deep British accent when he talks. I nearly snapped out of the moment when he greeted me. "And who are you?" He asked. "I'm Taylor's Sister." "You are? I never heard of you. What is your name?" "My name is Rachel." "Mind if I have a picture with you?" "No problem." We took the picture. He posted it on twitter. 'Hanging with Tay's Sister, Rachel.' And that started my whole life. Publicity. Hate. Love. Drama. Gossip. That one twitter post twisted my life around in different ways. But later on would I date Harry? Or would I become crap? I don't know but this was the start of me. Rachel Swift.
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