Cheeky Love

Marly is a regular girl like everyone else she just graduated high school and her parents have this new job they are a tour mangers for a new client in England what will happen to Marley when she meets her parents new clients? Will the cheeky boy with curly hair win her over? Will they have "Cheeky Love"? Read to find out......


2. The plane ride across the pond!

(7 days later)
Okay so today we are leaving for London EKKKKK I'm so excited my parents figured out who they are working for but they won't tell me they said its a surprise?!?! Idk anyway we are at the airport going through security about to get on the plane.. (On plane)
So we are now on the plane haha it's so fancy ya know 1st class! Anyway I'm listening to my favorite song by my all time favorite band! Goes a little like this
" I know you never loved the crinkle by your eyes when ya smile you never loved your stomach or your thighs" Yep you guessed it ONE DIRECTION Ohhhhhh lord I'm in love with those homosexuals(; hehe jk but I fill really bad to say a favorite but mine is totally Harry I mean he is so gorgoues those emerald green eyes those dimples to die for and the hair of an angle! His voice takes me away when I hear it and I'm in live with someone I've never met): if that could happen I had tickets to there show in Georgia but the day of the concert my grandpa had a stroke and of course my family comes first! But anyway back to the fandom long story short DIRECTIONER FOR LIFE! Hah...... Cutting my Harry Styles dream short our captin came in the PA and announced that our flight would be ending soon we didn't get to go home first because my parents had a meeting with my mystery celebrities.... Why won't they tell me ugh the anticipation is killing me!!!! Anyway the plane is landing and we are about to get off ......
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